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We poll our customers 5-6 months after their purchase. We are now getting testimonials for our new model 200. See what our customers say about our product.
1005) 3-30-19
Over the years I have accumulated many peppermills, both manual and electric. A couple of years ago, I got one of the model 200 mills. It has been nice to know my search for a great peppermill is over. This one has been everything I wanted and more. Lets just say it gets used a lot and keeps working perfectly. My sister appreciates fresh ground pepper as much as I do. This recent purchase was a gift for her and she has been as happy as me with it. I got some of your peppercorns for both of us and those have been very good also. Thank you for having great products!!!!!!!!!!
John C.

1004) 3-26-19
Omg, yes!! Not only do I love our peppermills, everyone to whom I have given one raves, too!! It’s my favorite present to give-especially to newlyweds!! Keep up the great work!!!
Bonnie Cohen 
1003) 3-20-19
I bought these mills as gifts for others, as I absolutely love my salt and pepper mills, which I purchased a few years ago. I know that the recipients have been very happy with them.

I have used at least 2-3 other (fancy, and sometimes very expensive) brands of mills, and NONE have been nearly as fabulous as yours. And at least one of them stopped working.

I would definitely recommend your mills to others - and as I mentioned, I’ve bought them as gifts for friends - one who loves LOTS of pepper and another who has arthritis and was having difficulty with manual mills.
1002) 3-15-19
Love them so much. Am gifting to all my friends for Christmas. So glad they are back in stock. Let me know if there is anything I can do further to help. 

1001) 3-12-19
Hi Jim,
I have used several different brands of electric pepper mills over the years and I was always disappointed.  Even with expensive ones that were $200 for the pair, they didn't hold much salt & Pepper and batteries depleted fast.  I do a lot of cooking and like to use fresh ground salt and pepper.  I was looking for a better brand that was rechargeable, my last set was rechargeable but the mills were crap.  

Then I happened across your site.  I read you were a chef, saw they held a 1/2 cup of salt & Pepper and had dual grinders.  The price was right so I popped on them!  I also bought the rechargeable batteries with an extra set and a charger.  I have been using them for several months, refilled them several times and do you know I still haven't had to replace the batteries?  The dual grinders is great, our family likes a lot of pepper in things.  So far so good - these are by FAR the best battery grinders I have ever had and I recommend that anyone just buy them.  Now I need to get a red one for my dried Hot Peppers!

Chip E.
Happy Client in Herndon, VA

1000) 3-9-19
I first saw your pepper mills at the restaurant, 'Ports of Italy ' in Boothbay Harbor, Me. I was impressed with the amount of pepper released from the mill. I ordered my first two last fall, and found that I was put on back order. I was pleased when my order did come.
I ordered three more for gifts, and will be ordering another probably after this email.
I had used an electric pepper mill from Cole & Mason with great disappointment. The storage was minuscule, the grinding was poor and clogged, recharging was not easy.
You have a great product with good hand feel. They are in nice sophisticated colors, although you might consider adding a wood grain colored one.
Thanks for making a good product,
999) 3-5-19
I love my electric pepper mill. I have had a few issues with broken bits on the peppercorn chamber door, but have been able to manage that in general. I have not used other electric mills, but have liked yours enough that I have bought four others for my daughters and daughter-in-law. Pepper is important! Greta 
998) 3-1-19 
I really like the Peppermills that I ordered from you. I owned and used for many years four of your old Peppermills and loved them but they finally wouldn’t hold a charge any longer. I was so happy to find your website and order the new Peppermills. I am now in the process of ordering a set as a gift for my neighbor as he saw mine and admired them. I hope he hasn’t ordered any yet.
I’ve owned several other battery operated mills and they weren’t worth a darn. Thanks for a good dependable mill.

Shirley J.

997) 2-23-19
Jim,  We really do like your latest mills-I bought 3 sets for us and our kids-the bet-thanks!    Tracey H.
996) 2-14-19
 Very satisfied with your salt and pepper mills. Have had both salt and pepper mill for about 3 years now.
I had to order a new salt mill only because I dropped the one we had and broke the top which holds the batteries in.
I would highly recommend your mills to anyone. I also buy your sea salt and peppercorns.
Thanks for a great product!

Regards, Pat B.
995) 2-8-19 
1. Are you happy with your new mill(s)?
Because this is our third one of your pepper mills, we knew what to expect and are completely satisfied.  We were surprised and disappointed that it took so long for the back order to be filled when it was one of several that were being given as Christmas presents.

2. Have you used other electric mills?
Yes, but we like your product and choose it when we need to replace one that has been worn out.

3. Would you buy or recommend our mill for others?
Yes, and we've given them as gifts.
994) 2-2-19
Hi Jim, we have used your mills for years. They are the Best we have found. Went through 3 mod 100
mills and we are on #3 mod 200. My wife is a Caterer and your mills work 7 days a week. I loved your mod 100
but had battery problems. The move to AA was great. I am a flashlight nut so rechargable batts are no problem

Keep up the good work!

John B.
993) 1-29-19
1. Are you happy with your new mill(s)?
2. Have you used other electric mills?
3. Would you buy or recommend our mill for others?
992) 1-23-19
1. Are you happy with your new mill(s)? Yes

2. Have you used other electric mills? Yes

3. Would you buy or recommend our mill for others? I have and will continue to do so.
991) 1-18-19
I am very happy with my new mill.  It is my second one as I wore the first one out.  I have not used any other brand other than yours as I received yours as a gift.  I actually have purchased a couple of mills from you in the past for gifts because I like them so much.  I do prefer the battery operated versus the chargeable battery option.  I did have challenges with the chargeable mill(s).

Thanks so much!
990) 1-15-19

I bought the  mills as a gift for my brother in law because I like mine so much. Great product.
989) 1- 10-19

  Not only am I satisfied, I BRAG about my pepper mill being my favorite gadget!
 I am spreading the word.

 Thanks for checking in.


 988) 1-9-19
The peppermills have been excellent. I've given two more as gifts. I would certainly recommend them.
987) 1-7-19
1. Yes, very
2. Yes, and they were very crappy 
3. Yes, I have and I do recommend
986) 1-5-19
Attention: We are happy with our Peppermills and the one we purchased for a gift. HOWEVER WE HAVE A PROBLEM GETTING A ASSORTED PEPPER SUPPLY to fill the mills with hopefully at a reasonable price. Please email me some information on this problem ASAP!  Thank you, Margo and Peter 
985) 12-16-18
I live it.  This is the best pepper mill I’ve ever had and I’ve had plenty. James
 984) 12-1-18
Thanks for checking.
I do like it but I find it hard to adjust the grind setting. If you have any suggestions how to make this easier I would appreciate it. I do use it. I would recommend it.

 983) 11-22-18
982) 11-7-18
Jim — 

This is our third purchase of the Peppermill from you, over many years, for our own use.   We are fairly serious home cooks, and we particularly appreciate the one-handed production of reasonably fine pepper at high volume.  So, yes, overall, we are happy with these mills.

We are not as happy with their long-term durability, but they do get heavy use here, so the replacement rate is acceptable to us.  On the other hand, a mill recently got up and threw itself across the room onto a travertine floor, and broke into two pieces.   It was fine; we just had to snap the two parts back together and grind away!

We have very briefly used other electric mills and quickly returned them — they were uniformly preposterous.  Your mill is the only serious product out there, as far as we can tell.

We would recommend your mill for heavy pepper users, with the proviso that they tend to give out after perhaps three or four years.

Thanks for making these — 

Dallas P.
Ann G.
981) 10-27-18
Hi Jim!  Yes, we are happy!  I'm not sure how long the batteries last.  We have one of each of the three colors and I really couldn't tell you which gets used more but it seems like we have the charger out kind of frequently.  Also, on this model the neck is a little larger and it is not as easy for me to grasp with my small hand.  Not a reason I wouldn't buy it, just providing feedback.

Yes, we have used other mills.  We like the adjustability and the light!  

Yes, we would/have recommend to others!  Stephanie
980) 10-8-18
Yes I am very happy with my new Mills. I have not used any other mills. And I recommend your Mills to many people.
979) 9-21-18
Hi:  We are very pleased with our new mill (our second purchase).  Answers to your questions below....

1.  Are you happy with your new mill(s)?

Very happy...thanks...

2. Have you used other electric mills?

yes...but the quality was no where close your mill.

3. Would you buy or recommend our mill for others?

Definitely and we have.  Also..it was our daughter-in-law in the U.S. that uses your mill and we were so impressed with it.

Thanks again...

Donald H.

978) 9-13-18
Have used your mills since first became aware of them several years ago. Have given as gifts to our children and some friends 
Great mill
Everyone that uses it is SO impressed 

Stephen T. 
Kingsport TN
977) 9-5-18
Yes, everything is fine and we would recommend. Bob

976) 8-27-18 
My preference has always been the rechargeable model  you sold a few years
ago but for a battery model this one is not bad
975) 8-15-18
Hi Jim,

The new pepper mills are FANTASTIC! I should have upgraded them sooner. The new model works better and has better battery life. Plus, with the removable batteries and how fast they charge they are never down for charging. Having an extra set just in case helps too. But, I've been extremely impressed with how much longer they last between charges and they have more power so even the harder sea salts grind with ease!

The best got even better!

I recommend them for everyone! 

Thanks again for making the best mills available anywhere! 

974) 7-7-18

Yes *


*Bought electric ones from sears. To small and not powerful enough. And no light. 

I already have recommended to friends and they bought from you. 

When market picks up hear. Real estate, I’ll be buying a case lot from you. That’s the plan 
973) 7-5-18
We absolutely LOVE our pepper mill.  The only thing we didn’t like was how long it took to get it!  I would buy it again to give as a gift, but because of it not coming for 6 months, I could not take that risk.
Sarah Milt
972) 6-30-18
Hello: Well funny you should ask :  ) Yes, I’ve been buying pepper mills from you for a long time. Good mills, and I would recommend them.
971) 6-23-18
Hello: Well funny you should ask :  ) Yes, I’ve been buying pepper mills from you for a long time. Good mills, and I would recommend them.
970) 5-5-18
as a frequent user for my BBQ and Kitchen, it certainly has been the best Peppermill I have ever used. 

I have used several others. I currently use the other manufactured products  for my salt only since they haven’t held up well as pepper grinders. 

I am thinking of buying another one for salt or was going to ask how it does with Chili flakes in it.

969) 5-2-18

1. I am extremely happy with my purchase. 2. I have no experience with other electric mills. 3. I would highly recommend your mill to others. Not only is this mill convenient ( one handed operation ), it does an excellent job of grinding pepper.

968) 4-15-18
We have bought two other set for gifts for others.
967) 4-1-18 
I ordered one some time ago.  It was a replacement for one that was dropped and broke.  If another one breaks I will replace it again.  These are great products.
I can't remember when I originally ordered a set but it was years ago.
966) 3-22-18
Jim -

Thanks for the follow up.  There is no easy answer to your questions.
  1. Am I happy with my new mill? Its okay.  I had the previous version - I think it was a model 100 and I much preferred that one to this new model.  I liked the shape better, I liked the color better (it was red) and I thought it did a much better job. 
  2. Have I use other electric mills? Besides your original product, yes I have. 
  3. Would I buy or recommend your product? With reservations. The new product is simply not as good as the original.  I haven't found a better one, but I used to own a better one.
~ Mike 

Michael S., PhD
965) 3-3-18
I have been using your pepper mills for many years. We used the old style until they basically gave out and then bought your new style. We think they are the best on the market. We have told
963) 2-17-18
Hi Jim,

I am very happy with the mill.

I have never used an electric mill before.

I would recommend your product to anyone who is looking to purchase an electric mill.

Thanks for checking in,

962) 2-3-18
I have another purchased approximately 2 years ago.  Very happy with both.  Would recommend to friends.

 961) 1-24-18
1. Are you happy with your new mill(s)?
*********Yes very much so. 2.0 is even better
2. Have you used other electric mills?
3. Would you buy or recommend our mill for others?
**********We have and will..........
960) 1-5-18
This is our second model 200 and we have one of your rechargeable mills from years ago. We have also had several other battery operated mills which are inferior to yours. 
959)  12-14-17
Have been using your mills for years, very satisfied 
 958)  11-28-17
  Have you used other electric mills? Yes, your model 2000 which I got in 2008 and had you replace the batteries in on 2012. My family teases me about your mills as they are kind of ugly so when that one died I researched and got another brand. When they finally had enough of that one not grinding pepper I got the new model 200. No more complaining...
957) 10-7-17
Yes, yes and yes!  LOVE these giant super duper mills!  I have one for pepper and one for salt. They are incredible; after spending hundreds of $$ on fancy names these work far better and generate a larger volume of spice. Great value. 

956) 9-17-17
Sorry I meant to write some time ago and kept forgetting.  I am delighted with my mills.  You do have the best on the market and I was suffering when you didn’t have any to send.  Now I am a happy chef.

Take care, dick
955) 8-31-17
We are very happy with our Peppermill.  We have never owned another brand.  When we have had company for dinner, our guests have been very intrigued with our peppermill.
954) 7-24-17
I am very happy with my peppermill and would definitely recommend it to others.
953) 6-5-17
I think I've had mine for over a year. Keep them right next to the stove for easy use.
Very easy to adjust the grind size.
Very happy with these  mills and they are far superior to other mills, especially one by a 
world renowned chef and sold on HSN.
I would, and have highly recommended them to friends and family.
Keep up the good work.
952)  5-23-17
We most definitely would recommend it.   We had the old original peppermill but sadly we had to replace it with this newer version but the new one works great and we are happy.

951) 4-10-17
I have been buying them as gifts for years. Whenever someone sees mine they want one. Pre-website I'd call the number on the instruction sheet and order. Was it you I spoke to? If so, hello.

950) 3-5-17
Have been using your pepper mills since 2007. Our first one was the tall one with a rechargeable battery which had battery issues. You took care of it promptly. We have your newer one now (several years) and it has worked flawlessly for a long time. Great product. Sorry that you are out of stock right now. They make great Xmas gifts. Will check back in February. Feel free to use my comments.
949) 2-30-17

Hey Jim,

I have purchased 3 mills from you in total.  I ordered the third one when I realized the first white mill I had purchased did not work properly.  One of the grinders did not turn when the mill was activated.

(I didn't realize that until about 3 months after I had purchased it and finally turned it upside down to watch it operate.).  

The good news is that I like the mills so much that I ordered another one so that I would not be without a second one while I sent the broken one back.

Of course, I am procrastinating as usual and have not yet returned it for repair or replacement.

I have not used other mills, but I would frankly be surprised if a superior product exists.

And I would absolutely buy and / or recommend your mills to others. 



948) 2-25-17

Jim, dealing with PepperMills has been an excellent experience.  It would be great if all company management cared about their customers as you obviously do.  I assume you encourage that same attitude with your company employees.
I operated for years under this belief:

Focus: On your customer
Performance Goals: Do it right the first time every time
Method: Innovation and Continuous Improvement
Style: Teamwork
Reward:  Recognition and Security

These were the Absolutes of Excellence our company tried to get every employee to live by.

Sorry, I got off track.  I had trouble with my silver unit that we use for salt.  You agreed to replace it after a phone call and I returned the first unit.  The problem was that the salt grinder unit, no matter what salt type we tried, dumped an extreme amount of salt with just a "microsecond” push of the button.  The second unit is better but we have to warn guests to "just barely” touch the button or they would get way too much salt on their food.

Perhaps we just got two problematic units.  My brother-in-law, who talked us into buying the units, does not have this problem with his salt mill. Maybe others have had similar issues and a little design change is needed.  Don’t know.

Either way, we really like our pepper mill completely.  It works great and we really like the appearance of it.

Thanks and best wishes to you and your company moving forward.

Best regards.


947) 2-20-17

I have enjoyed my peppermill and am pleased with it. I originally searched for a good electric peppermill after my daughter told me about hers. When I was ready to purchase, I contacted her, but she said hers had broken. So I searched for one with a good guarantee and found yours.

My second purchase from you was to buy my daughter one for her birthday so she would have one that lasted. So far both are working well for us.


946) 2-12-17

Hi Jim,

Thanks for checking on product quality.  I am very happy with the quality and performance of this product.  I have owned about 3 or 4 others battery operate pepper grinders but none last for any significant time.  Event where there was some life to the product, the battery life is short and battery replacement is troublesome.

I appreciate having good product available. Yes I would recommend this product to other. 


945) 2-10-17

My most recent purchase was as a gift for someone who was struggling with her pepper grinder. I bought it for her because we purchased your pepper grinder and salt grinder at the Calif State Fair several years ago. I absolutely love them both - as do our guests when I bring them to the table. They are far superior to the fancy salt/peppermills I’ve purchased from kitchen specialty stores. I would definitely recommend your mills to others - they’re EXCELLENT. SRC

944) 2-9-17

Love the new pepper mill!  It's better than any Peppermill on the market. I have seen a lot of them and I've not seen one is nice is this. 

I did like the convenience of being able to plug in the old style Peppermill to recharge it. Taking the batteries out each time is a bit cumbersome. However I know in the long run it's better to be able to do this because there's no need to send it back to change the battery. 


943) 2-7-17

Hi Jim. The peppermill is very much in use. I bought one for my son as well. I bag a lot of meats for sous vide cooking so the peppermill make seasoning that much easier and faster. Sam

942) 2-5-17

We are very satisfied with your electric mills and would recommend it to others.  Yes we have had other pepper mills but they usually were too hard to fill and broke down quickly. David

941) 2-4-17

The silver one from my order is BRILLIANT. I've actually started using even more freshly-ground black pepper in my food; I can use it even if I'm cooking a huge pot of something and literally need a 1/4 cup of freshly ground pepper. I have NOT used other mills because of how bad Amazon feedback has been about them; I did my research and found this as the top choice on America's Test Kitchen, and knew we had to have them (initial plan was for the red one to be for coarse salt, silver for pepper...but we're fine without the salt one).

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend the living daylights out of the product; I'm a teacher making baarely enough to live in Silicon Valley, yet your mills were worth the splurge. A+++!!! It's like the Porshe of peppermills!


940) 2-3-17

Not only am I pleased with the pepper mills we bought from you, my daughter and daughters-in-law, all of whom received them as gifts, truly love them. In fact my daughter says she intends to buy another one for salt. Indeed I have recommend your mills to friends and family and would gladly buy another one.
As I've indicated before, your pepper mills are great. The design is the best I've ever seen and I have used several pepper mills. I especially like being able to change the batteries and/or add peppercorns without having to take the mill apart. I still think you could expand your market greatly if you ever have the desire.
I hope all is well with you. Take care.
 939) 1-30-17

Jimmy, I have three pairs of your Mills . I love them. I will never use another brand. Thank you .  Sandi

938) 1-25-17

Received your e-mail.  We like your pepper mills.  Yes we have used electric pepper mills before.  We would recommend your pepper mills to others.


937) 1-24-17

In order:

1.  I am happy with the Model 200.  I like the ability to use regular or rechargeable batteries and the ease of filling the unit.  The only problem I have had is that the button has been sticking occasionally causing the unit to keep running.  I can control it but it is kind of a hassle.

2.  I have used your older rechargeable model until the battery pack died.  Have a couple of manual mills as backups, but use yours all the time.

3.  I have recommended your product to others.

Thanks for following up on my purchase.


936) 1-22-17

I am loving the peppermill!
935) 1-21-17

Yes, everything is fine.


934) 1-21-17

Love my peppermills!!!!


933) 1-20-17

This is the second one I buy from you and have never had a problem. The first one just wore out. Very pleased with your product and will not hesitate to purchase another one when this one wears out.


932) 1-18-17



931) 1-14-17

Dear Customer:

Thank you for your purchase of our new Model 200. I just want to follow up to see if you are satisfied with your experience dealing with PepperMills Supreme?

1. Are you happy with your new mill(s)?  Yes we are very happy with both our Mills. 

2. Have you used other electric mills? No. 

3. Would you buy or recommend our mill for others? Yes! 


930) 1-13-17

I've purchased a number of pepper mills from you, both for us and for gifts.  They work very well.  I have to say I liked the more stream-lined look of the previous re-chargeable mills better.  The current one is rather bulky, but does do a very good job grinding pepper.  I use it daily.

929) 1-9-17

Hi Jim, I would like to first tell you I love your peppermills. Now that being said when I first purchased the 2 mills one broke the first time I used the mill and you sent me a replacement, Thank You. I just recently tried to charge the batteries and the charger doesn't light up so I assume it doesn't work as I have an older charger that charged the batteries. If you could send me a replacement that would be great. I have used the Wolfgang puck mills and loved them a well but made in China they didn't last long. I like your mills better and just hope they last at least a few years. So far they are great. Thanks for the email and I will be ordering more around Christmas as gifts. 

928) 1-8-17

Yes very happy with my two new mills, and would recommend them to others. Te only other mill I had was your older model.


927) 1-6-17

I have been a customer for several years. Prior to that time I tried other battery operated pepper mills. Once I found yours I  have not been without one. I have two in use at home and have purchased others for gifts. In other cases we have given information to family and friends so they could order there own. 
The pepper mill works so well and it does not eat up batteries like our previous experience. One of mine was dropped and broke a piece but with a small piece of tape it still works. 
I hope you continue to offer them because they make a wonderful gift.   Each time I have ordered the process works really well and the shipping is rapid. 


926) 1-4-17

Very happy. I will buy another.

925) 1-3-17
Mr. Friden,

My grinder's arrived.
I am very impressed with the quality, looks, generous amount in pepper and salt volume, and last is the AMAZING WAY THEY FUNCTION.

 924) 1-2-17
Hi Jim,
I received the replacement peppermill for the one that was wired wrong, and I just wanted to thank you for you prompt response and replacing it for me. I recommend you products frequently and have given several as gifts. It is an excellent product and I will continue to recommend both you and your peppermills.Gary 
923) 12-31-16
Give mill  as gift to friends.  They use it all the time.  We have one of the early models with built-in rechargeable batteries. Love it.
Are there retail stores in the Houston TX area that carry your product?
922) 12-30-16
Hi Jim,

No, I didn’t. I only replaced the top two as I did not realize there were four. Just replaced all four and peppermill seems to be working well! Thank you for your help. I will reach out again if I experience any more trouble.

Thanks again!

Bob Ryman

PS – great product, we love it. And now great customer service! 😊

921) 12-30-16

Based on everything else I’ve used in the mill(s) market, you product is "By Far” Superior!I would certainly recommend your product to all.Did have one problem with my Pepper Mill---The first guest to use it at our home pushed the dispense button So hard it stuck! Fortunately, I was able to fix it and all is well.



920) 12-29-16

Good evening and "YES" my wife and myself are very well pleased with our Peppermill Grinder
Within the last 1-2 months I also purchased some of the black peppercorn which as well we are very satisfied with.

I cannot recall the previous grinder we had prior to the Peppermill but it did not last that very long.

I would certainly recommend this grinder to anyone interested in replacing their existing grinder.

Best regards,

919) 12-28-16

Actually, I bought 3 of them as Christmas gifts, and all three have been well used and well loved. The only downside—the charge lasts so long that my husband couldn’t find the charger when he finally needed it. Back of the spice cabinet behind 6 months’ worth of accumulated spice bottles. Maybe the charger should be blaze orange...


918) 12-21-16

Love It.

Fred & Kathy

917) 12-20-16

Oh yes! Definitely happy with pepper mill!  Ditto for everyone to whom I have given one! 

Wish you continued good luck with your wonderful product!

Sent from Bonnie's iPhone

916) 12-17-16

Dear Mr Friden,

We have used your Peppermills for a number of years (two of the old model) and have ground a LOT of pepper with them!  We were a bit surprised by the changes in the new model (rechargeable batteries and a new shape) but figured it would be fine, since you made it! 

Unfortunately, this new model is NOT as durable & serviceable as the old one.  We only purchased it at Christmas and already the "on" button is very touchy!  We have to remove the batteries and re-install sometimes to get it to work, and be VERY gentle with pressing the button.  The quality of the grind is the same - good!  Sometimes change is for the better, sometimes not so much.

We did have a couple of other grinders before we were given one of yours as a gift.  Don't even remember the brands, but no where close to as good.

Yes - we would definitely recommend your products, only now we would have to qualify about the performance.

Thanks for asking!

915) 12-15-16

Hi Jim, 

I have bought two of your pepper mills. The older one with the charger, and the battery operated one. 
I have to say I preferred the older version. I have not used other electric mills. I have bought many of the mills for family members. It was a really great service when I could send them back to you and you would fix them. I guess that is not necessary now with the battery.



914) 12-15-16

The pepper mills are working great I purchased 2 for Christmas presents and both have worked out. I would most definitely recommend this to others and have. 
Thank you. Stacie

913) 12-13-16

1. Yes

2. No

3. Yes


912) 12-12-16

1. Are you happy with your new mill(s)?, Yes, very happy.

2. Have you used other electric mills? Yes, they weren't nearly as good.

3. Would you buy or recommend our mill for others? Yes, I believe you have the best product I've ever used.


911) 12-9-16

1. Are you happy with your new mill(s)?

 Totally!  They are high quality mills that are superior to any other electric mill on the market.

2. Have you used other electric mills?

Yes, and your mills are superior.  Cheap models have cheap motors that do not grind well.  Yours have power to spare and over nice and even distribution over the food.

3. Would you buy or recommend our mill for others?

Sure…happy to help others learn more about your great mills!


910) 12-8-16

Thanks Jim!

We love our peppermillsJ

Do you ever have a sale on them? 

Yes we have used others.  Yes we would recommend your mills!



909) 12-7-16

I am in love with my peppermill. It works like a dream I am the envy of my friends. I have never used an electric mill before, but this is the bomb.
Thank you

908) 12-6-16

You get a 10  on all questions

Best regards,


907) 12-5-16

1. Are you happy with your new mill(s)?  Very happy.

2. Have you used other electric mills? Yes, I believe it was a Cole & Mason, I was never satisfied with it.

3. Would you buy or recommend our mill for others?  Yes

Your mill is the best, I have two and love them.


906) 12-4-16

yes happy with grinders.  
my sister had them and our other brand grinders quit so we got these.

905) 12-3-16

Hi Jim!

I purchased that new model for a friend and they love it! I am still using my old model (many years old!, which you have changed the battery on) so I need to upgrade to the new model as well.

I think that your peppermill is the absolute best on the market. I watch a lot of cooking programs on TV and I always shake my head when they grab a standard two-handed peppermill and grind away. I say "Jim Friden needs to send some of his peppermills out to the chefs on the cooking shows!" (You can tell that I am in marketing.)

I will definitely be buying a new model for myself but this old one is still working pretty good for now.

Thanks for your message, Jim. I'll be in touch as soon as my current model finally gives up or when another friend sees mine and has to have one.

Kind regards,

904) 12-2-16

Jim I love your Peppermills-- I have been using them for over 5 years.
The only issue i have with my  current peppermill about 8 months old -- is in the fine grind setting --  I consider the grind too coarse. I would expect to have more control toward a finer grind. I always have the mill set to the finest setting.

I have used many  up to 4 electric and 6 manual  mills -- i prefer your mill.

I would buy and recommend your mills for others.

903) 12-1-16

1. Are you happy with your new mill(s)?
I'm very happy with your mills, great quality.

2. Have you used other electric mills?
Yes I'd used a long list of mills, your mill is far away the best of all of them.

3. Would you buy or recommend our mill for others?
I already did.


902) 12-1-16

I am pleased with the peppermill and have owned a number of other mills. The location of the switch could be on the top instead of the side. I sometimes press the switch when picking up the mill. I have learned not to do that but friends often do. I would recommend the mill to others.


901) 11-28-16

Hi Jim,
We love our Peppermill, and our friends and family love the ones we've given as gifts.
We've used other peppermills in the past, but yours are so much easier to fill! And the light is wonderful.
Hope things are going well.
Thanks again.

900) 11-26-16

Absolutely love these mills, they have performed flawlessly so far, as of now i have no complaints.

I have not used other electric mill's, so i have no other comparison. But based on other searching i am glad i purchased this brand.

And i have recommended these to other people i know.

Thanks for following up on my purchase, if possible  i will go to your website and leave a review.

Thanks again,


899) 11-26-16

 1. Are you happy with your new mill(s)? YES
 2. Have you used other electric mills? YES
 3. Would you buy or recommend our mill for others? YES
898) 11-20-16

Your pepper mills are great! And wonderful customer service.

897) 11-19-16

I am very happy with the mill.
I have used other electric mills that I hated (hard to load or change batteries)
I would definitely recommend this mill to others.

896) 11-18-16

Hi Jim,

 1  Extremely happy with new mills – very impressed how long each charge lasts.

2  Yes – your previous model which was very good. Also other manufacturers which haven’t been good.

3 Certainly and have done.



895 11-17-16

I bought the mills for my husband for Christmas. He LOVES them!! We have had other mills, but not for awhile, and not nearly as nice.  I would recommend this particular Pepper Mill to my friends. 
Thank you!

894) 11-16-16

1 yes, 2yes, 3 yes... Great product
Best Regards, 

893) 11-15-16

I am very satisfied with your mills. We used to live in Yreka and bought one after using it at Siskiyou Roadhouse. Had to purchase another one because my husband accidentally left it sitting on a burner that was on. Oops. No problem though I just replace it with 2 more. One for salt and one for pepper. Love them and yes I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. My daughter also bought two. 

We have used other mills but these are my favorite. The grinder works very good and I love the grip. An added bonus to me is the cups these guys sit in. No mess on the countertop. 

Thank you for making such a great product. 


892) 11-12-16

It works as expected.  Product fulfills what I wanted it for.  thanks. Frank

891) 11-10-16

1. Yes
2. No
3. Yes

Love the peppermill.  We purchased one originally a while back; later had a problem with you and you replaced it; we then had it in a checked bag on a flight and it was damaged, so we purchased a new one.  Couldn't cook without it.

890) 11-9-16

Good afternoon, Jim,

I love my pepper mill and find the design and easy refill to be perfect for me.

In the past I have used many pepper mills at home but I LOVE this pepper mill.

I have arthritic hands, so an electric mill works well for me!  I might need one for salt as well!  I would certainly consider giving your peppermill as a gift for a home chef. 

Thank you because I know that a lot of thought went into the design! 


889) 11-8-16

         1, Love my new peppermill!
         2, Had one about 10 years ago. It was terrible.
         3, Yes and yes. Will buy another for my house up north next week.

888) 11-7-16

Yes very pleased with them. John

887) 11-6-16

We not only really, really like your pepper mill, we like it so much that we have purchased three more--one for every adult female in our family. We are giving them as birthday gifts. The first birthday has already arrived and the daughter-in-law who got the pepper mill says it is wonderful. I'm sure the remaining daughter-in-law and daughter will have similar reactions when their birthdays roll around.
For us the need to get an electric pepper mill was prompted by a stroke that my wife had nearly four years ago. Because of that stroke, she was left unable to use her left arm, which meant she could no longer use the very nice little crank-style manual French pepper mill that we had used for years because that one requires both hands. I first bought a fairly typical battery-powered mill but the batteries didn't last long and the compartment that held the peppercorns was small. As a result I had to change the batteries and add peppercorns frequently and, worse, each time I did I had to take the pepper mill apart. The grinding itself was OK, though not great. And then, after only a few months, the pepper mill quit working.
I did a fair amount of Googling before finding your product, which was more expensive than most but at the same time seemed to address all of the problems we had with the other one. So I ordered one. Let me tell you, Jim, it is outstanding. It has the power and heft of a serious pepper mill plus it doesn't have to be taken apart to re-fill with peppercorns or replace the batteries. It is a huge hit with us. And the little tray it sits in is very helpful.
I understand that you were a chef when you designed this product. Congratulations on a job well done. And feel free to use this email anyway you want to help market your product.
By the way, I am not one to easily gush great praise. I am a retired newspaper reporter, editor, reporter, critic, columnist and publisher and in that life I was reputed to be pretty hard-nosed. So take my praise as I intend it, which is to say honest, sincere and enthusiastic. Good luck in all that you do in the future.
886) 11-5-16

1. Are you happy with your new mill(s)?   YES(ECSTATIC)

2. Have you used other electric mills? YES…ALL THE OTHERS WERE JUNK

3. Would you buy or recommend our mill for others? YES HYOUR IS THE BEST, I LOVE IT WE USE IT AND SALT MILL DAILY


885) 11-4-16

Hi, Jim,

We are happy with our replacement PepperMill, which we use as a salt mill.  And we remain pleased with the multiple other PepperMills we have bought from you over the years.


884) 11-3-16

Yes, these grind very well.
I previously had 2 of your rechargeable ones and they could not keep up.
I threw them away.
Yes, your current one is good and I do recommend it.

883 ) 11-2-16

1. Yes we are happy with mills.
2. No we have not used electric mills before.
3. Yes. Definitely would recommend.


882) 11-1-16

We just love our pepper mill. I looked all over to buy one and finally ordered off your website. Thank you.

881) 11-1-16
Very happy with the product. I have used the peppermill for years and have given them for gifts. Love the new sheik design.

881) 10-30-16
Love the new peppermill. Best I’ve had so far!


 880) 10-30-16
Hi Jim,

Pepper mills arrived today. They work beautifully and look terrific.

Thanks for the great service. I will be back for more of them shortly.

Kindest regards,

 879) 10-29-16

We LOVE our peppermills and have recommended them to our friends.  We will definitely order more when these are worn out. 



878) 10-28-16

1.  Very happy with them, besides doing what "mills" do very well, the ability to add "peppercorns and salt" and change batteries in less than a minute with no mess, "on the run" makes the grinders a pleasure to use.

2.  Other battery operated mills I've owned were difficult to fill, etc. 

3.  The mills are relatively big, but a small aesthetic issue when considered with answer One.


877) 10-26-16

Absolutely happy with the peppermills - still keep ordering more for friends and family! Margo

876) 10-25-16


Working great.  I also have your previous  rechargeable  model that I resurrected with new batteries you sent.

Thank you,


875) 10-19-16

1. Are you happy with your new mill(s)? Yes       

2. Have you used other electric mills? Yes

3. Would you buy or recommend our mill for others? Yes


874) 10-15-16

Love!!!❤❤❤my Peppermill.
I've never had one before.
I will be giving them as gifts at Christmas. 
I really enjoy using mine. Love the light at the end and the large hopper for peppercorns. 

Thank you.


873) 10-10-16

Just a note to let you know that I am happy so far with my new pepper mill which I ordered after much deliberation five months ago.  Previously I had used the Trudeau Graviti Electric Pepper Mills for a number of years and had always initially loved them for their ease of use.  However, they usually would quit working before two years.  I was looking for a longer-lasting, quality product.

I find this pepper mill model 200 both easy to use and easier to refill.  It's nice to be able to see the remaining peppercorns too.  The grind is both steady and  of consistent size.  It is quick to accumulate the tablespoon or so I usually need each day I cook.

This mill is a little nosier and heavier than my previous ones, but acceptable.  Even though I have some problems with my hands, I have no trouble using this Model 200.  Occasionally, the button to activate will stick briefly but another quick tap corrects this problem. 

I am very glad to have found this pepper mill and am hoping for many years of good service.  So far I am on the initial batteries and have not had to go through numerous replacements or trouble like I did with other products.  I did however buy the rechargeable set and charger which I have not had to use. 

Thanks for giving us a better product and cooking experience!

One happy consumer!


872) 10-7-16

1. Are you happy with your new mill(s)?
Yes, me use one for pepper and one for salt.

2. Have you used other electric mills?
We have had two other brands electric mills previously and they did not work as well.  (And eventually all broke.)

3. Would you buy or recommend our mill for others?
Definitely.  The only problem we had was with one mill where the button would get stuck in the "on" position and you promptly replaced it for us.

Please let us know any comments you may have by responding to this email. We appreciate your business!
We like the fact that they have the tray to put the mill in.  My daughter has Celiac disease and it's helpful in preventing any Gluten cross contamination from the counter  (our kitchen is not 100% gluten free).  We also like how easy they are to refill compared with other electric and non-electric mills we've had.


871) 10-5-16

I bought a set of salt & pepper shakers as a gift to my son & daughter in law for Christmas-who loved mine. I had not used on before. I would highly recommend them. Great quality & easy to use. Jude

870) 10-3-16



869) 9-30-16

I like your new mill I have brought lots  of mills my friends have also. Butch

868) 9-28-16

1. Are you happy with your new mill(s)? Yes

2. Have you used other electric mills? Yes

3. Would you buy or recommend our mill for others? Yes


867) 9-25-16

Yes we love it...Bought one for a friend who then bought another one from you to grind salt too!
Am sure I will be buying another one at some point.
Recommend it all the time

866) 9-20-16


I have an engineers appreciation for the design improvements you have achieved over the other market offerings.

The battery placement. Using AA. The large visible pepper section. The two heads. This is an industrial unit.

The size and weight are also a man's tool.  The only thing I can offer as an improvement would be a single head ladies model.

The little tray is also a hassle. Not sure how to get around that.

So... Answering the questions:

(1) I am happy

(2) Yes. The turn over and run type. So much wrong with that one.

(3) Yes.

Good on yer for what you have achieved!



865) 9-15-16

In response to the questions,
1. Yes i am very happy with the new mills, they both work great.
2. In the past i did try other brands, they didn’t perform very well at all.
3. I would recommend them to other people.
Kindest Regards,

864) 9-11-16

Very happy with my purchase.
I have used other pepper mills and I find yours to much more valuable.
I would purchase more pepper mills.

I will be buying two for my daughters. JS

863) 9-10-16

Thank you for your follow-up. I ordered this mill for my Mom, who is VERY happy with it! My daughter bought a pair for me a few years back and I was so impressed, I ordered one for her - she has arthritis and it sure makes it easy for her! 

I had struggled with other grinders, not electric, but they were very awkward to use and I was always frustrated with them. Mine have been a blessing! Yes, I would and have recommended this grinder to a couple of people. Keep up the good work!

My only issue is that the light went out on one of my mills. I don't know if there is anything I can do about it, as I don't see a place to change a bulb. Am I missing that or do you have any ideas? It is only a minor inconvenience, as I don't cook very often in the dark! Still, I would love it to work as the other one does.


862) 9-8-16


Your Peppermills are one of the most used items in my kitchen, and your customer service has been exemplary.  No complaints here. -Bret

861) 9-7-16

I have two of them and I am really happy, especially when compared with others I have used.   I always recommend your mill to my friends.  Ned

860) 9-6-16

Love the new mills. Almost better than your original rechargeable ones!
I also buy them for friends who love them!


859) 9-5-16

Very happy with your mill’s performance 
Never used one before
yes would recommend


858) 9-3-16

Hi Jim. We love your product and give it away for gifts and everyone falls in love w them :). Fer

857) 8-29 16


1. I am quite happy with the new mill, so far.

2. I have used other electric mills - most notably I purchased another Model 200 a few years ago that stopped working after about a year of use. I believe that the grinding mechanism got messed up but I didn't investigate deeply and I no longer have it. 

Afterward I purchased a Trudeau Graviti (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00K86X40Y/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1) that we didn't like very much for several reasons. The biggest reason was the slow grind rate, as well as the way it turned on - you flip it over to dispense, but that sort of creates a bit of flinging of the pepper around. 

3. I absolutely would buy or recommend it to others. So far it's been by far the most effective mill I've purchased. I just hope the current model doesn't break - if it does I'll contact you guys so at least you can know why it broke.



856) 8-25-16

I love your peppermill!  It's much better looking than your old one, which looked like Darth Vader.  I love the strong, reliable motor.  If I need to measure out pepper in a spoon, I grind it into the base cup and pour it out.  I will definitely buy the mill for others and recommend it.  You may quote me anonymously--please do not use my name.  Thank you. M

855) 8-25-16


I have always been happy with my peppermills - that is why I keep coming back.  I still use my old original one, with rechargeable batteries.  I give the peppermills as gifts.  No, I have not used any other electric peppermills.  I always recommend your peppermills and always will.  Keep the product going on.  

Thanks,  Kim

854) 8-15-16

1) YES
2) YES....yours is significantly better!
I wish all sellers were as prompt as you always are!
Quality is tops.
I have bought several as gifts

853) 8-10-16

Hi Jim,

Yes, I love our salt and pepper mills. We tried a cheaper set and they were OK until we tried your mills at my niece's and really liked them. I love the fact that you don't have to take the cap off the bottom so they are one handed.

Thank you,  

852) 8-6-16

Hi Jim
Thanks for the email!  I have been giving your peppermills as gifts for many years and everyone loves them!!
Our old original rechargeable mill finally died last month so we replaced it with your battery mill.  Although we do like the battery mill,  we MISS our old mill very much.  It had a better grip for my small hands and the grinder felt stronger and dispensed more pepper.   I guess there was a good reason you discontinued the original ones however.

We will continue to give your mills as gifts however as they are still the best!!
Also, thanks for such quick shipping too!

all the best

851) 8-5-16

Hey Jim,

Yes, happy.

My only complaint would be that I think that the smallest grind available should be smaller than it is. If you want to keep that largest as large as it currently is you could have a non-linear progression of sizes (the gaps between the few largest sizes can be larger than the gaps between the smaller sizes).

Yes, used other mills. 

Yes, have recommended to others.

I would love if there was a nice metal-bodied version. Something that just felt substantial when you picked it up. I know it would cost more but I'd buy it.


850) 8-2-16

I love them and have told family members about them. PV

849) 7-30-16

1. Are you happy with your new mill(s)?

       Yes, completely!

2. Have you used other electric mills?

       Yes, received a Cole & Mason as a gift. I wasn't happy with it, then I found yours.

3. Would you buy or recommend our mill for others?

       Yes, your mill is the only one I would recommend or purchase again.

Thank you so much for making such a wonderful pepper mill.


848) 7-27-16

1.       Yes the model 200 works very well, much better than the previous model

2.       No have not used other mills

3.       Yes I have recommended it to lots of people

847) 7-26-16

In response to your questions:

1)  I am very happy.

2)  I have not.  None of the others are nearly as good.

3)  I  recommend them all the time to others, and will buy yours again if these break.

846) 7-25-16
I am a return customer and I love your products. Jim 
845) 7-20-16
Tried a cheaper version and was so disappointed. We had to come back and buy from you!
 844) 7-16-16
Just to let you know -- I receive the Peppermill yesterday, inserted a batteries they work great. Thank you very much just what I wanted!!!
843) 7-15-16
Thanks for your reply. I love the mills that I bought from you at the State Fair and wanted to give a set as a gift...took a bit of searching, but glad that I tracked you down. I'll order a set. I've had many other battery-operated mills, but I really like yours the best. Hope your sales are going well.

842) 7-12-16
Thank you,

I have ordered many mills in the past.  I am most happy with your product.

"you get what you pay for"

This would be the best gift for a good chef!

 841) 7-10-16
I just want you to know that we could not be happier with the peppermill we bought from you recently. It is fast, quiet and very convenient. The design is brilliant in that it allows for changing the batteries or adding peppercorns without any disassembly. My wife has the use of only one hand as the result of a stroke she had more than 3 years ago. That's why we had to find a good electric peppermill to replace our old manual one. Our first effort resulted in our buying a mill that did not last very long and that was a pain to load or replace the batteries. This one is exactly what we need. I intend to buy more of them as gifts for my daughter and daughters-in-law in coming months. By the way, you might want to see if you can sell your peppermills on Amazon if  you aren't doing so already.
Best wishes for much success. And congratulations on producing a really good product.
840) 6-30-16
I am totally satisfied with my Pepper mill.  It's the best one I've ever used.  I had a Cole Mason battery mill that did not work very well. 

I first heard about you mill at an Italian restaurant in Booth Bay Harbor, Maine when I was there last summer.  As soon as I got home I ordered one.  The one you recently sent is my second, so I now have one for the table and one for cooking.

I would definitely recommend your mill to others.

Thanks for a great product.

 839) 6-30-16

I ordered 3 of the peppermills.
1. Are you happy with your new mill(s)?
Yes, very!

2. Have you used other electric mills?
Yes, several.  Several returned due to dissatisfied with quality.

3. Would you buy or recommend our mill for others?
Yes, definitely.  The only one I would consider.  Works perfect, nice looking and great quality.

Sonny and Kay
838) 6-25-16

1. Absolutely---If a tornado were bearing down on my house, my wife will save the dogs and I'll grab the pepper mill.

2.  No, no electric; but I have been using both salt and pepper mills for over 50 years.

3.  Sure, but not until you have sufficient inventory so that I can get a black one before it sells out again. (It was the talk of the party at this last Thanksgiving get-together at our house last year.)


837) 6-21-16

Dear Customer:

Thank you for your purchase of our new Model 200. I just want to follow up to see if you are satisfied with your experience dealing with PepperMills Supreme?Yes

1. Are you happy with your new mill(s)? We love the mills

2. Have you used other electric mills?
Yes, broke like these way better

3. Would you buy or recommend our mill for others?


836) 6-20-16

We are happy with our new mill and appreciate the prompt replacement.

Thank you.

835) 6-18-16

Very happy with the new mill. Have purchased several og your old rechargeable mills was very happy with the mill but the recharging and batteries was terrible.

Have two of the old mills that we never use. Bought mill for my daughter and she cannot keep it charged.

Have recommended the new mill to several friends.


834) 6-17-16

yes happy with mills.  yes have used others, but they were crap.  Already have recommended. Dan

833) 6-16-16

Mr. Friden,

 1. Are you happy with your new mill(s)? I am very happy with the mill, I use it very often.

2. Have you used other electric mills? Yes, I have purchased, used & broke two other brands.  I did an internet search and read many reviews and I am happy with my purchase.

3. Would you buy or recommend our mill for others? Yes, the second mill I purchased was a gift and I know of (3) people that purchased your mills after my recommendations.

I may even purchase another for salt. Thanks for the great product and keep up the great work.

832) 6-15-16


Here ya go!!

On 1/13/2017 1:38 PM, Peppermills wrote:
Dear Customer:

Thank you for your purchase of our new Model 200. I just want to follow up to see if you are satisfied with your experience dealing with PepperMills Supreme?

1. Are you happy with your new mill(s)? Loooove it! There was only white available them so I painted it black!

2. Have you used other electric mills? Yes....much to my dismay!

3. Would you buy or recommend our mill for others? Of course!!

Please let us know any comments you may have by responding to this email. We appreciate your business! This is the easiest to load, change batteries and adjust grind coarseness!!


831) 6-12-16

We loved your peppermills, 

Yes, I have purchased the taller silver colored mills from you in the past and when one broke, you fixed it for me.  

I still have them, but decided to buy the newer ones in RED.  

I have purchased a total of 8 peppermills from you, for myself 4, andd 4 for gifts.

Everyone loves them.

Thank you for an amazing product.  

830) 6-10-16

I stumbled across your website by chance in an internet search. I could not find the quality of mill that I wanted until seeing yours and bought it immediately. I now buy them for gifts to my special friends and they are warmly received. James

829) 6-9-16

Saw these at my girlfriend's parent's house. They are great! Michael

828) 6-8-16

Dave and Val from Ft. Jones, CA referred you to us! They love their pepper mill!

827) 6-7-16)


826) 6-7-16)

LOVE my peppermill and so does everyone I give one to!! Bonnie

825) 6-6-16

We ate at Russells in Buffalo NY and they told us the name of it. All their servers use them. nancy

824) 6-6-16

This is a Christmas gift. Not sure you can include a note. Thank you! We love our pepper mill. Tami

823) 6-5-16

My sister highly recommends this product. Virgina

822) 6-5-16

we are family!!! and there is no better peppermill product out there, nowhere! Fernanda

821) 6-4-16

This makes 10 mills that I have bought. Do you offer more than a 5 percent discount? Brenda

820 )6-3-19)

this will be our 3rd Pepper Mill Supreme! Always the best! Lynne

819) 6-2-16

Jim, Love our grinder. Hope you are doing well. We are taking care of Webb. Rich and Rachel.

818) 6-2-16
My new Peppermill has been received and works perfectly. I appreciate your great company and customer service! Joseph 
817) 5-30-16
thanks and mine are still working and I use them everyday and think about you....the best item I have in my kitchen. if you ever need a testormonial about them email me.
 816) 5-29-16

I am very happy with your new model 200. I have recommended it to two of my sisters and I know one has ordered already.

815) 5-27-16

Dear Mr. Mills
The answer is yes to all the questions. PepperMills Supreme are the best I have used. They are great when you are cooking easy to use. They also impress guests at dinner parties. I recommend them to all that ask.


814) 5-26-16

I have really enjoyed your Peppermint.  I bought a cheaper one on Amazon and threw it away.  It was garbage compared to yours!  Do you have more in stock now?

All the best,

813) 5-25-16

1. Are you happy with your new mill(s)?  Yes, it was a gift to my 88 year old Dad and he loves it.  Everything is large enough and operational for older fingers.

2. Have you used other electric mills?  Yes, his previous one broke, made a mess with peppercorns, and was cumbersome to fill.

3. Would you buy or recommend our mill for others?  Yes

Please let us know any comments you may have by responding to this email. We appreciate your business!    Thank you, Jim. 

812) 5-25-16

I have gifted 4 other people with pairs of the model 200. So I guess, I would say I really like them and have recommended them to others.
Thank you for a great product!

811) 5-24-16

Purchased them as a gift as we have had the older type with charger for years.  Heard good things about the gift!!
Ma and Pa

810) 5-22-16

Dear Jim,

The mill is great, better than the previous one I bought from you. The shape is a little ugly, but fits in the hand well, and if you sit it on the counter right, it doesn’t look bad. I never used a different brand other than yours so can’t compare. I would definitely recommend your mills to anyone. And, your service is also to be commended.


809) 5-21-16

1 Love it!

2 yes

3bought 6 or 8; recommended many times


808) 5-20-16

Your peppermills ROCK!!! I will be purchasing more for Christmas soon!

807) 5-18-16

Hi, Jim. I love the mills.

To answer your questions, I am very happy with the other mills I have. The white one functions perfectly as does a silver one that I purchased locally about a year ago.I have used other mills including your older model with rechargable batteries, and these are superior in quality with stronger grinding capability. I have already recommended these mills to several friends, especially when they seem them on my counter. They ask where I purchased them. Originally, Salvatore's Grand Manor on Transit Road used to have them for purshase in their gift shop (this is where I got the silver one), but they have another brand now that looks inferior to your product. This is what prompted me to purchase direct from your company)

Please let me know what I might be able to do to replace this black grinder unit. Thanks, Jim!


806) 5-17-16

1. Are you happy with your new mill(s)?Yes

2. Have you used other electric mills?No

3. Would you buy or recommend our mill for others?Yes


805) 5-17-16

We have had many pepper mills in the past and this is the best one we have ever had!  The unique feature is the ease in filling.  You can't imagine how hard some of these are to fill. Kennye

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804) 5-15-16

803) 5-15-16

I am extremely happy with each of my three PepperMills.  I really don't require three
but glad to have a spare when batteries need recharging. I have taken one to dinner
at friends home as well as restaurants to assure I have ample freshly ground pepper.

Four or five pepper mills were tried before finding your product. There is no comparison.
Yours is far superior to any others I have tested or used at homes of friends.  Friends
have even asked me to bring my mill for use during dining.

I have and continue to recommend your mill to friends. You have received 3 or 4
orders as a result. The older style is my favorite of the two models I own, but with
each, I feel I can cover the world with freshly ground pepper. Soon I will need new
batteries for one of the older units.

I love them,  Joe

802) 5-7-16

Hi Jim,

I am still using the last peppermill that you sent.  Not sure of the model number, but it has batteries and has the clear door holding the peppercorns.  Like it so much better being able to change batteries instead of the electric charger.  I have not used any other electric mills.  I have been contemplating buying more mills for the kids for Christmas. 

Hope this helps!


801) 5-5-16

Our son has us hooked on your pepper mills!
We rave about them all the time.


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800) 4-30-16

Love them, recommend them to all the restaurants I eat at that offer ground pepper, because it takes them 5 min to get done.


799) 4-20-16

Yes to all of your questions. The best I have ever used. Only complaint most don't recognize where to press to make it work. Button on wrong side and should be more recognizable. Great product. Thanks 

Sent from my iPhone 
    Jeff Mc

798) 4-9-16

Best   Mill  I have ever used.. Thank you For such a great product

797) 3-30-16

1] The new mill works great.
2] I have used other electric mills but this is the one I prefer.
3] Yes, I have purchased your previous mill for others, and intend to purchase your newer model
for a family member.


796) 3-22-16


I love our PepperMill, it is great.  We bought our brother-in-law a peppermill and then we threw away the one we had, not your brand and ordered one for ourselves.  Love the product.
Thanks for a great product.


795)  3-15-16

Question 1, yes. Question 2, yes. Question 3, yes


794) 3-8-16

Yes I am very happy with the new model

I did buy the older model from you as well – the Large Red peppermill (which I LOVED) – but I had issues with the rechargeable battery when it needed to be changed.

 This new model is working GREAT!

Love your product


793) 3-5-16

1. Are you happy with your new mill(s)?
We have had our original mills for years- love them. The new battery powered mills vs the rechargeable are much better. 
2. Have you used other electric mills?
Yes daily- only thing that is annoying is that when you pickup the mill there is a tendency to push the grind button spewing salt or pepper where you don't want it. Maybe there is a better location for future mills 
3. Would you buy or recommend our mill for others? Yes and have given mills to friends as gifts over the years. Great products thanks


792) 2-28-16

Good morning, 

Overall, we’ve been very happy with our mills. We had an issue with one of them (we have 3) but you repaired it promptly and it’s worked fine in the ensuing months since it was fixed. 

We had an electric pepper mill as a wedding gift over 20 years ago. Can’t remember the brand. Yours are much better and more durable. We would (and have) recommend your product to our acquaintances. 

Thanks for the interest, 

Jay Harvey

791) 2-26-16

I like the addition of the removable/rechargeable batteries, as that is the reason I replaced my salt grinder(battery failure). The battery in my pepper grinder is still going. All in all I am happy with your product, or I would not have purchased a replacement.


790) 2-22-16

1. Are you happy with your new mill(s)?
Very happy

2. Have you used other electric mills?

3. Would you buy or recommend our mill for others?
Absolutely yes


789) 2-20-16

I like them very much I have used other mils and like these more and I did bye one for my friend


 I will be ordering some more

788) 2-11-16

Hi Jim:

The Pepper Mills are fabulous.


787) 2-8-16

We are very happy with our new mills. We have used other mills. Yes, I have and I will recommend them. Bill

786) 2-6-16

Yes I love my peppermills. Haven't used any others. Nils

785) 2-3-16

1. Are you happy with your new mill(s)? Yes

2. Have you used other electric mills?Yes, I have 2 of your previous models that did not take batteries and I would charge them with the AC adapter

3. Would you buy or recommend our mill for others? Yes


784) 1-29-16

Hello Jim - 

I spent more time than I should have looking at peppermills, but I'm glad I did.  Yours works great and I'm very happy with it.  If there is a surge in orders from Northeast Wyoming its because I've had a barbecue at my house and people had to sit through my peppermill sales pitch!  This is my first electric mill, I really like it.

783) 1-25-16

I love the new mills-actually last a long time on batteries. I have never used any other and I would recommend this mill to others. Thanks. AC

782) 1-17-16

1. Yes

2.      2.No

3.       3.Yes

I want to get another one.

Thank you for your follow-up


781) 1-12-16

I am happy with it. I had the rechargeable  ones you used to make but I like the convenience  of the new one.  Yes I will get another one when the time comes .

780) 1-10-16

I'm 100% satisfied and I haven't used anyone else's products. My cousin recommended you so I decided I didn't need to look any where else. I will recommend your product. Thank you for the follow up...

799) 1-5-16

Hi Jim,

I actually do like your Pepper Mills. They grind perfectly and I like the battery vs a rechargeable.  I would recommend your product. 


798) 12-31-15

yes all very good. Tim

797) 12-30-15


I bought the new mill as a wedding gift. 

I have not used other electric mill.

I do recommend your mill to others.

So far everyone that I have given one love it.



796) 12-28-15

Hello, Jim-

Thank you for asking. I purchased this mill as a gift for my daughter and future son-in-law because I had previously purchased one for myself to replace an old Sharper Image electric peppermill. I’m happy with my Model 200.

Take care,

795) 12-23-15

Yes to all! Christina

794) 12-21--15

Dear PepperMills,
Thanks to your mills, my Bride is very irritated at me.  She asks why we did not have these in the house YEARS back rather than now!  Wonderful product and good price for the quality.  Thank you for providing them.  They are always at the ready. All the other mills and shakers have been relegated to the emergency drawer.


Doris & Charles 
793) 12-18-15

1. Very happy.

2. Yes, not as good as yours.

3. Yes and yes.


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792) 12-16-15

We are very happy with our pepper mills and our family uses them for every meal. I recommend them to all our friends and family and like to buy them for gifts because I can also get the peppercorns or sea saltsfor a complete gift!

Richard and Carrie

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791) 12-16-15

1. Are you happy with your new mill(s)? Very happy… use it daily

2. Have you used other electric mills? No, other than a previous generation Pepper Mill model, which eventually wore out after so much use.

3. Would you buy or recommend our mill for others? Yes, and have on occasion to friends who have used mine.

790) 12-15-15

Very satisfied with the product and service.  The grinder is working well.   I have not used other electric pepper grinders for many years.  I would recommend it to others. 



789) 12-13-15

I have been very happy with the mill and have actually bought one for my brother and he loves it.  Yes, I would recommend your peppermill to anyone.  I haven't tried other mills because your's was the highest rated so that's what I bought.  The ratings were correct.  Good Job!

I wish you would make a salt mill because I would buy that also.



788) 12-13-15

Love them both, thanks for reaching out. Steve

787) 12-10-15

Love the mills, We originally had a rechargeable one, then it was replaced with the battery one.  Love them both, have even given them as gifts

Thank you


786) 12-8-15

1. Are you happy with your new mill(s)? Very Happy
2. Have you used other electric mills? Yes
3. Would you buy or recommend our mill for others?  I already have and purchased another as a gift too.


785) 12-6-15

Hi Mr. Friden;
     I am happy to let you know I still have the mills and use them daily.  I also am an old time customer having bought mills since you started business and still have one of the original rechargeable ones that work.  This newer design is superior for me since I have severe arthritis in my hands as well as carpal tunnel and they let me still enjoy fresh cracked pepper and my preference of course sea salt.  I have also bought gifts of the mills for family with same conditions.  The battery power supply is far superior to the rechargeable ones for hassle and storage of the power recharger.  I hope my newer ones don't break, I could not be without them and but wish I had the pretty red.

      It would be helpful if you were referenced on a handicap or "old people helper" catalog for those of us who cannot grind pepper without assistance.  I have had 7 other models from kitchen supply catalogs/websites and they broke within 1 month or less and/or I quit using because I couldn't do the grinding. This latest model of yours I purchased last Christmas time and is working like brand new and I have yet to replace the batteries (I use salt & pepper mills daily).
     Thanks for keeping me gourmet-like.  I would DEFINITELY RECOMMEND your mills.

784) 12-5-15

Yes I am.  We got the pepper mill.  I also bought the salt and pepper mills for my brother who loves them as well.  I plan on buying more soon.  Great product.  Would not consider buying from anyone else.

Have a great day.


783) 12-4-15

In answer to your 3 questions:

1.  My first pepper mill was a gift.  I like it so well, I've ordered 2 others for gifts and both recipients have loved theirs!

2.  No, I have not used other electric mills.

3.  I have already purchased 2 sets to give as gifts (see above).  Yes, I would definitely recommend your mills to others!!


782) 12-2-15

Hi Jim,

Thanks so much for your response.  I just received my new peppermills and they are just fine.  I guess it was time to throw my other (competitors) ones away.  A bit of separation anxiety as I too am a chef, but I will learn to adapt.

Thanks again


781) 11-28-15

I am extremely happy with my Peppermill I appreciate its large peppercorn chamber and easy to refill they appear to be of sturdy construction unlike  a number of other peppermills I have purchased over the years . And set at maximum produced the courses ground pepper out of all the peppermills I have tried in the past. I would recommend this product as it is the best I have found so far especially for quality. without realizing it it quickly became my favorite .I have forgotten about all of my other pepper Mills. I have 4 different electric pepper grinders that I thought were the best until this one came along 3 for pepper 1 for salt the plastic seems to be aging poorly on my old electric pepper mills the peppercorn chamber is small it is annoying to refill. Where as the new Peppermill it's a snap to refill and has a very large chamber for peppers( I'm a fresh ground pepper enthusiast and I use way too much pepper to be hand cranking it out ) Brian S.

780) 11-26-15

1. Are you happy with your new mill(s)? Yes, we love the pepper mill

2. Have you used other electric mills? no

3. Would you buy or recommend our mill for others? Absolutely. Friends we have over to dinner love it too.


779) 11-23-15

1. Are you happy with your new mill(s)? YES

2. Have you used other electric mills? YES, we received one of yours as an Xmas gift in 2011 but dropped it.  We wanted to replace it (tall, red, don’t know model) but you didn’t have it available.

3. Would you buy or recommend our mill for others?  YES


776) 11-20-15

 We are very pleased. Deb & Brian

775) 11-18-15

1.  I am very happy  See 1a
   1 a  I had an early problem with one of my four cells being "bad," which once fixed resolved early short life problems.

2.  I still have some difficult telling which way the cells go.  Test on the weak of eye, and such.

3.  I like very much that I can use either readily available AA cells or (my preference) rechargable NiMH AA cells.

4.  I like it so much that I bought 4 to give to family for gifts.

5.  I have not used, but have read about units that use proprietary batteries, or require special charging stations or yet another power brick.  Ick to all three.

6.  I bought 4 for gifts for my family.   I would not hesitate to recommend to friends.  I especially recommend to those with less than two good hands (my brother) or to those of weak hands (my mother) who like freshly ground pepper.


774) 11-16-15

Dear Jim

I have purchased from you, several times.  Twice for myself, both the salt and pepper mills.  I upgraded to the newer red battery operated units and I love them.

I purchase another for my best friend.

I also purchased TWO more and gave as gift to my nephew as a housewarming gift after they admired my Red pepper mills.  

They are great and very dependable and I appreciated your repair of my older units at a modest price.

Dorothy Gallardo

773) 11-14-15

Yes. Thank you!
I am very happy with my pepper mills. I bought two at the time and both are still working fine. 
I would definitely recommend them to anyone who would listen!!
Thank you! 
Jackie Feuz

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772) 11-12-15

Love the pepper mill. This is my second one. I use one for salt and I definitely would recommend it to others.


Sent from my iPhone

771) 11-10-15

Works great.  Great ergonomic design for holding and appearance.  Use it very frequently.  Would definitely recommend to others. Johnathan

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770) 11-5-15

As you may remember, the one I received was wired backwards. After resoldering, the mill works great. I've used it exclusively for recipes calling for pepper, like sous vide steaks and so on. I have not used other mills. I'd gladly recommend your Model 200. Jim Brewer.

669) 11-5-15

As you may remember, the one I received was wired backwards. After resoldering, the mill works great. I've used it exclusively for recipes calling for pepper, like sous vide steaks and so on. I have not used other mills. I'd gladly recommend your Model 200.


668) 11-2-15

1. Are you happy with your new mill(s)? Yes

2. Have you used other electric mills? Older styles from your company
3. Would you buy or recommend our mill for others? Totally!

Please let us know any comments you may have by responding to this email. We appreciate your business! Great product-my wife loves hers.


667) 11-1-15

HI Jim,

 Please see my response below.

Best regards,


1. Are you happy with your new mill(s)? Love my mills – I bought 2, but the light has never worked on one of them. I did email but didn’t get a response.

2. Have you used other electric mills? Yes, and they don’t compare whatsoever

3. Would you buy or recommend our mill for others? I do all the time recommend your product and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy again (even though nothing came of my light issue)

666) 10-31-15

We love your peppermill, we've bought 3 so far, we hope you NEVER change the design - no *new and improved* please, that never works!  lol  Yes, we've tried others, no comparison to yours.  We plan on buying one a year until we've given one to everyone we know. 
No person who can read is ever successful at cleaning out an attic.  ~Ann Landers


665) 10-29-15

1.      Yes, extremely happy!  Love it!

2.    2. Yes, many other electric mills.

3.    3. Yes, definitely!

Thanks for a great product!

Best regards,


664) 10-28-15

Hi Jim,

 Yes, we love the salt/pepper mills.  We have used other, brand name mills and they are all difficult to fill and change batteries.  Yours are way easier to use.  I would recommend this mill to others, but if you are looking to improve upon this design, I find it somewhat difficult to remember how to install the new batteries.  It’s not intuitive whether they go in plus or minus side down (on one side).  The mill will still operate (barely) if one installs them incorrectly, but the light does not, and it’s sort of a nuisance.  Can you put better labeling on the mill to show someone (as memory challenged as me) how to get it right the first time?  Thanks, Michael

663) 10-26-15

Hi Jim,

Thanks for the inquiry.
Yes I am very happy with the new mills. Being able to replace the batteries is a nice upgrade. I have a set of the older rechargeable mills that I replaced the batteries in and now they work great again as well. I would like to see the old style tray that they sit in on the counter instead of the newer style. The old one just seemed more robust.
I do have other mills. I have tried a variety of them and have been accused of starting a collection by my wife and daughter. Some they have even bought for me as gifts. But at the end of the day your mills are the top performers as far as I'm concerned. They grind smoothly, adjust easily and are a pleasure to use. After the batteries went bad on my old ones I was trying to figure out how I was going to find a new set. I did a search on the Internet and found them. And yes I enthusiastically recommend them to all of my friends and family and may be buying more as gifts. Thanks for a great product.
James .

662) 10-25-15

  Jim, yes I'm happy with the new mill and would recommend it. I still
prefer the your taller, wooden mill for the kitchen. It's easy to fill and
charge and the height makes it easier to find (amazing how it gets lost
in clutter on counter). I use it constantly when cooking.
  Thanks, Janet

661) 10-22-15

1. Are you happy with your new mill(s)? Very happy we love these pepper mills.  Easy to fill and great battery life.

2. Have you used other electric mills?    Yes and we didn’t love them. 

3. Would you buy or recommend our mill for others? Absolutely.

[Anderson, Molly]

660) 10-18-15

Hi Jim,
In answer to your questions...yes I am very happy with my Model 200, pepper mill😸
I gifted the same model to two other members in my family!
Yes, I have purchased many, many other electric mills and have been very disappointed and they all have ended up in the trash! I found out about your mills from a friend of mine who lives in San Francisco...all of us are "pepper nuts", and I told him how I have never been able to find a really good electric mill and he told me about you guys and said it would be the last pepper mill I would ever buy....and he was sooooooo right!!!
And yes, I would, and do, tell my friends about your mills!!!

659) 10-16-15

1) Yes, we are very happy with the mills. One each for salt and pepper. They are by far the best we have used. The only drawback is their rather portly form-factor. I don't mind, but others may.

2) Yes, we have used other mills. Most recently, iTouchless salt and pepper. The mills held up fine for salt, but tellicherry pepper did them in.

3) Yes, we would recommend the mills to others, and we actually plan to gift them to others this holiday season. 

Kind regards,


658) 10-15-15

Yes, yes, yes

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657) 10-11-15

Yes, happy with the mills. Have tried several other models previously and was always disappointed until I got your model. Yes, I would buy or recommend your mill for others.


656) 10- 8-15

1. YES !
2. YES
I absolutely Love this Pepper Mill !
It works wonderful !

655) 10-6-15


Going well. Thanks.

654) 10-5-15
Hi Jim,

Received the two mills yesterday and thank you for such prompt service and turn-around.  First of all, these mills have out performed and outlasted every mill that we ever owned anyway, so the minor problems that you repaired will likely put these mills' lifespan out longer than mine!

I continually pass on your website info to friends who have used these mills at our home.  To wit, we will be purchasing more for gifts.  Stay healthy!

Best regards,

Ed and Lona 
Southlake, TX
644) 10-2-15
Hi Jim,

I just wanted to send a note and say thank you so much for repairing my older pepper mill.  I just love it so much... it's like having an old friend back and it's working just great.  I also appreciate you replacing my broken new one and the quick turn around for both.  Please keep me on the mailing list for new models!  

Many thanks,
643) 9-30-15
Thought it was shot. Battery fixed, but was surprised because batteries were fairly new. Bad batch, I guess.

So far, works great. I love it because I have muscle issues that make a manual pepper grinder too difficult. I use a lot more pepper now!

Thanks for a great product.


642) 9-30-15


I am happy with my mills.  So far they have worked better than any other that I've have.  I purchased 2 black ones.  The problem is if it is not turned a certain way I cannot just pick up the one for salt without looking first!  Soooo I guess I will give one as a gift and purchase a white one.  


641) 9-26-15

I love it and will be buying more soon! I wish there were some more sophisticated looks. The silver and red both appear cheap when it is not a cheap tool. I wish there was matte black and or white, or stainless steel and or ceramic or wood as options to give to family members!

I use it with rechargeable batteries, but it'd be great is there was a lithium ion plugin type option.

I bought this brand because of America's test kitchen recommendation and already plan to buy more.


640) 9-25-15

I use the mill every day and am very happy with it thanks Terry

639) 9-23-15
Very happy.

638) 9-22-15
Hi Jim,
I just love, love, love my new pepper mill.
I had a rechargeable one that I loved and was going to send it to you for repair, but I love the new one so much I decided not to send it. The last one I bought was for my son for Christmas, he loves to cook. I would recommend your mills to anyone!!
C Booth
637) 9-20-15
Hi Jim. 
We love our mills (replacement for your earlier model) and have purchased several for other family members.
A great product. Thanks, Al

636) 9-18-15

1.  Yes

2.  Yes, I have.

3.  I have and would recommend your peppermill.

635) 9-17-15

I am very happy with my salt mill & the sea salt I bought from you.  I would definitely recommend both to others. This is my first electric mill & I had to learn to use a lighter touch as I was not used to it & got more than I expected.  I would suggest that you grind into the base or your hand so you can see how much you are getting until you learn how much pressure will deliver the amount you want.


634) 9-15-15

Hello Jim,

1)  Yes, very happy with our new peppermill.

2)  Yes, two previous versions.

3)  Yes, I would recommend your peppermill.

Additional comments:

I liked the design of the previous peppermills which were more elongated in design but I like the new versions which appear to be more reliable with the batteries.

Hope this info helps


633) 9-11-15

Yes, we absolutely love the new mills! We are long time customers and electric mill snobs! Years ago, I purchased two sets of your old mills, one set for myself and one set for my parents and those mills finally wore out, so I purchased a set of the new mills for my parents (while we lived with them, while we were building our new home) and we loved those mills even more - they are even more powerful and we love the rechargeable batteries. I'm still saving up to buy a new set for myself!

I always recommend your mills to our friends because we host a lot of dinners and friends always ask about our mills. I have had two other brands of electric mills, in the past and neither were comparable  to yours.

I also want to thank you because I contacted you a couple of months ago when we finally went to recharge the batteries for the new mills, I realized we hadn't received the battery charger with our purchase. I contacted you and told you and you didn't have to believe me but I was being honest and you graciously sent us a charger. I won't ever forget that. I'll be back to purchase my own mills soon - we just have a few more pressing things to purchase for our new home.

Thank you for providing great electric mills - they are superior by far!


632) 9-10-15

The peppermills were bought for my son and son-in-law.  My husband has had one for years and we LOVE it.  They go through peppermills like water so I thought this was the perfect Christmas gift.  I've not heard any complaints.
Mary Beth

631) 9-8-15
Both my mills work great, wish they would grind a bit coarser, especially the pepper. 

Cheers, Greg 
630) 9-5-15


I can't even begin to tell you how thrilled we are with our peppermill.
We have gone through at least eight mills before finding yours, and so glad we did.
Everytime one of our old mills would break, we would discuss what we disliked about it and ways to improve on the design.
Your mill actually incorporates several of our design wishes, plus a few we hadn't thought of.
I would HIGHLY recommend this mill to others.
This is absolutely the BEST mill on the market!!!

Best regards,
Liz & Henri 

629) 9-5-15
1. Are you happy with your new mill(s)? 

Yes  I have purchased several times from you before with different models and these are the best ones ever!!

2. Have you used other electric mills?
Just your earlier models

3. Would you buy or recommend our mill for others?

628) 9-2-15
1. Are you happy with your new mill(s)?         Yes very much so

2. Have you used other electric mills?             Only from you we had two pair of the older model

3. Would you buy or recommend our mill for others?         Yes absolutely and I have

627) 8-27-15
1. I am mostly happy, but I do not think the quality is as good as the original rechargeable one was.   Moving to regular batteries was a good improvement. The grinding mechanism sometimes seems to try to force a large piece through the overly flexible plastic flange and it sometimes jams. I find that unless the grind is set quite fine it can be a problem

2. Yes

3. Yes

A particularly good aspect of your product is the ease of filling. Some of the others on the market (Starfrit and Trudeau in particular), have ridiculously small and therefore time/labour/frustration intensive filling ports.

626) 8-20-15

  1. Yes
  2. Yes, both an earlier model of yours and other brands
  3. Absolutely.  We loved the old model and gave a couple as gifts.  The problem, which you recognized, was that when the batteries finally gave out the mill was a throw away.  We would have bought the old model again, but are really happy with the newer model.

625) 8-16-15

Ordered it for my husband, but we both love it!  Would highly recommend it. Madonna

624) 8-12-15
Absolutely satisfied   Best mills ever.  I have tried other electric mills and this is by far the best.  I am considering buying the red one for myself for red pepper.   I would highly recommend the 200 to others (and I have)
Thank you Nancy

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623) 8-11-15

Jim - Here are my responses:

 1. Are you happy with your new mill(s)?

 "Very happy, indeed! We owned your previous version with the sealed rechargeable batteries and while they gave us several years of good service, the batteries gave out and the replacement process was difficult.

 The new Model 200 version is more compact and allows higher capacity replaceable batteries. So, the new units are lasting a long time between charges (> 6 months) and deliver the salt and pepper fast and accurately. The batteries are easy to replace/rotate and recharge quickly with an intelligent charger."

 2. Have you used other electric mills?

 We currently have an Ozeri Savore Soft Touch Mill on the kitchen table.  It works well and is easy to use but the delivery is slow.

 3. Would you buy or recommend our mills for others?

 Absolutely! We use the Model 200s every day for one handed seasoning at the stove. Going forward we will be giving the Model 200s as gifts.



622) 8-8-15
All is good. Bart
621) 8-5-15
Three "yeses"

620) 8-1-15
1. Are you happy with your new mill(s)?
We are very happy. I have purchased others to give to special people. I would not want to be without one
2. Have you used other electric mills?
I have before I found the Supreme. The others were battery eaters and simply not very good 
3. Would you buy or recommend our mill for others?
I would highly recommend to anyone. They are great for the cook inside or out and the are a delight to have on table too. I am afraid I will loose contact with you. Also let me know if there is a new wrinkle or new model. 

619) 7-28-15
Yes love them and have recommended them!!

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618) 7-25-15

Jim: I love my peppermill! (This from a woman who carries a peppermill in her purse.) It grinds well and holds a fair amount of peppercorns. I also like the base it sits in that gathers pepper dust. The light is nice but not essential. This is my first electric peppermill. When my sister visited me, we cooked. She immediately ordered one for herself after using mine. ei

617) 7-20-15

Yes, Happy with the mills. They are better than the rechargeable ones, I think. Yes, we've tried the Cuisinart and they're junk. No good. These are great. Yes, I have recommended them. Also, I bought two sets one time for friends of ours.

616) 7-18-15
1.  Yes, very happy.  Love them!!
2.  Yes, I have, but not nearly as good quality.
3.  Absolutely!!

Thank you!

Cathy, CFO 
615) 7-12-15

Your pepper grinder works perfectly.  Just one thing - I wish you also sold a smaller one - say about 1/3rd smaller.


614) 7-12-15
Hi Jim,
Thank you for the many years of pepper milling happiness that you have brought to my home.  I will always look to you for all my pepper grinding needs.
 613) 7-11-15

I absolutely love my new PepperMill!  It's the perfect mill!  I plan to order one for a Christmas gift...it's the best!  I've used other mills but none that compare to the ease of this one.  And, the light is an added bonus. I have recommended it to others here at work...we're in the grocery business and everyone I've shared it with thinks it's the best.  Have a wonderful holiday season.


612) 7-8-15

We absolutely love your pepper mills I would definitely recommend them to anyone and they would make great Christmas gifts

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611) 7-6-15

I purchased two pepper mills and love them. Wish they would hold more, but I wouldn't trade them for any other mill. 

I have tried others and your mills are superior and I always recommend your mills when someone comments on mine.

Thanks for a great product and also your follow up 

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610) 7-5-15

Yes I love it.

609) 7-1-15
I am extremely satisfied with your model 200 electric mill. The only other electric mill i have owned was your model 2000 which was also a quality product. I would recommend your mill without hesitation and am considering giving them as gifts.   michael 
608) 7-1-15
Yes!  Love the Peppermills Supreme.  This is my first electric mill....I saw it used at one of my favorite restaurants in town and asked what brand it was then went online and ordered it for myself. I have recommended it to friends.
607) 6-30-15

Hi Jim:
I really haven't used the new mills yet - you were kind enough to rebuild my old tall chargeable ones and they're still going strong.  Thank heavens!!
When they finally die, will use the new ones.
Thanks - your service has been wonderful and I'd recommend you to anyone.


Love the pepper mill. Our first electric one. 
Yes would recommend 

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605) 6-30-15

Thanks for asking. 
We are generally pleased with the peppermills. I purchased 2 blacks ones (not seeing the black and white option on the website). My biggest complaint is we have a sticky button on one unit. It just keeps grinding!!!! We've seem to have figured it out. 

First electric grinder. Would recommend to others who are in the market.



Oh ya we love them and so do our 7 kids that we bought the same set for. 

No we haven’t used any other mills.

Yes we would recommend them.


I love my new mill.  I have purchased many of your mills in the past to give as gifts and have always been delighted.  I have not used other mills.  I am sticking with you!
Thanks and keep up the good work!


602) 6-29-15

I like the battery power vs the rechargeable one. I use a lot of pepper in my cooking and it is easy for me to get
fresh grounded pepper easily. I saw your pepper mill being used at the Hale Koa Hotel and asked the waiter the brand and has been using your pepper
mill for over 2 years now.
I also bought my son a couple of pepper mills but it's the older model.  I plan on buying him a couple of the new model 200 soon.

Aloha, Kathleen 

My friend Vince has your large version peppermills. I've always wanted one but he said you were out of business so I bought others. When I googled peppermills last year your company came up and it looked like Vince's model. Sos I bought two and I'm very happy I found you.  I'm very happy with them and I would recommend them.

1. Are you happy with your new mill? YES - Very Much

2. Have you used other electric mills? NO

3. Would you buy or recommend our mill to others? YES

Diane and Don

1. Are you happy with your new mill? yes

2. Have you used other electric mills? yes

3. Would you buy or recommend our mill to others? yes



Hi Jim,

Received the battery pack and replaced it effortlessly.  Thank you soooo much.  I knew I was missing my freshly ground pepper, but I did not realize how much.
I appreciate the quick response, direction and commitment to your product.




I did a lot of research on pepper mills for one hand & I'm so glad to have found your mills and website. Thank you! 

596) 6-24-15

These mills are a wedding gift for next month.

I have tried a couple of other electric mills, these are my favorite.

I recommend your Peppermills all the time.


595) 6-23-15

1. Are you happy with your new mill?[]   Yes, we bought a black and white one for salt and pepper and love them.

2. Have you used other electric mills?[]   Yes, with no so good success - too hard to take apart to change batteries, and too difficult to load salt and pepper into.

3. Would you buy or recommend our mill to others?[]   Yes, I am going to buy some for Christmas gifts this year.

594) 6-19-15

1) yes 2) yes 3) yes

Your mills are the best I've used!

593) 6-17-15

Yes I am happy with your new mill.

I have not used other electric mills before.

I would absolutely recommend your mills.


592) 6-11-15

Yes, happy, not used others, would recommend.

591) 6-8-15

Thank you for follow-up.   My reply to your questions is noted as follows:   Yes, I do like my new mill.  No, I have not used electric mills before. Yes, I would buy again and will recommend your mills.
Great design! 

590) 6-5-15

I am happy with my new mills.
I have used other electric mills.
I would buy again and would recommend your mills.

589) 6-2-15
1. I am very happy with the mills I purchased.
2. Have used other mills . They usually have to small ability and have to be refilled to often.
3. Would and have recommended to others and have purchased as gifts for others.
 588) 5-30-15
I just wanted to let you know that my friends received the black and white mills that you sent for me. They called me and said they were absolutely thrilled with them and that they looked really good on their dinning room table.Thank you for the great service!
587) 5-29-15

We are very happy with the new mills - we purchased two of the current model and four of the past models.

We have used many over the years and your version is much better in almost every measure.  I think the only reason anyone would prefer another mill is the visual appearance.  Your mills are not as attractive as some but are much more functional.   Consider marketing them as the equivalent  of a "commercial kitchen" - everybody loves the Viking and Wolf commercial ranges!  

Good luck.

586) 5-25-15

These are great mills. I've tried other brands then discovered your 2000's thought they were the ultimate. The 200 series came along and liked them even better. Roger

585) 5-22-15

1. Are you happy with your new mill? Yes, completely

2. Have you used other electric mills? Yes, none measured up even closely to the Model 200

3. Would you buy or recommend our mill to others? Yes, and I do quite often.


584) 5-20-15

1. Are you happy with your new mill? YES

2. Have you used other electric mills? YES - not as robust of units.

3. Would you buy or recommend our mill to others? YES


583) 5-13-15

Yes to all of your questions. I am happy with new mills and i have used other electic mills and I would recommend or buy again. Tom

582) 5-8-15

1. I love my new pepper mill and use it often!
2. I have not used other electric mills.
3. I would definitely buy and/or recommend your mills.


581) 5-4-15

Jim, Very happy with your product. I would answer yes to all three of the questions below. The only thing I do not like is I feel they are a bit too large and bulky. They function well and have big hoppers but possibly could be more streamlined. Thank you, Bob580) 5-3-15

Hi  Jim, Thank You So Much For Your Follow-up. Mill Works Great.Never Owned An Electric But Sure Would Have Recommend Yours. I Would  Like To See More Variety Of Pepper And Salts,As To Make You Inclusive Of The Entire Adventure. Thank You Again And I Look Forward To Future Endeavors..... Sincerely... TIM.

579) 5-2-15

Hi Jim, Yes I am 99% satisfied with your Peppermill. They work great and are consistent. I have recommended to family and friends to visit your site and buy one. The ONLY thing I do not like about the new model 200 is that it takes batteries. Sure you can use rechargeable batteries but I really liked the internal Lithium Ion battery on your older models much better. It was convienent to just plug it in once a week when not in use, that way you always know it's charged and don't need to scramble looking for AA batteries during a dinner party or cookout.

578) 4-28-15

You have the superior pepper mill, no questions asked.  We love them.
Jack & Joanne

577) 4-22-15

I am very happy with my mills.  I have used mostly manual ones so these are a vast improvement.  I also like the little trays under them to keep the salt and pepper from going on the cabinet.  Might order a couple of sets for Xmas presents!!


576) 4-20-15

I love these mills.  I have both salt & pepper...The best ever.  This is my second set.. Sadly I had them on my stove and somehow the one mill got too hot and melted the bottom holder and some of the mill and now I cannot fill it. I would definitely recommend them.  I have had over twenty different mills in my lifetime....
Good Luck


575) 4-20-15

Owned the last model that had rechargeable batteries that worked great, but rechargeable batteries only last so long.
Mom says she likes there as good as if not better than the last ones and that's all that matters.
I would recommend these to anyone who wants to upgrade from their current models.


574) 4-10-15

Yes. Pleasantly surprised!
No I have not used other electric mills.
Most definitely would buy or recommend! Love my mills!
573) 4-5-15

Yes, we are very happy with our new mill. 
We had 2 of your older style rechargeable mills and found that with time, the recharge function just quit working. 
I would recommend your new mill to others.  I really love the capacity of the mill compared to others on the market. 

572) 3-30-15

I have to say your PEPPERMILLS are the BOMB!
I absolutely am 1 million % satisfied.
My wife went on amazon and bought another brand and well after 4 returns because the product sucked I stepped in and said let me do this.I went on your site and said this is IT!
I bought 2 and guess what? They worked just like in the video.I said to my wife remember in this world you get what you pay for.Although yours were twice the price of brand x I did not! Have to order and return 4 times.Every meal means more because you do it best.

571) 3-22-15

1. Yes I am happy with your new mills.
2. No I have not used other electric mills. I only have purchased YOUR mills
3. YES I would recommend and purchase you more of your mills.


570) 3-19-15

I am not as impressed as I was with my old, rechargeable one that I purchased from you and used for years. This one works fine....I just prefer the old one as it was built far better and fit my hands better. I would recommend it.


569) 3-15-15

Very happy with the pepper mill and as it has now been in use for a few months and is going strong I expect it to deliver for years ahead.

568) 3-13-15

Hi Jim,
Yes, very happy with my pepper mill.
I have not used any other electric pepper mill.
Absolutely would recommend your mill.

Best Regards,
Gene Wunderlin 
567) 3-11-15

1. Are you happy with your new mill?

   Yes - they work well.

2. Have you used other electric mills?

 Yes, your previous models which the battery did not hold the charge well.

3. Would you buy or recommend our mill to others?

  Yes, my last purchase - the mills are excellent.

566) 3-9-15

1.  Yes.  Very pleased.
2.  Yes, several.
3.  Absolutely.  It is the best I have used, and I investigated these thoroughly.
Grinds consistently and reliably.  I love the illumination feature.

565) 3-6-15

I love my new peppermil. I had another. Also from you, but the new one is superior. Thanks. 


564) 3-5-15

1. Yes and it's the best one we've ever had. 2. Yes we have used other electric mills and they weren't nearly as good as this one. 3. Absolutely we would recommend your mills! Judy

563) 3-2-15

Yes everyone is happy with there mills.

I have your original mill which still works.

I would buy and do recommend your mill to others.

562) 2-28-15

I use my peppermill a lot and would recommend it.   I have had one before but it did not work properly, something to do with the lid not fitting right.   This one works perfectly and I love it.


561) 2-22-15

Yes we are happy with the mill

Yes we have used other electric mills and would absolutely recommend your mills


560) 2-19-15

Yes, after you told me to use brand new batteries, no problems. Tell you prospective customers to only use new batteries. Love them! Have bought other ones , they took a crap within 2 weeks. You are the real deal!
559) 2-15-15

Thanks Jim for the followup!
As you know my prior pair of 2000 mills finally gave up!..I replaced those two with three 200 mills..two of the three had to be returned because of "backward wiring" making them inoperable..you promptly replaced the two and now all three are working beautifully..I've used only Peppermills Supreme mills for years and am now very happy with the redesigned 200 units..lighter and with replaceable batteries..I would and have recommended your mills to anyone I know that uses or would use an electric mill..thanks again for making my cooking and dining experience professional and fun!


558) 2-10-15

Heck yeah, I have had no issues and it kick serious butt!
Nope, I have only used yours and see no reason to try others.

I have already, and this year I will be buying some for x-mas presents.
I was thinking, that perhaps a future model could have a built in charger plug for recharging the batteries. We use rechargeables, however it would we cool to charge as you go, kinda like an electric razor. Maybe even a dock? All in all a great product! Keep up the great work. Best,

557) 2-3-15

Hello Jim:

Your Pepper Mills are the BEST!!

I continue to "gift" your Pepper Mills to dinner guests who go crazy over them (provided I like the guest!).

Needless to say, I'll be ordering more from you in the future.

Best regards,

 556) 1-29-15

Thank you for your email.  I have had the mill for many months now.  I use it regularly and am very happy with it.  I have not used other electric mills but do have a manual grinder on my table.  It was/is tough to spend the money on an electric grinder when a manual one works well.  I use your mill for cooking and the manual grinder to season your plate of food.  If someone is in the market, I certainly would recommend your mill.  It was recommended to me and that is why I purchased it.

thank you,


555) 1-24-15

No other mills used
I'd buy again and have for gifts to friends and family.


554) 1-22-15

I'm happy with our new mill although it seems to grind the pepper a little slower now than when it was new.  Not sure it it's the batteries or something else.  I would recommend this mill over the others that we've tried.


553) 1-18-15

Yes I am happy with the mill
Yes I have used other electric mills yours are best
Yes I would buy again and recommend your mills.


552) 1-17-15

super happy.
bought 3
this is the only one I'd recommend

551) 1-16-15

Yes, definitely happy with your new mills.Only your previous model have I used. Yes, I have and will continue to buy and recommend your mills.

550) 1-15-15

Dear Mr. Friden,

I love the new Model 200 battery mills; silver for salt and black for pepper. They work great! 

I have purchased other electric mills from your company before, but really like the battery operated mills I purchased this time.

My cousin loves the mills too. And, yes, I recommended them to him.

Thank you for asking for my opinion.


549) 1-14-15

Am I satisfied? PepperMills Supreme makes the best damn mills on the planet! I have purchased six (so far) for myself and as gifts. I have used other electric mills and they are crap! Indeed, if anyone would listen, I'd get up on our roof right now to shout, "Buy Peppermills Supreme and start seasoning!"

Your fan, and friend,


548) 1-13-15

Yes, yes and yes. The new model has addressed the archilles heal of the older models, the battery/motor was not strong enough to grind pepper for any length of time. The batteries were also unreliable and of poor technology. Also, changing them was really not easy.
R & H
547) 1-12-15

Very happy with my purchase. Haven't used other electric mills, but this is perfect. Easy to refill and manage.
Would recommend to others.
Priced well

546) 1-11-15

I am happy with your mills,

I have not used other electric mills.

I have gifted 3 mills in the last year besides the two that I have.


545) 1-10-15

I absolutely love these pepper mills.  They are super powerful, reliable, and easy to refill.  The plastic design also prevents rust or the dullness that you see with stainless steel products.
 I am a Wolfgang Puck fan, so I have purchased 3 different pepper mill models from him.  All of them broke within a year, and the pepper came out slowly. 
Your model grinds pepper beautifully, and I have not had any issues with it other than the occasional piece of sea salt getting stuck.
I have already recommended it to my friends/family because it is the best one I have ever owned.
 544) 1-10-15
Well I was skeptical because every battery powered peppermill I've tried has been trash. I Have to say your peppermill's have been outstanding! They are industrial grade and do the job in spades! Love 'em!

543) 1-9-15
New replacement mill arrived today. Impressive service!  What a difference correct wiring makes. Seems to work fine. May need to consider getting one for salt. Thanks again for your prompt and complete customer service. John 
542) 1-5-15
Many Thanks,
I received my order on Moday.
This is excellent considering the customs clearance process in today's heightened alert status.
From placement to receipt in Australia, 10 days. That is most satisfactory.

The Peppermills are fabulous. Work exactly as described. I really love the large storage reservoir.
The grind process is powerful and is easy to adjust. I have wanted a serious Peppermill for ages - and now I have found it.

Many thanks

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541) 12-30-14
Yours are the only mills I use and have recommended to many. I have used other but they are not the same. The last one purchased was as a gift. She loves it! I am still holding out with my old model. I prefer the old battery packs.
Thank you! 
540) 12-30-14

Yes, I like how easy it is to put pepper into the holder, how it is easy to change it from a course to a finer pepper grind, and I like the light that allows you to easily see how much pepper you are putting on your food. A well designed pepper grinder - I highly recommend it.


539) 12-22-14

Yes, very satisfied with the mills. Purchased specifically for someone who has difficulty with her hands and she loves them. Our first electronic mill. And yes I'd buy again and recommend!

538) 12-20-14
We have been very happy with the pepper mill! In fact, we have recommended the product to many folks!
537) 12-18--14
Dear Jim,
I got one for myself earlier in the year and liked it so well that I ordered some for Christmas gifts for foodie friends. I also told a local restauranteur about them and now he has them in his restaurants!
The only issue was I ordered black mills and got silver with no time before Christmas to correct the mistake.
536) 12-15-14
Yes, very pleased.  Like the external battery operated ones better than your internal battery models.  Also, like that I can view the amount of peppercorns still available for use.

Yes, and I have also bought several more for friends; all of which like them.

535) 12-11-14
Dear Jim,

Our friends from Etna, Jim & Karen Whelan gave my wife and I  your PepperMill product a few years ago as a gift and we loved it so much we bought the pair for each of our three grown son’s who love to cook as well. Our favorite family time is preparing meals in the kitchen and your PepperMills get quite a work out ! Thank you for your follow-up.

Wishing you continued success,

534) 12-10-14
So far I am very pleased with the peppermill.  I have used one other electric peppermill before that required constant charging.  So I really like that this is battery powered.  I would highly recommend.

533) 12-8-14
Yes, my family is very happy with our pepper mill.  We love the red color!
Our previous mill was also purchased from Pepper Mills Supreme. It was a gift from my brother who was so impressed with these mills, that he bought a case of six.
Without question we would gladly recommend your mill to any potential customer.  Not only do you sell a great product, but we received our mill timely and in perfect condition.
Thank you for a great product and great service!
We miss the rechargeable version.
532) 12-6-14


I am very happy with the mill. I have used other electric mills and I would highly recommend yours. Hilary

531) 12-5-14

This mill works very smoothly.  I am happy with my gift purchase, which I was able to try for myself last week.


530) 12-2-14
I love the peppermill.  It is the best one I have ever used and would highly recommend it to others.
529) 12- 1-14
Yes, happy with the mill we brought from you. 
Also have one of your older versions that I like too.
Yes, would recommend your mill to others and have!
 528) 11-30-14
I doubt if you remember me, but the first pepper mill I received from you was defective and I was figuring it was a crummy product like so many others out there.  You sent me another a while back, and I just wanted to let you know how much I like your product.  It is fabulous!!!  No longer do I stand in my kitchen, hand turning to counts of 60, my old pepper mills, until my wrists were tired, and I was bored.  Your pepper mill is absolutely wonderful!

527) 11-30-14
My wife and I are very happy with the Peppermills Supreme peppermill. We also ordered a white mill for salt. My wife has arthritis and cannot use a manual mill, but the size, weight and on button location of your mill are perfect for her use.
We have not used other mills, but I looked at a number of them in local stores and on line and was not impressed by the cheap construction and rechargeable batteries. I wanted a well built mill that used AA or AAA batteries. I like the fact that the batteries can be easily replaced without taking your mill apart and the easy fill door.
Your online video sold me on the Peppermills Supreme mill and I would definitely recommend your mill to others.
526) 11-30-14

Dear Jim -

I've been a fan of your mills for several years now. I'm still using the original mills, and I mean every day. I've purchased your original mills for my family members, and most recently replaced theirs with your newer models. Other family members have had me order additional mills for them to give as gifts.

The entire C family uses your mills!

Thanks for such a great product. We are big fans!


525) 11-26-14
Love them!  My daughter loves hers too.  I had purchased the first ones, but the batteries stopped holding a charge and I had problems with the switch.  New separate batteries are a good idea.  New switch seems better too.
524) 11-25-14
Thanks for your follow up regarding my purchase of your Peppermill which I Love. It is the only one I have ever bought and i would recommend it to others along with your excellent service. Lynne
523) 11-23-14
I bought this pepper mill for my husband, who had a stroke and can't use his left hand.  All my pepper mills needed two hands to grind the pepper.  The first electric pepper mill I bought, required so  many batteries, and it seemed I was always changing them out.  The other problem was, it did not hold hardly any peppercorns.  When I saw your pepper mill and the large area to store peppercorns, I knew this is what I wanted.  He is very happy with it.  I have not had to change batteries, but I did have to put another half cup of peppercorns in it.  My husband loves pepper.  Yes, I am very happy with this mill, and I have recommended it to other people in my family.  I love that it holds more than a tablespoon of pepper.         Marlene

522) 11-21-14
Thank you for your recent email concerning my Nov purchase.  I am very pleased with my peppermill and the people I gifted with a peppermill loves theirs as well.
Thanks for your interest.  Jane 
521) 11-21-14
The pepper mill we received initially did not work well. Jim was very willing to send a replacement, and it arrived very quickly. The new one works great, and we love it!

The old pepper mills we had required constant recharging. These are more compact (easier to use), and last a long time with batteries.

Would definitely recommend this new model to others.

Thank you,

520) 11-20-14
Yes very happy!  Love the mill!  Used your prior mills,that were rechargeable.  Miss that.  But don't miss that it could be overcharged (which I did on the first charge wtih my last one .  Hope someday you have a rechargeable unit that I can't over charge.  Also I would love a true stainless steel model.  I know it would cost more, but my kitchen is nice and I'd prefer that look. A
519) 11-18-14
Yes very happy!  Love the mill!  Used your prior mills,that were rechargeable.  Miss that.  But don't miss that it could be overcharged (which I did on the first charge wtih my last one .  Hope someday you have a rechargeable unit that I can't over charge.  Also I would love a true stainless steel model.  I know it would cost more, but my kitchen is nice and I'd prefer that look.
518) 11-15-14


I love my peppermills!
I have never used a peppermill until I bought yours. I have two of them.
I would definitely recommend your peppermills to friends and family.



517) 11-12-14
1. Are you happy with your new mill?   Very Much So

2. Have you used other electric mills? Yes	

3. Would you buy or recommend our mill to others? Absolutely

Very satisfied, this purchase replaced your previous model  

516) 11-9-14
Very good improvements over your previous models. 
515) 11-8-14
Yes we are happy with our new mill.

Yes we have used other electric mills.

Yes we would buy or recommend our mill to others.
514) 11-6-14
I gave your mills to my kids and sister for Christmas!
Thanks they are great! James
513) 11-5-14
Hi Jim,

I loooooove this pepper mill! Yes, I've used at least three other mills and they are all junk compared to yours. Not only will I buy more of your mills for myself (I will order one for salt as soon as my current non-refillable mill runs dry) I will purchase them as gifts. I highly recommend your pepper mills to any pepper loving, spice loving, LIGHT loving person ... And you may quote me on that! Warm regards, --AR P.S. You should team up with Old Town Spice Merchants in Temecula, CA. Sue is the owner and has begun to franchise. Your mills are a perfect compliment to their spices, peppers and salts! Check them out.
512) 11-5-14

Love them. We had some fancier rechargeables, but they crapped out very quickly. Robin and Marta.

511) 11-2-14
I love my peppermill  it replaced an old model
which I wore out. The new one is just great.........

510) 10-30-14
Hi Jim,
I had an issue with one of the six pepper mills I purchased from you. Upon notifying you of the problem you sent me a replacement one and I couldn't be more pleased. Yours is no doubt the best power pepper mill on the market and your company is the best to buy from. You treat all your customers like family.
509) 10-25-14


I love the peppermills you make and we have given them as gifts to several happy recipients.  I did like the look of the old model better as it came in colors and looked longer, but I would still recommend your products.  We are almost always asked about where to get them when a new guest comes for dinner.

Furthermore, you are a VERY responsive company and we enjoy sponsoring your quality craftsmanship.  Thanks for the way you do business!

Keara and Charlie

508) 10-21-14
1. Are you happy with your new mill?
Yes. works very well. switch sticks sometime.
2. Have you used other electric mills?
Dozens and hated them all.
3. Would you buy or recommend our mill for others? 

507) 10-18-14



506) 10-18-14

Hi Jim,

1.  I am very happy with my purchase of four Model 200s. 

2.  I have only used your original electric mills but researched all the others before buying yours again.

3. Yes, I do highly recommend your mills to others.

I love the replaceable batteries although initially a couple of mills seemed dead.  After trying many different batteries, they started working with any and all batteries.  Maybe the contacts were missing something, but all was well after a bit of trial and error.

Also one of the sliding fill doors kept flopping open when tilted.  Putting a bit of salt in the groove made it work perfectly.

I wish I could find instructions to replace the batteries in my original non-replaceable battery models.

Thanks for making a really powerful mill.


505) 10-15-14
	We are very pleased with the 2 Mills we purchased......  After you sent a replacement for one of them that was defective.  (It had a problem with the contacts in the slide-open lid of the batteries.  They would not make good contact so the grinder would only work intermittently, and you had to shake it up and down for that to happen.  So, it was more of a "shaker" than a "grinder"!)
	They are a little messy so the "holder" is great for minimizing the sprinkling of Salt and Pepper over the tablecloth.
	They have enough power to crunch up the rock salt and the peppercorns.
	So overall we give you a 9 out of 10 grade!!
504) 10-9-14

Hi Jim!

I bought that peppermill as a wedding gift and they said they already love it. I have had mine for years and couldn't cook without it. I probably need to purchase one of your newer models as I think mine might be having some problems. You had replaced the battery once for me and it seems like it doesn't hold a charge as long as it used to.

I don't know why anyone would use a two-handed peppermill after using your design! I strongly recommend it to all my friends and family.

Keep up the good work -

503) 10-7-14

yes happy with the mills, no I have not used others, yes have already recommended.


502) 10-3-14
Yes I am happy with the new mills

We had 2 of your re-chargeable ones that did a good job grinding but, the charge would not last.  The new ones that use batteries have plenty of grinding torque!
Good job with the change. 

Yes, I do recommend all the time.  Friends try it and like it.
501) 9-28-14
The model 200 is the 3rd pepper mill I have purchased from you. I bought the 1st model for my brother and myself several years ago and although the batteries have not lived up to expectations they were still enjoyed and are still performing somewhat. The new model 200 is a greatly improved mill. I especially like the battery setup and the clear load window. These are by far the best pepper mills that I have ever used. Thank you for a top shelf item. R. J., a satisfied customer. 

500) 9-22-14
Very happy with this particular model. I've used other electric pepper mills and this is by far the best.

Thank you for making a quality cost effective product.

I'd recommend this product vigorously.

498) 9-14-14
your peppermill is for better than any i have purchased. I have bought more expensive ones but none have come close to the performance of yours.

497) 9-12-14

I am happy with our new mill. We have used other electric mills and I would recommend your mills to anyone.

496) 9-10-14
I am very pleased with the 2 pepper
mills that I purchased from your
Company. Adrienne
495) 9-6-14

I am happy with the mill and this is the first electric mill I have used. I would buy another and recommend to others.


494) 9-2-14

I like the new version better than your first design and i would definitely recommend.

493) 8-27-14

relax John, it's a great product. I purchased this one after buying one for my sister.

492) 8-22-14

We love our new pepper mill and yes we have used other electric pepper mills. We have already bought one as a gift and have recommended it to others.


491) 8-14-14

Hi, Jim.

We had gone through many other electric pepper mills before finding PepperMills Supreme.  We have been extremely happy with them.  This was my second time ordering your mills.  My previous two original design mills lasted 7 and 8 years respectively before they started to lose the ability to hold a charge and I decided to purchase again.  This time I ordered the S&P set as well as an additional pepper mill.

The only improvement I can think of would be mostly aesthetic, such as if there were some way to make them from stainless rather than plastic and/or offer some additional fun festive colors.

Minor quibbles on the new design: The new Model 200 seems to be made of a lighter, more brittle plastic.  Perhaps this is partly an illusion due to weight difference between the old ones with the built-in rechargeable batteries and the new ones using replaceable AAs.  I guess time will tell, but I just don't think these would survive a drop on concrete or tile without damage (as my old model did .  I have noticed the grind doesn't seem as finely adjustable on the new ones.  In comparing the grind settings by looking at the bottoms of the new and old mills, it looks like they should have the same adjustability setpoint steps, but the new ones seem to go from super fine to having some larger chunks within one "step," rather than a medium course grind of larger flakes of pepper that my husband always preferred on our first mills. It's not enough of a problem to make me reconsider my purchase.

Yes, I would happily recommend your mills to others and I had previously reviewed (5-stars, of course) your product on Amazon.  I have also recommended to family members.

Thank you for emailing to inquire about our satisfaction.  That is truly great customer service that is seldom seen anymore today.  Thank you for making a quality product that I hope you will continue to produce for many years to come (because I'm sure I'll be back for more).


490) 8-10-14

we are quite happy with our mill and we have used other electric mills and we would recommend your mills


489) 8-5-14
I absolutely love the Model 200 pepper mill.
I have used other electric pepper mills but they were quite a bite more
money and the grinds were different, especially the fine setting.
I have recommended this pepper mill to others and I am thinking off
purchasing a couple to give as gifts.
Thank you,

 488) 7-30-14
are extremely happy with our peppermill.  My husband uses it every day and couldn't be happier with it - the best he's ever had!  
We certainly do recommend your mills.
Thank you.
487) 7-29-14
Dear Jim,
As you are aware I purchased three of the mills last April. I use all three on a daily basis and do like them. I have since purchased two more as a gift for my mother. The only issue that I have is that, at times, the button tends to stick on one of the mills.
The website was easy to navigate.
I continue to recommend your mills to others, especially other fire department cooks (and, as I already mentioned, have bought some as a gift too).
My question for you: When I purchased them originally you had some salt from a 'Utah' mine. I've use that and have tried others. I did not see that on your website currently but rather the sea salt from the Brazilian coast. Is the 'Utah' salt still available? (that was pretty good stuff).
My design comment: The units are ergonomically designed to permit easy handling. I'm torn between the retaining (bottom) cup design. Currently, the design allows for easy use of the mill for application of the seasoning; however, there are times when transporting the unit to other locations (other spots in the kitchen, outside when grilling, etc.) and it would be nice if the base were somewhat attached (whether a light snap into place, magnet latch or something similar). Naturally, if the bottom was attached then an extra step would be needed to remove it for use (unless a release mechanism can be built into the top - but that design is getting pretty complicated).In summary, these are great units that I use on a daily basis. I have been through no less than a dozen mills over the years including several battery operated ones. I'm coming up on my one year anniversary but have to say that these are very durable with a consistent grind and I'm very pleased with your product.
486) 7-28-14
YES we have been very happy with the mills
YES we have used other electric mills.
Absolutely we would recommend your mills to anyone.
485) 7-27-14
Very happy with the pepper mill. It works great and it is our first electric mill.  We did use one at a relatives but do not know what brand it was. Yes we would recommend your mill to others.
Thank You
Joan & Al
484) 7-27-14
Thank you.
Yes, we are very happy with our new mills and have not used any others. We like the fact that they hold a good amount of salt/pepper. We have recommended it and bought one for a gift as well.

We cook a lot and really find them useful. Thank you for a good product - so hard to find these days.

Best wishes for continued success.
Jeebee & Mark
483) 7-25-14
Have been very happy with your pepper mill which we have had for about
a year.  Gets used daily, even when we have two hands.  We have two or
three Peugeot mills that get used too, but the Supreme is very handy.
No problems with its function.  The only very small gripe is that the
little door where peppercorns are added does not stay closed in use. A
small piece of tape takes care of problem tho.

We have not had experience with other electric mills, although I
looked at a few before buying this one.  I was mostly swayed by the
review in Cooks Illustrated a couple years ago.

I would certainly recommend the product to others.

Richard Hawks
482) 7-20-14
Yes I am happy with the mills, we use to have two of your electric models. We had your old plug in model, but I like this one better, except I prefer flat black, this one gets finger prints on it. Battery lasts longer than expected. yes we will recommend these mills.
482) 7-20-14
I am very happy with them.  We purchased two.  Use them every day and the batteries have worked really well.  I am so glad I found you. Yes I have had several.  I had one you made for several years and it was rechargeable and we loved it, but it  got to a point it would not work.  Others I have had the batteries would last only a short time. Absolutely would recommend to anyone.  They are great units and I would not want to be without them.  Best of all on the market. Ronald
481) 7-20-14

We are quite pleased with our pepper mills.
However, I would recommend switching the push buttons so
that the black peppermill has a white push button and the
white salt one has a black button.
Kind regards,

480) 7-18-14

Thanks for asking our opinion. I was excited to get the peppermill, as it was recommended by Cook's Illustrated. I also liked the shape and the red color.
I would recommend the peppermill.This is our first electric peppermill.

479) 7-15-14
Hi Jim:
You've got the BEST mills for the money I've
come across to date. Yes, I would recommend them; in fact, I just ordered another two (2) sets!
Best regards,
478) 7-11-14
Dear Jim,
    I have purchased about fifteen of your model 200 peppermills and they are the best in the world.  They are a big improvement over your old model because of the ease of changing batteries.  
     I have tried many other mills and they do not compare.  You have a a great product.  I have given many for gifts and everyone loves them.

477) 7-8-14
I love the peppermills. They last a long time on battery power. I had the original rechargeable ones, and gave them as a present. I also like the size and filling capacity. Would recommend them to anyone. AC.
476) 7-6-14
Yes we're happy with the new mill. Our only other mill was your original model.  Yes - we give your mill as gifts.

475) 7-6-14
Jim, we are happy with our mill and have tried many other electric 
mills. We have already recommended your mills to many of our friends.
474) 7-5-14
YES, I have used other electric pepper mills and YES I will recommend your mills!  I love your pepper mills, and will be a life-long customer.  Thank you! Leah
473) 7-3-14
I bought your incredible pepper grinder on invoice 11913.  Let me
tell you, this grinder is the best I have grinder I ever owned. I also own the silver version and I use for salt.
All of my friend are amazed by your invention wish they had one, little do they know what this Christmas yields.


Jim, I don't remember the first mills I got from you,several years ago. I tried two or three other brands until I came across yours. Undoubted the best I've ever used. I thought the rechargables were great but I like the 200's even better. I've purchased ten or twelve pair and recommended your product to several others. Great product. Love e'm.   Roger
471) 6-24-14
This is the second peppermill I have ordered.  It has been redesigned (which is great).  My husband uses it once or twice every single day.  He loves it!
They are wonderful and work better than any other peppermill on the market in my opinion.  It was compared to other peppermills on America's Test Kitchen recently and they liked it too.
I would absolutely recommend it to others.
470) 6-23-14
Hello Jim,
I obtained (2) mills form you last year, one for me, one for my sister.  I have had an older one already for several years.  As a rule, both of us like the mills as there is not much, or none, on the market comparable.  We definitely like the accessibility of the battery system , but could do without the light as it really does not do much for illumination.
469) 6-23-14
Hello Jim,
Thank you for getting to back to me.
I was extremely happy with my pepper maker. So much in fact I bought one for my mother and my mother in law. 
I have used other pepper mills and I love this pepper mill
I would recommend your pepper grinder ..
Thank you,
468) 6-21-14
Jim,we use a lot of pepper and it makes it easy, never used any other, bought one for my uncle in Florida as a gift,they were visiting me and loved it, so I sent them one
467) 6-19-14
I have boughten several pepper mills. I luv the ones I ordered from you. I use one for pepper and the other for pink sea salt. Very happy so far. Thank you. Ange.
466) 6-18-14
We love our  peppermill and would recommend it to others.  
This  was the first electric mill we have used  and love it! We bought a
 2nd one for salt. 


465) 6-15-14
Hello Jim,
We have used your other mills and love the new one and we would recommend them to others.
464) 6-13-14
Dear Mr. Friden,

I thought you would appreciate hearing this story.  Several years ago my husband ordered one of your pepper mills for me and we both loved it until I accidentally recharged it with the wrong cord and fried the battery.  After that I decided to try one with regular batteries so that I wouldn't have that problem again, and I've complained about the one I got ever since - it was too slow, it didn't hold enough peppercorns, etc.  Well, apparently my husband and I had the same idea at the same time, because last week we got 2 identical boxes in the mail on the same day - one addressed to me and one to him - containing identical red pepper mills!  We both thought it was pretty funny, and I'm quite happy to have 2.  Now I've got a spare for spices plus the one that stays full of pepper.

Thanks so much for your wonderful pepper mill, from a VERY satisfied customer!

463) 6-11-14

Mills arrived yesterday and both work perfect.  

I am touting your products and your service.  You really have wonderful mills and your service/responsiveness is unbeatable.  I am a long time and very happy customer.  

Thank you.

Take care, dick.

462) 6-10-14

Hi Jim, I am very very happy I purchased your peppermills. This is easily my favorite kitchen accessory and I really look forward to grinding pepper as often as needed. Purchasing them from your web site was effortless and I gladly would recommend owning one or more of these peppermills to anyone who grinds peppercorns with two hands. Your peppermills are a true joy to have and to use! Thank you for your outstanding product and customer care. Sincerely, Elsie 461) 6-10-14
Love the Peppermills!!!!!!!!!
Jim 460) 6-8-14
1. Are you happy with your new mill?  Yes, we are very happy.  We like the more compact size and it seems to work very well.   2. Was it easy to navigate and purchase from our web site?  Yes, your website is easy to navigate. 3. Would you buy or recommend the mill to others?  Yes, we would recommend the mills to anyone.  Many of our friends have inquired about where we have bought the mills.  I like them so much, I take them with me when I cook at friends' homes.  

459) 6-5-14

Jim, I love ground pepper and appreciate you mills. I lost use of my dominate hand because of a stroke and you mills have been a great solution for me to enjoy my pepper.

458) 6-1-14

I bought your incredible pepper grinder.  Let me tell you, this grinder is the best grinder I ever owned. I also own the silver version and I use for salt.

All of my friend are amazed by your invention wish they had one, little do they know what this Christmas yields.



457) 5-28-14
Yes to all questions.  Have been a satisfied customer for years. Do you ship to Hawaii? Have a friend with birthday in Feb. and I know she would love a set. Thanks,  Gloria
456) 5-25-14

Mr Friden,

I bought one mill for myself and liked it enough to buy three more as gifts.  I have thus recommended it to others in the most sincere and tangible way possible.


455) 5-21-14

Good morning,
We are very happy with our new mill. The electronic motor works great. Your website is easy to navigate and we have recommended your mill to our friends.

454) 5-19-14

Yes, I do really like my mills.  I have two of them myself and use them every day.  I have also purchased one as a gift for my sister and she loves her mill too.
I did find the web site to be user friendly throughout the checkout process and if I'm ever in need of another mill at some point, I'll know where to go.

453) 5-18-14
Dear Mr Friden:

I appreciate your personal follow up to my purchase of the Model 200 .  I received one as a requested Christmas gift from my daughter at the same time I received the Cusinart rechargeable set from my brother in law.  I have to admit I used the Cusinart first because it was rechargeable but after two months the grinding heads failed to to operate  properly in the pepper mill.  I then switched to you Model 200 and was so satisfied with its performance that I ordered a second for sea salt grinding.  It's ease of refilling plus it's capacity far exceed the Cusinart.  It is comfortable to hold and easy to adjust the fineness of the salt or pepper grind.  As a future consideration a rechargeable capability would be nice.  I will recommend this product to others and will add to my gift giving preferences.

452) 5-16-14

Dear Mr. Friden,
I love my new peppermill It makes fast work of grinding fresh peppercorns and most importantly it hold more peppercorns then any other peppermill. For me the more peppercorns it holds the better. I also love how easy it is to adjust the grind size. I do find that filling a peppermill from the top to be a little easier to fill then from the side.
Your web site was easy to navigate and I did'nt have any problems placing the order.
I would recommend this peppermill to anyone looking for one or to give as a gift. I do have one request: Please don't stop making this large capacity peppermill it is great and would hate to lose the ability to order another one.
Thank you for your interest, 

451) 5-15-14

Hi - We LOVE our peppermills, and would give a very positive recommendation to anyone interested in a peppermill.  It was very easy to order and purchase.

You might think this a strange suggestion, but if you are interested in putting together a gift pack and presenting to Costco, I am happy to help you accomplish the task.  Costco is a great, upscale retailer that looks for unique, quality items such as your peppermills to sell in gift packages/bundles during the holidays.  I am retired, but spent the past 10 years with responsibility of selling Mattel toys to Costco and I believe they would be interested in a giftpack with one salt mill, one peppermill (and refill for both) in a package.

Anyway, we love your product!



450) 5-12-14

Jim, I am sorry that this is 4 months late, but I appreciate you fixing my peppermill.  You sell quality merchandise.  I have been very pleased.  I have recommended you many times as friend have ask about my great power mills.  Thank you very much.  Evelyn

449) 5-11-14
Yes, Im VERY happy with my new mill, I use it daily. I just had friends over for dinner Friday, and they asked what it was. They were very interested, and I gave them the info on how to purchase one. Website was super easy to use, I would defiintely recommend your company and the mills to family and friends.

448) 5-9-14

This is the best and most powerful pepper mill I have ever owned.

1. Are you happy with your new mill?
	a.  The best pepper mill I have ever owned.

2. Was it easy to navigate and purchase from our web site?
	a.  Yes

3. Would you buy or recommend the mill to others?
	a.  I have many times.

Please let us know any comments you may have by responding to this email. We
appreciate your business!

447) 5-9-14

Dear Mark,
> Thank you for your recent purchase of our new Model 200. I just want to
> follow up to see if you are satisfied with your experience dealing with
> PepperMills Supreme?
> 1. Are you happy with your new mill? yes
> 2. Was it easy to navigate and purchase from our web site? yes
> 3. Would you buy or recommend the mill to others? yes
> Please let us know any comments you may have by responding to this
> email. We appreciate your business!
> Sincerely
> Jim Friden / President
> PepperMills Supreme Inc.
> www.peppermills.com

446) 5-7-14
We love our mills!  Easy to navigate your site. I recommend your mills to everyone. I do not think there are any mills on the market that compete with yours.
Thank you for such a great product. Not only on the table but in the kitchen while cooking. Planning on getting some extras to keep in kitchen and have on the table when the family is here so that sixteen plus people at the  table do not have far to pass the salt and pepper mils as everone wants to use the electric mill! 
445) 5-5-14

The reason I purchased your pepper and salt mills is that I have owned one of your peppermills for the past 5 years or so and find it to be an excellent product. I gave the new ones as a gift and the recipient really loves them. Great product.

Mike Marino

444) 5-1-14
I love it and so does my husband as he loves fresh ground pepper.  I bought one for my Son who does a lot of cooking and he always loves it.

I bought one to give as a wedding shower gift on Saturday. The lady sitting next to me asked me where I got it and I went on line with my phone and showed her your website and she was going to go home and order one.  The bride to be loved it!

443) 4-28-14
Yes, yes, yes. We are happy with our new mills


442) 4-25-14

1. Are you happy with your new mill?
Pro: The AA Battery power turns out to not be to bothersome. The batteries last much longer than a charge on the Nicads, and I don't need a cumbersome charger taking up space. I like it.
Con: The light quit working after a couple of uses. Overall quality doesn't seem to be as good as the old style, but time will tell; )

2. Was it easy to navigate and purchase from our web site?
Not really, and your site is hard to locate using search engines.

3. Would you buy or recommend the mill to others?
For you this is a important question I know, and I would recommend your company to others!

Thanks for Checking!

441) 4-20-14

Yes! I love the peppermill. In fact, I just moved recently and it's packed
away in storage until I move into a permanent place...i'm really missing it!
Love the fact that you can change the grind level..It's a really good one.

440) 4-15-14

This was actually a gift, it my first of the new model, but probably my 6th or 7th purchase!  The person I bought it for loves it, and I love that it is battery operated vs recharge!  I have already had my mill "redone" once, when the battery would no longer hold a charge.  I imagine when and/if it quits recharging, I will get one of the new models.

Am I happy with it?  ABSOLUTELY!   No problems using your website, and I have given this as a gift as well as recommended the mill for years!

Keep up the good work!
(and you are welcome to use my comments on your website if you would like)

Kindest regards

439) 4-9-14
Yes I was totally happy with everything that I had
to do with ordering!! This is not my first peppermill
and I totally love it!!CJ
438) 4-8-14

 We are very happy with our salt & pepper mills. We have even bought a set for our son, who
  can't cook without them:)
  The web site was very easy to navigate.
  We recommend your mills all the time!

437) 4-4-14
We loved ours, so we purchased the second one as a gift. My mom also purchased one for herself. the website if good, and we have already recommended them to others.

Thank you,


436) 3-26-14

Hi Jim,

Thanks for your interest in seeing how well your product is doing.  Yes, I'm fairly satisfied with the pepper mill but in comparison to the rechargeable model I ordered from you years ago (which finally pooped out after years of great service) I was a little let down.

That older (obviously discontinued) model not only had the rechargeable feature but it did a much better job at producing a higher volume and speed of grinding.  By comparison the battery model seems adequate at the least.

Kind regards,


435) 3-25-14

Yes, Yes, & Yes!! The mill is great and will recommend and buy more.
Ken & Sue

434) 3-22-14
Thanks for following up.  While the prior generation of mill I bought from you needed a lot of improvements to hold up under normal use, so far this one seems to be very good.  It's quieter, easier to refill, and so far I can still adjust the grind.  When it was working, I think the old one was a bit faster, but that's not really an issue. 

The website was nothing special and I was obviously able to place my order.  I would recommend analyzing your web logs, as feedback only from people who completed a purchase will definitely give you more favorable indicators.

Before the old one started breaking down, I did recommend it to others and will do the same for this one.  I admire and support your entrepreneurism and wish you the best going forward.  


433) 3-19-14

1. Are you happy with your new mill?
	Yes, I bought it about a year ago and we are very happy with it.

2. Was it easy to navigate and purchase from our web site?
	Yes it is, thank you.

3. Would you buy or recommend the mill to others?
	Yes! Works very well, no problems.


432) 3-18-14

I gave the pepper grinder to a friend as a gift. They say it works well. no problems. Michael

431) 3-16-14

Hi Jim., very happy with my mill.Easy to use and grinds perfect.Would definitely recommend. Will be ordering more peppercorns soon....Thanks... Tim

432) 3-14-14


I love your peppermills.  Plan to buy some more for gifts this Christmas.  I still have a copper one, a nickel one, and a red one of you old model.

I have bought at least 3 of the 200's but will certainly buy more of the black and nickel.  And as soon as you get other colors, I will buy those too.

I only have one black 200 and one white 200.  I gave a black 200 and white 200 to my neighbor for his birthday and he loves them.

Glad that you got onto Amazon.

Wish you the best of luck in Business and the best of living in Life!


431) 3-14-14

yes, I like it and would recommend! Constance

430) 3-12-14

The peppermill was a gift. Yes to answer the questions. I have given them as gifts and some recipients have ordered more of them.  Thanks  Lois

429) 3-7-14

Hi Jim, I am very happy with the mill and your site is user friendly and I have recommended your mills and will be buying more for Christmas presents.


428) 3-5-14

I am happy with the mill and I will be buying more.


427) 3-3-14
Hello Jim,

I LOVE my new mills.  In fact I was so happy with the new improved design of
the mill that I also bought one for salt.  

It was easy to navigate and purchase from your website and I definitely
highly recommend your mill. I bought one as a gift for a friend and she said
she would never be without it now.

Keep up the good work Jim!

Your happy customer,
Charlotte, NC
426) 2-28-14

If you recall, there were a few problems with the black mills you had sent me. We finally decided to go with the red mill in place of the black one. It works really great and I am very satisfied with both the mills I now have. You worked with me in resolving the problem and I am very grateful for that. I LOVE both my silver and red mill. Your service is really incredible. I would definitely recommend PepperMills Supreme not only for the product but also for the service.

425) 2-27-14

it is great!  My wife initially made fun of me for getting it and now everyone uses and loves it.  It was easily to navigate in and purchase from your website.  I would definitely recommend it to others!

424) 2-25-14
Dear Jim,

Thank you for your products.

I was a little I was a little reluctant about ordering products that I could not see or put my hands on but after three months of constant use, my fears were unfounded.  These mills sit out on the counter and my wife and I use them several times a day.  Efficient, trouble-free, and very easy to use and refill.

While these mills may not the prettiest, polished wood or stainless steel cases, they are simply the best, most efficient mills I have ever used … and at a price where I could order three mills for the price of just one mill of some of your competitors.

I ordered one of each color to use for sea salt, three color and black peppers.  If there were a fourth or fifth color, I’d buy those to use for additional salts and or peppers.

Your website is a snap to navigate through and order from and I have already recommended your products to several friends and will continue to do so.

Thank You for a great product !!!


423) 2-24-14

Yes, very happy with the mill. Yes, it was easy to navigate and purchase from the site. Yes, I would recommend the mill to others.

422) 2-22-14

Jim, I am very happy with the one you sent. It works much better. I have always had an easy time navigating your website and recommend your products to anyone who will listen. Take care, dick421) 2-20-14

Hi Jim;

My experience purchasing was positive.
I wanted to send my sister a one handed pepper mill.
I subscribe to Cooks illustrated and looked up their research.
They had identified the Peppermill Supreme as their favorite so I went with it.

I visited my sister last week and tried it out.

I'll be buying one for myself.

Oh, website was easy to navigate.

I know, positive comments are not very helpful.

 Mike T

420) 2-16-14

Dear Ronnie, Thank you for your recent purchase of our new Model 200. I just want to follow up to see if you are satisfied with your experience dealing with PepperMills Supreme? 1. Are you happy with your new mill?[RF] Yes. We had your first generation for several years. 2. Was it easy to navigate and purchase from our web site?[RF] Yes 3. Would you buy or recommend the mill to others?[RF] Yes Please let us know any comments you may have by responding to this email. We appreciate your business! Sincerely Jim Friden / President PepperMills Supreme Inc. www.peppermills.com

416) 2-12-14
Hello Jim at Pepper Mil‎ls,

Yes indeed we do like the 200 mill. We haven't had to charge it yet.  

The website worked well enough. When we did the Google search for you, there seemed to be more than one website. One of them was only a display? of products or ones in the making. 

Yes I have bought some even for gifts and recommend them to friends.  ‎Keep up the good work. Thank you for the products.  

Sincerely, Roxie

415) 2-8-14
Dear Florence,

Thank you for your recent purchase of our new Model 200. I just want to follow up to see if you are satisfied with your experience dealing with PepperMills Supreme?
Yes, I am quite satisfied with the new model Peppermill.
1. Are you happy with your new mill?
As abpve. yes I am perfectly satisfied.
2. Was it easy to navigate and purchase from our web site?
Yes. Though I recall that I may have directly emailed youto discuss differences
in the design.

3. Would you buy or recommend the mill to others?
Absolutely.  I have been using your peppermills for many years now.
		Always like using these.

414) 2-6-14
Thank you for your e-mail. Yes, to all three questions. I have several wooden pepper mills, including a large Peugot mill for pepper. Unfortunately, in the other mills, regardless of the cost of the item, the pepper invariably clogs up the mechanism. Unlike the others, your PepperMill continues to work perfectly. I first saw the PepperMill being used by the waiters at a local restaurant. They highly recommended it for its durability and ease of use. Hence, I ordered one from your website. The website was easy to use and to navigate. I would buy another one, if the need arises and do tell my friends about your product/website when they ask. Suzanne

413) 2-5-14

Yes,yes,yes!  Every time I use them I think what a great investment! Love them and highly recommend them!


412) 2-3-14

Unless I am confused, this is the second pepper mill I bought from you, the first probably 15 years ago. It finally broke after 10 years or more service. Pining away for top notch "pepper action" I ordered a new one. Didn't intend to select a red one (I did it by accident), but who cares? Works exactly as expected. I appreciate the easier loading, lower profile and the use of easily replaceable batteries.

Yes I would recommend it. I've been contemplating buying another as a gift, but I'm short of $. John

411) 1-28-14

The mill is working great!


410) 1-25-14

1.  yes, very happy
2.  website is fine
3.  I have recommended your mill to others as I think it is the best on the market
409) 1-21-14

We love these better than the older models which we loved for years. We started out using them with just regular AA batteries and they were still working great when I began using chargeable batteries. We really like the ease of battery change.  Naturally shopping with you is always a pleasure and items arrive quickly.  I do recommend these to others when they always ask where to get them after using them our house. Bruce

408) 1-20-14

Hi Jim,
I love the pepper mill. I works great and is an asset to have when cooking in the kitchen. Thank you for designing a great product.

407) 1-19-14

   We absolutely love our pepper mill!  It was a birthday gift for my son (strange gift I know) and we needed it right away.  We adore it! It is used at every meal. The website was great and we had no problems with payment or shipment. We already have recommended it to our friends...as they love it when they come over. We might even pick up a second one for sea salt! 

       Thank you! 

406) 1-17-14


We are very satisfied so far with our new Model 200.  We had problems with the batteries of the older models, so it is nice not to deal with that issue with this new model.  I don't particularly remember the ease of purchasing, but that probably means it was easy.  I would recommend the mill to others, as well.


405) 1-15-14

Love the peppermill. I would definitely recommend to anyone who has arthritic hands - so easy to use. The only downfall is the shipping costs to Canada could be prohibitive to some people for making this purchase on-line.Regina

404) 1-13-14

Hey Jim,

  1 -   I bought the new mills for my daughter and son-in-law as a gift and they love them

  1A -- I have the older models myself and love love love them -- we use them every day

  2 - yes it was very easy to make the purchase(s) online AND you are wonderful to deal with about upgrade/repairs and the replacement for the one that was spinning in the wrong direction!

 3 - Yes I would recommend them to others


403) 1-11-14

Hi Jim. Yes to all the questions, we have recommended your mills and your sight is easy to navigate. We love both of our mills!

Thank You.


402) 1-10-14


You have a great product! I will recommend to others.


401) 1-8-14

400) 1-7-14
1. Are you happy with your new mill? I love it - simply love it - 2. Was it easy to navigate and purchase from our web site? I don't recall exactly but I think so 3. Would you buy or recommend the mill to others? I would and I have Additionally I will tell you that it makes me happy every time I use it - and I use it A LOT. Pretty sure I use more pepper these days just because I love using that darned thing. My husband rolls his eyes every time I say I love it these days - I guess I say it a lot Laura

399) 1-7-14 1. Are you happy with your new mill?
YES and the people I gave them to love it also. 2. Was it easy to navigate and purchase from our web site? Yest it was. 3. Would you buy or recommend the mill to others? I have already recommended people to your site. Thomas
398) 1-6-14

Mr. Friden,
I LOVE my new peppermills (I bought 2 of them).  Years ago I purchased one from you and thought it was the best thing ever and certainly the best one on the market.  I gave one to my neighbor for his birthday and he loved it so much he bought a case of them from you to give away as gifts. As a matter of fact it never ceases to make us laugh when we're all watching TV together and in the middle of some dramatic scene he starts using one of the peppermills on his dinner so we have to pause the TV because we can't hear anything - happens everytime and we just laugh because of course he does it on purpose. The one I purchased awhile ago was your old version.  One day it just stopped keeping a charge so I reluctantly threw it out - my neighbor then told me I should have contacted you first, but oh well.  Anyway, I was resistant to try your new version (without the AC adapter) because I didn't think it would be as powerful.  Wow, was I wrong - the batteries have been in both of them since Christmas (5 months now) and they're still going strong.  I also like the more compact size.  You are amazing!!!
Website was easy and yes, I tell everyone who loves mine to buy one. 
Thanks for such a great product!!

397) 1-5-14

I bought them as gifts. They arrived in a timely manner. I know the receivers were happy. Diane

396) 1-5-14
I am very happy with the new pepper mill. It a real improvement from my first one. I had bought 4 of them as gifts and do so in the future when needed.
Your web site is fine

395) 1-5-14


1) I actually used it as a gift so I can't speak to how happy the user is. I have the previous version of it and I love it. I actually use it as a wedding gift quite often.

2) Yes, it was very simple to navigate the website. 

3) I have recommended it to many people.

It is always a pleasure doing business with you because questions are responded to immediately and customer service is fantastic. This is one of my favorite gifts to give people for housewarmings or weddings. Thanks.


394) 1-5-14


I am happy with my new mill, I love it! Your site is very user friendly and I would and have recommended your mills.


393) 1-5-14

Hi Jim,
We love our red peppermill that  I bought several years ago, everyone that comes to our house loves it as well; especially my engineer brother in law.  This past Christmas we bought him the black one that has the batteries vs the charging deal.

The website was easy to get around and yes I would recommend the peppermill to friends.

In fact whenever I am at a restaurant and they ask if I want pepper on my salad I think they need a peppermill!!.

392) 1-4-14

Dear Jim,

Thank you so much for the fast turn around on our peppermill + the more then fair price.

We have enjoyed the mill so much and didn't want to get another unless absolutely necessary.

Cannot say enough about your products and service and hope it results in more sales as we tell our experience to others!

Thanks again,

Jerry and Sharon

391) 1-3-14

Hi Jim.

Thanks very much for the information about how the model 2000 compares to the model 200: 

The model 2000 is not available
The model 200 is available and...
  ...is more compact than the 2000, standing about 3" shorter
  ...features dual ceramic grinders that are even quieter than the 2000
  ...doesn't require plug-in recharging as the 2000 did. The 200 uses 4 AA batteries (alkaline, lithium ion, or rechargeable), not included - rechargeable batteries can be ordered on the site
  ...with alkaline batteries, the 200 can grind about 5 full chambers before needing replacement. Lithium ion batteries can grind more before needing replacement, or you can opt to use rechargeable batteries (which can be ordered on the site) that can be recharged rather than replaced for even more grind time
  ...for more great information from actual customers, see the site Testimonials page

I was initially concerned that the 2000 which was so positively  reviewed was no longer available, but your timely response to my questions, the speedy follow-through on my  order, and the model 200 working as described have made for a great buying experience. The model 200 works perfectly for one-handed operation and delivers a nice range of grinds - it is exactly what I wanted.

Thanks again,


390) 12-30-13

I am very happy with the two peppermills I purchased.  One for myself and one as a gift for my nephew.  Can't live without it and use it every day.

Thank you,

389) 12-30-13

The purchase was a Christmas gift that is very loved and used! We will definitely be purchasing from The Peppermill again! Sincerely, Gerri

388) 12-29-13

Hi Jim,
Thanks for following up. I purchased the mill for my dad for Christmas and he couldn't be happier with it. We were having dinner at Jennifer's German restaurant in Yorktown one evening and when my dad, who had been adamantly stating that the only things he needed for Christmas were t-shirts, saw the waitress use the mill his eyes lit up and we knew we needed to order one for him. He finds any excuse to add pepper to a meal, especially to show off to company! 

The site was very easy to navigate and to purchase from. And we would most certainly recommend the mill to others. In fact, please feel free to use me as a reference either on the site or to other customers.

Thank You, and keep up the good work!


387) 12-29-13

Jim, love the new mill. Actually purchased it as a gift and we use at my Mothers house all the time. Kristen

386) 12-28-13

Jim, Good afternoon. As of now, the peppermill has been great. My father and I have the same one and both are tremendous. The site was easy to navigate and I would absolutely recommend the mill to anyone looking for a quality, efficient product that is superior to any in the retail chain.


385) 12-23-13

Jim, we are totally happy with our mill. We bought one for our son also, and he is also very happy with it. It was very easy to order them from your website. We had no trouble at all. We would recommend this product to anyone that enjoys a good quality Mill. In fact we are going to order the silver one for salt. One for us, one for our son. Your happy customers, Tom and Kathie

384) 12-22-13

Jim, I love working with you and the genuine businessman that you are.   It was so delightful to send my old model to you and have you fix it.    You then returned it to me with an invoice of complete trust that I would pay you.    It felt so good to put the check into the mail for you and think, "WOW, there are real people still out there in business.   Thank you for your great products and your trust in me.    Lisa

383) 12-21-13

We are thrilled with the pepper mill, it is amazing how much pepper it grinds. The web was easy to navigate. I have recommended the model 200 to others. It is a great product. Jack
382) 12-20-13

When I changed the batteries on Saturday, I only replaced the top two.  Duh!  My bad.  That was my first time to replace them and I forgot that there were four of them.  It’s working fine now.  Have a good day. And, by the way, I love these pepper mills. 


381) 12-19-13

Got the 3 new mills Jim.  They are awesome!  Thank you. Anne

380) 12-18-13

We've owned 3 pepper mills by Peppermills Supreme and given them to everyone in our family. They are unquestionably the best! Janice

379) 12-18-13

Jim received mill yesterday, thank you,you did a great job with the new model. Harold
378) 12-17-13

Thanks for your e-mail.  I gave the Model 200 to a friend as a gift.  She is very happy with it.
I would recommend the current model to friends.  


377) 12-16-13

Jim Both mills work well. Really great product. Ross

376) 12-16-13
I like my current pair. I look forward to seeing your new shipment when I buy more mills. Dick B

375) 12-16-13

I've been meaning to email you.  Thank you so much for the replacement peppermill.  I love it! 
Website super easy to nav and YES, I recommend this product all the time.
Thank you again for the replacement mill.

374) 12-16-13
Dear Jim:
Your web site is easy to follow, and yes I would purchase your product again. I bought the peppermill I purchased for a Christmas present and my brother in law loves the product.
Thank you.

373) 12-16-13

I like your mills very much your site is very easy to use and I have recommended and will be buying more mills in Dec. for Christmas.

372) 12-16-13

I am happy with the new mills. Your site is easy to order from and I have been recommending your mills. Maria
371) 12-16-13


We are happy with the new mills. I have used it before, we have bought several other. I have referred you store a lot you even have mills in Honduras.

Gregory 370) 12-15-13

 Yes I am happy with the grinder.
No problems navigating your website.
I would recommend your grinders

369) 12-14-13

I am happy with the new mills and your site was easy to order from and I am recommending your mill to others. Jim

368) 12-14-13


The 200 mill is a very productive mill. I d0n’t know if I have found one that grinds as fast as the 200.

I haven’t had it long enough to know all the pros and cons, but it seems to be a really good pepper mill.

Dick B

367) 12-14-13

Hello Jim,yes I am very happy with my pepper mill.its a great product.I am on my 3rd full refill on a new set of battery's and still going strong.I will be buying another for salt before to long and be looking at them for Christmas gifts in Dec.you make the BMW of pepper mills for sure.ron

366) 12-13-13

loved the  both the pepper and salt mills and wnat to order more. Cody

365) 12-13-13

A wonderful product. After using ours for a bit, we gave another as a gift to my sister-in-law! Keep up the good work!
364) 12-12-13

Thanks Jim!
My recent order was the 3rd time I had ordered from you.  Originally my husband and i were visiting my parents in Northern California in 2007 and dined in a restaurant in SF who used your mills.  I then bought a pepermill from you and a salt one too.  Then had to re-order after we had used it so much.  This past year I ordered a set for my parents who have loved using mine!  I would recommend your products to anyone, they are great!

363) 12-11-13

Hi Jim,
I received the 8 new mills and I must say I like these new mills even better then your previous model. I will be giving these away and I am sure my giftees are going like them!

362) 12-10-13

Yes, I am very pleased with the new mill. Yes, your web site was easy to purchase from. People ask about it all the time.

361) 12-9-13

We are happy with the peppermills. Your web site was easy to navigate. And we already have recommended them to others.
Thanks, Dennis


I am happy with the new mill. Your web site is user friendly and I do recommend the mill to friends. Frank

359) 12-9-13

I ordered as a gift for my daughter and while recently visiting her I used it and liked it. I have one of the
old models and love it !!!!! The purchase was easy and efficient. I have and do recommend it to others.

358) 12-8-13

I;m very happy with the pepper mill ,,,works great when you put the batteries in the correct way.
 The web sit very easy to us. I  would recommend the mill to others.
plus very good responds and teck. support from Jim . Erik

357) 12-6-13

Hi, I love a company who follows up!
We are very pleased with the peppermill and would recommend it!  Your website for me was fine and seeing this particular unit stood out on the page!  I chose your peppermill based on what I hope is a better made, longer lasting mechanism.  Lots of reviews for other units mentioned units that fail in a short time..  Love the open window to see volume remaining and lighting up is great.  Thanks again.

356) 12-5-13

I got the mill home placed the batteries in it and filled with fresh peppercorns and it worked and quiet well! Love the size and feel of this unit. I knew that the burrs were ceramic and that this type of material is used in many areas replacing metals, though still wonder how long do ceramic burrs last? I have seen other electric mills in restaurants in the past and will pay more attention to details now that I own what I found to be one of the best for the price models available. I love the ease of battery replacement, loading door and light on the bottom to see what is actually coming out in subdued lighting situations! Very nice design. We will see our first use in a restaurant tonight and will probably be in the kitchen with the owner/chef grinding fresh pepper all over the place.


355) 12-5-13

Actually I bought a silver one and a bag of salt for it and a black one and a bag of pepper for it.
Many years ago I searched for the ultimate pepper grinder that was electric.  I found your site and bought your mill.  The only thing I did not like about it was the built in battery.  It no longer holds enough power to drive the grinding wheels.
I prefer that the mills use plain batteries and your new ones do.  It's a nice feature that you can recharge batteries but I prefer not to.
I'm very satisfied with them and use them daily.  So is my girlfriend. Our hobby is cooking and we watch all the food shows on the "Food Porn" networks. LOL.
I'd recommend them to anyone who was not put off by the price.  Most people just don't care about quality anymore except people like us who cook as a hobby.
Your site is just fine as far as I am concerned.  But as a previous customer, I knew what I wanted the moment I got there.
Thank you for manufacturing this fine product.  I'd suggest a line of gourmet peppers and salts.  Gourmet salt is coming on strong in the market.  Pink salt from the Himalayas is very stylish right now and I would have paid for a big bag of this expensive product.  You should also consider a coffee grinder that is adjustable for coarseness and a spice grinder.  I think if you slowly expanded you line you could grow your business even more.
If you have any questions, feel free to call.  I'm always ready to help a fellow businessman.

354) 12-5-13

Works very well, replacement of one with a minor defect was quick and easy, you sold another set to my neighbor on my recommendation!

Plus, my wife likes them!

Bob Geers

353) 12-5-13

I had the rechargeable one for a long time ... Loved it but it quit holding a charge. Was not a big fan of the "silver" color. I like this new black one even better ... and the batteries last a good, long time! It is a cook's delight ... I keep it right by the stove and use it almost every day. Thank you for this great product! The website was just fine and I would definitely recommend this to other cooks! Sydney 

352) 12-4-13

Ahhh they arrived today, probably a weather delay! Thank you much and you will get good reviews from me on the  East Coast. We will take these to familiar restaurants where we know many of the the owners and show off our new mills. We always have carried our own manual grinders prior. We hate to keep the waitresses grinding away and they are always happy to let us serve ourselves. New one feels great in the hand can’t wait to get it home and try it out!

Thank you very much.


351) 12-3-13

Hi Jim, I use them from the first day that i received them and can't cook without them so easy to use. Sal

350) 12-2-13

I got the new peppermill it works great!

349) 12-2-13

We love the mill. Website and all else is perfect. Thanks for asking. Gave 2 as Christmas presents and would recommend them to others. 

348) 11-30-13

We are at this time on vacation in Australia.  We are extremely pleased with the pepper mill.  This was our third one and the best yet
Will be back in three weeks. Romayne
347) 11-30-13

I like the new mills. Your site has easy navigation. I will recommend to others. Locke

346) 11-30-13

Love the mills.  I have purchased at least 6 over the years and wouldn't be without one. 

Lisa Franks

345) 11-30-13

Nice to hear from you Jim.  We love the new mill, use it every day for cooking and on the table as well.  Your product lives up to all the claims you make on the website.  We have been frustrated with the design of other electric mills, yours is perfect! You have an easy site to order. We will be recommending your mills. Adam

344) 11-29-13

I like the new mills. Your site is user friendly and I will definitely be recommending your product.


343)  11-28-13

We are very pleased with our pepper mills. Much better than previous design! I found the website easy to navigate and I would highly recommend this product! Paula

341) 11-28-13


340) 11-26-13


Thanks for calling me back, great customer service. As I said on the phone your mills are the best. I have used several manual mills in the past and what I like about yours the most is I can keep it clean because I do not have to put dirty hands on it when preparing meats to cook. I just turn the meat with one hand and season with the other and it puts out more pepper and salt so it is fast. Thanks again for a great product and I will be ordering more.


Jim, I just wanted to let you know that I purchase a set of mills and gave them to my son and they love them. I am now ordering a set for myself. I use a lot of salt and pepper for my bbq pork that I do and your mills are going to do the job just fine. I also have told many friends about your products so if you start to see orders coming from the South Dakota area you will know why.


338) 11-22-13

These are the very best grinders......... I give them as gifts. Diane

337) 11-20-13

Hi Jim,
I have just mailed my pepper mill.  I hope you can fix it as it is the best tool in my kitchen.

336) 11-19-13
Hi Jim,

I ordered 3 peppermills for gifts for friends and family in October, 2013.Unfortunately, after one of the peppermills was wrapped, I dropped it on the floor. The good news is that the peppermill, when opened by our friends, works perfectly and they are very pleased! The bad news is that the dust tray where the peppermill sits on to collect the peppercorn particles is broken! I would be most appreciative if you could mail me another satin nickel dust tray to the following address:-

 Many thanks in advance,


P.S.   I originally acquired your first model but switched at the beginning of 2013 to the newer model with batteries at the top of the unit. WOW, your new version works amazingly and so easy to change batteries when needed! My family and friends are peppercorn lovers, like me, and just RAVE about your product!  Well done Jim!!

 335) 11-17-13

Hi Jim 

I like the new mills. They are attractive and work well.
I bought 2 sets. When my friend Mel saw them at my house he also ordered them. I think you have a winner with this new design.


334) 11-15-13

Hi Jim,

Many thanks for your personal reply.  l have decided to buy new and have just placed my order.  
Originally gift and I have gifted them to others. Great product. Lee

333) 11-15-13

Thank you so much, my brother-in-law loves the peppermill.  We have one of your peppermills, which our daughter gave us for Christmas.
Thanks again for your prompt attention to this matter.

332) 11-12-13

Jim, many thanks for taking care of me. I love your pepper mills. This is my 3rd one.I use these professionally Florence

331) 11-8-13


I bought two mills, one for salt and the other for pepper and they both work great. I need large vessels and your mills fit the bill. I will recommend the mills to others.

331) 11-7-13

I am extremely happy with my new model 200 peppermills. The new model is a huge improvement over the old one. I like the new batteries that you do not have to recharge. I like the clear window to see the amount of pepper left. I think the new grinder is well engineered and I will recommend it to others, and I will purchase many more. You did a great job on improving the new model. Mel

330) 11-5-13

Jim, I am very happy with the new pepper mills. My wife says they are not ugly like the other ones on the market. Great job keep the good work up.

329) 11-5-13


Happy New Year to you - yes, so far we're very happy with the mills!  They grind very quickly compared to other battery operated units we've tried in the past. And no sticking corns/crystals which is great. Your site is user friendly and we will recommend the mills to others.


328) 11-1-13

I am very happy with my purchases.  Your website was fairly easy to navigate.  I will recommend the mill to others.

Thank you.


327) 10-28-13
Thanks for staying in business! We love your mills!


326) 10-25-13

I am getting one for my wife for Christmas and another for a gift. Thanks


325) 10-22-13

I've owned two of your mills and love them. These are gifts.


324) 10-20-13


Thank you.  I bought mine at the Raley's in Yreka while visiting friends and I love it.  This is for my nephew for Christmas.

323) 10-15-13

I am a long time customer. I love your products and service. My first choice for Christmas gifts.

322) 10-13-13

I was very happy with my experience. My order was not filled correctly initially. I had ordered 2 salts and 1 pepper, but got 2 peppers and 1 salt. When notified, I had immediate resolution and the salt was sent. We already own a pair of these. These were ordered for friends as a Christmas gift. I KNOW they will love them. Thanks, Lauren

321) 10-12-13

Jim, We love them. The design addresses all negatives of others and exceeds expectations. Scott
320) 10-11-13

Hello Jim, I am totally thrilled with the new peppermill, it was no problem at all to use your web site I gave your old design to a number of people and now I am recommending they get this new one. You have a great product. Congratulations! Bland

319) 10-10-13
  It has been on my list to send you a message ever since we got back to OZ a month ago today,to tell you how Deliriously Happy I am with the Pepper and Salt Mills, they are just so far ahead of anything else we have had.

 Had an  electric Pepper Mill Our Daughter in New York gave us several years ago from Sharper Image, (the old version of them), it lives in our Travel Trailer and I have always loved it. We were also given an Alessi hand one, several years ago but it has never performed properly, I sent I back to Alessi in Italy at one stage and they sent me a replacement but it was no better.

Recently I gave up on it and googled to find another electric one, found one the same as the Sharper Image I had, found on it Suntek Site in China, placed an order, then found your Advert on Google before I shut down.

When I knew we were going to New York I ordered the ones we have, had intended to leave them with our Daughter and Son In Law  and buy another set for ourselves, but as they have a very small kitchen in their Manhattan Apartment they said no thanks, their loss. 

Used these while there, could not believe how good they were and use them every day at home.
 Do find the larger Tray on the older model is easier for me, the one I had you send arrived a few days after we left so is waiting until they come out, or we go over again next year.
 You are to be congratulated on your enterprise Mate, just Fabulous.
 Thomas J.

318) 10-8-13

I received an electric charger model and loved it! I am purchasing this as a gift and am ordering from you because of the excellent customer service I received from your company. 

317) 10-7-13

     Thank you for the guidance. Your new line looks great!  We buy your product regularly for weddings, or friends want to know where we got the peppermill when they come over.  Happy Holidays!

314) 10-7-13

Hi Jim,
Thank you for fixing our two pepper mills.
America needs more people like you, small business people who stand behind their product! We are back in business.
Happy in PA!
I will recommend your mills to others!
Ed & Diane

313) 10-6-13

Mr Friden,

I thought you might like to know that your shipment arrived.
I do like your new product and the salt.


312) 10-6-13

Hi Jim,
Per our phone conversation I received the new battery pack.
Thank you for the Most awesome Pepper mill on planet Earth!! Martin

311) 10-4-13

Hi Jim,

Our cook just told me that she received two new peppermills. She is so happy and appreciative.

Thank you so much.


310) 10-3-13

Hi Jim,
Thanks for the tips.  We found out that although the pepper mill would grind, the batteries were not fully charged and there wasn't enough "juice" to turn the light on as well. 
Everything is working satisfactorily and we are pleased.
It's great doing business with a company like yours.
Thanks again,

309) 10-1-13
Dear sirs,The peppermill is superb....I have a red one, and we love it!. We are interesting in ordering (or purchasing somewhere) a quantity of the peppermills to use as gifts. How do we best do this? Are assorted colors still available? Price?
Thank you.
Mary Jo 

308) 10-1-13


Thank you for following up on my purchase. I am happy with my new mill, your site is easy to use and I will recommend your mills.



307) 9-27-13

I have purchased about ten of the old model and they are beginning to wear out. A friend of mine bought the new model and it really looks and works great. You need to let your old customers know about the new model. Your sales could be unlimited if you could get them in a big chain store like Walmart. You have a great product
                   Mel S.

306) 9-25-13

I like the new design. I would recommend the mill to others, thank you.


305) 9-22-13

Jim, just wanted to let you know I am very happy with the new design. Great product? Your site is user friendly. I have sent you a half dozen customers.

304) 9-20-13

I love the pepper mill - I purchased three, two for a friend.  I had already been using mine when I took the other two to her.  I would recommend (and have recommended) this pepper mill to others.

Nancy M.

303) 9-19-13

I like my new peppermills.I do not think they are as good as my old one from you guys. I  will recomend them to other people.


302) 9-15-13

Very easy to operate, but better instructions should come with unit. I can grind a lot of pepper in a shorter amount of time.

301) 9-12-13

I am happy with my purchase: I purchased one for salt and one for pepper.  It was a gift for my husband and he has enjoyed it a lot.

Jessica M.

300) 9-10-13

Yes I am very happy with my new mill.  It was very easy to navigate and purchase from your web site and yes I would recommend the mill to others.


299) 9-9-13

I LOVE these peppermills.  Bought two:  one for kitchen (I like a coarser
grind in the kitchen), one for dining room table (finer grind for table).
Even though the grind is easy to change, I just like convenience of two
mills.  Your staff went over and above in answering all my questions before
I ordered.

Thanks! Gail

298) 9-05-13

Dear Jim,

My name is Janet Grachal and I bought this peppermill as a gift for Cindy. 

It was very easy to order and it arrived promptly. Cindy says she really likes it and it is working good. I have not seen the new model as she lives in a different state than I do. 

I have to wait until I checkout Cindy's new model to decide if I would order again.

Thanks for taking the time to inquire about your service,

Janet G.

297) 9-02-13

We are very happy with our new mills.  This is our second set.  We
really loved the first two sets (rechargeable) but we really love
these two sets with the batteries. The site was easy to navigate.
I have always recommended these mills. We have used them for years.

296) 8-31-13

I bought 2 of your mills, one for pepper and another for sea salt. Both work perfectly, and I have recommended them to several people. The web site was dandy. I am more than pleased with your product. I will be ordering more of the mills soon. Think that about covers it, thanks for a great product!! William.

295 8-25-13

Jim, Yes, we are very happy with the mill! It is our second one, so we now have salt and pepper. We have already recommended it and will continue too! Love them and was easy to buy and delivered promptly thanks, Jim

294) 8-18-13

Hi Jim, I bought this pepper mill for a friend and she really likes it. Yes, I would recommend you to others. Your website works great. I just sent you another email wondering about new colors that may be coming out. Thanks, Deb M.

293) 8-18-13

yes I am happy with with my purchases as is the person I gave one to for a gift. Your web site is easy to navigate and I will recommend to others.


292) 8-17-13

I LOVE YOUR PEPPER MILLS..Not quit as substantial as the previous one.. I would like the pepper to be ground a little bigger in size.  Not so fine. This is our 3rd! and yes I have recommended it to all my friends! If they are in our crowd of friends they have one!!!


291) 8-17-13

Very Happy with both PepperMills Supreme - Yes it was easy to navigate and purchase on your website and I have recommended you to others
Bob S.

290) 8-15-13

Hi,Michael of Ariana and Michael here,
  We love our pepper mill and salt mill.We were eating at The Mews in Provincetown
  when we first became aware of your company.Thank you for creating such an excellent,
  useful,and attractive product.
                                                                      Ariana and Michael

289) 8-11-13

Yes I am happy with the mills, I would recommend to anyone. After my troubles with original mill, I am happy to say that this one works great.

Thanks, Spook

288) 8-09-13

Love it....
I love mine and the person to whom I gave one as a gift loves it.
Would definitely recommend.
Kathy B.

287 8-09-13

Hi there! We are extremely happy with the peppermills. We bought one for
ourselves a few years ago, and liked it so much we bought a set for my
sister, a set for my mother, and most recently the model 200 set for my
Father. Always with a bag of salt and peppercorns also. 

Site is easy, and we definitely would recommend to others. 
Very happy with the Peppermills. 

Thank you!
Angie W.

286) 8-07-13

Jim, hello,

1. I didn't work with the previous one, but can tell about new one. I work in the kitchen of a cafe, so we use the mill all the day. It grinds well, both mills that we bought are still alive.
2. The purchasing was ok, no problems.
3. Sometimes i take one mill for barbecue and all my friends are amazed with the mill, so i recommend it for sure.

Arteom,  from Russia

285) 8-05-13

I bought his as a gift for my daughter because she loved my set.  The grandkids think it's the best!


284) 7-22-13

Good Morning Jim,
First, I want to thank you for your prompt reply.  This speaks well for you and your company.
However, we have a problem if we order this week.  Both my wife and I are retired college professors.  Now that we are not on a schedule, we travel --- a lot.  Friday we leave for 17-days in Canada watching the turning of the leaves.  As soon as we return, I will order your new model.
I would like to commend you on your product – it is the best we can find.  I would shop at Sears, Target etc. and buy other electric pepper mills.  none of them even came close to performing like the ones you make.  As you can see, we are sold on your pepper mills.  You know what is said about building a better mouse trap – well, you have built a better pepper mill.
I am sure the new model will work as well as the ones in the past.
Romayne, Ed.D., Ph.D

283) 7-15-13

I am a great fan of your mills and have told all my friends about you.  I stumbled on your product at a restaurant in the military hotel in Honolulu, the Hale Koa, many years ago.  Got the web site from the manager and have been using your mills for about 10 years.  Great product.  I am most happy to endorse same.

Take care, dick.

282) 7-12-13

Jim, Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you outstanding service and your outstanding product. James D.

281) 7-11-13

People reading testimonials  wonder whether they can trust either the seller or the other testimonials.  You can, you should.  The Model 200 is the best designed electric pepper mill I've ever had, and I've been suckered into buying others over the years, and with later regrets.   They all landed in the trash.    My wife, a merciless critic and skeptic,  has the shortest fuse of anyone on earth, and I have been entertained by watching her "sell" my idea of buying the thing back to me!   She loves every part of it, including the little disc that keeps  stray grounds from getting all over a shelf.  Someone with a brain thought this thing through,congratulations and thanks.     AB

280) 7-07-13

Good Morning,

Could you please send me any tracking information regarding this order if you have it.

Many, many thanks and I LOVE the new design!!


279) 7-06-13

HI-just received  my order today-as u said sent Aug 2-those damned dog  sleds are slow-Really enjoy your product-make great  presents,


278) 7-06-13

I have just purchased 3 of the new model pepper mills.

I am your number one fan 
I had ordered 2 for a house warming gifts in the past, and we had friends of ours purchased these pepper mills after they had meals at our home!

Thank you for the information!

Linda C.

277) 7-05-13

Thank you.
Really enjoying these update grinders!

276) 6-25-13

The model 200 battery operated mill works wonderfully. Thank you! Janet M.

275) 6-11-13

Thanks for your product, my Dad actually got me the mills but he does not have one! Ethan T.

274) 6-3-13

This is my fourth pepper mill from you.  No other mill has the capacity and output.
William S.

273)  6-3-13

I do wish you would add red to your color line. You have a wonderful product and I like your video. Kathryn K.

272) 5-28-13

Special Notes=Im a return customer and I love the one I got from you. What a great product. Kynan C.

271) 5-20-13

Hi Jim,
1. This is my third PepperMills, all are great, working like guns! For last, Model 200, I like design, concept with ordinary battery, It is smaller than previous, elegant, beautiful.
2. It was so easy to purchase from web site, like 1-2-3.
3. I will never, ever buy any other mill from other, and I will  always recommended your meals to other. Actually, all my guests can see how useful is your mill, when we put pepper in the soup!  I like your idea about two grinders, not one. 

I am your best friend in Toronto, believe me!

270) 5-13-13

I love my new peppermill and would recommend
it!! Was so easy to purchase from your site.


269) 5-11-13

I am a stroke survivor, and because of the brain damage from my stroke, I have left hemiplegia, That is, I have little to no ability to use my left arm or left leg, so your battery pepper mill is fantastic for me. because, I can't operate a pepper mill that requires the use of 2 hands.   You might consider advertising in paraplegia News published by the paralyzed veterans.


268) 5-10-13

Yes my husband is very pleased with his pepper mill.  He did however prefer the metal base that came with his old pepper mill to the plastic one that came with the new one.  I would recommend this pepper mill to anyone that likes grinding pepper the easy way.


267) 5-9-13

Hi Jim,
As to your questions, 1.  Yes, I am happy with the new mill.  It seems to be working great.  It is more quite than the old one but I don't know if that is a plus or not.  I haven't used it all that much yet as it is at our second home and I am still using the old one at our main residence, so I'm not sure how long the batteries will last before having to recharge them.  So far, so good.

2.  I had no trouble with your web site.  Very user friendly.

3.  Yes, I would recommend the pepper mill to others.  I like the sturdy grinder base and the fact you can easily adjust the grinding size.

Have a good day and I hope your business is doing great.

Gordon S.

266) 5-8-13

This was a gift to our son. He and his family (especially our grandchildren) enjoy it every night they eat at home!

Jim & Karen

265) 5-8-13

Just wanted to let you know we love our mills. Your site was easy to navigate and we have recommended to others. The only problem with the peppermill is that it "works" with the batteries in backwards, but doesn't grind pepper -- you have to "idiot-proof" these things.  If it can be engineered so that it doesn't work unless the batteries are in correctly, that would be the best solution -- or make sure it's clear in the instructions that the grinder will appear to grind if the batteries are in backwards, but it doesn't actually grind -- maybe some kind of trouble-shooting questions and answers in the instructions.


264) 5-6-13

This is the 3rd peppermill I've purchased from you. Looking forward to the new model with replaceable batteries! I love your grinder as it's the only grinder I've found thats easy to use for those of us with arthritis! Thanks for a great invention!


263) 5-5-13

Wanted to tell you the salt and pepper mill are working great!  Your service was super fast - very much appreciated.

Thanks again,

Lori P.

262) 4-25-13
Hi Jim,

Thanks again for your help - and thanks for making such great pepper mills!


261) 4-23-13

Your web site is very user friendly which makes it easy for anyone to find what they are looking for. I
recommended your product and website for years and will continue to do so. I will also be buying more pepper mills from you in the near future as gifts for my family.
Yours truly, 


260) 4-21-13

Hi Jim :>

 I love the pepper mill!  I've been getting more into using fresh cracked pepper and a lot of recipes call for it but it's time consuming to use a manual one, especially when you have to crack like 1/4 teaspoon of pepper.  I looked around on the internet and read a lot of reviews for pepper mills but none of them really made me feel like it was a good investment because of breakage factors and then I found your site.  I have not been disappointed with the mill and would absolutely recommend it to others!  If I need a gift for someone, this is what I would buy them.  I love having the light on the mill (I didn't think it would be a selling feature but I find that it really does come in handy) and having the base to keep it on is great!  Your site was every easy to navigate and purchase from.  
Going to go crack some pepper now ;>

259) 4-21-13

Am very pleased with the pepper grinder. It replaced one of your original models that was working fine until a fall to the floor, after several good years. I like the idea of replaceable batteries on this model. Web site navigation and purchase was very easy. We have recommended the grinders to friends and we bought 2 of the originals as gifts that are still going strong after many years.


258) 4-20-13

I am happy with the mill. It actually produces a finer grind that I like.

Ben B.

257) 4-17-13

Have had other electric mills from QVC...did not like very well.  Had to take apart to get batteries in, overall not user friendly.  Love these new ones.  Easier to fill, light is helpful.  Didn't know how beneficial a light would be.  Also like the tray they sit in so doesn't mess up the counter.  Evenness of the grinds.  Thanks for a great product!


256) 4-2-13

We saw these at a friends house and now we are ordering two. GREAT PRODUCT!

Pete M.

255) 4-1-13

Hi Jim,

I must apologize for not sending this sooner but we have been swamped with guests for the last few weeks and I just haven't been on my computer!  I wanted you to know that we got the pepper mills and thank you so much for replacing them for us.  The new ones work like a charm!  We still think that your pepper mills are the best thing going for peppercorns!

Thank you so much and I'll be happy to recommend you, your pepper mills, and your wonderful replacement guarantee to anyone at all! 


PS...our friends loved them also!  What a great gift!

254) 3-21-13

Jim, I received my pepper mill - it works like a charm!

Thank you for doing that - it was a wonderful gesture on your part, and I really appreciate it  My husband and I are addicted to our mills, and have been since day one!


253) 3-20-13

Jim, I received the new mills today. Very nice redesign! Thank you very much. Bill

252) 3-15-13

Jim....I did receive the new Pepper mill and I really like it. It works great and I appreciate you sending the new style. I shipped the other one back today. Thanks again, Ken
251) 3-12-13

Hello Jim,

Received the new mills on Saturday.  I have used them on several occasions using different grind settings.  The broadcast is exceptional no matter what grind is being used.  These are exactly what I was looking for.  Great size, good ergonomics, convenient weight, super capacity, and very comfortable to use!  Thank you for a great product and super service.  Please feel free to use my recommendation for future satisfied customers.

Thank you,

Vista, CA

250) 3-7-13

To whom it may concern:

 I received all of my order today for the items listed on the attached invoice except that I only received 1 set of batteries instead of 2.  What do I need to do to get the second set of  batteries?

 BTW, we have already used both grinders and are very pleased with how they work.  We look forward to using them for a long time.

 Thanks for your assistance in this matter.

Michael O.

These are some of our testimonials on our model 2000.

249) 3-5-13

Mr. Jim,
After talking with you, my son-inlaw, discovered what was wrong with my pepper mill.  I had accidently completely closed the fine setting.
Yep, it is now back to working and when this one plays out I will do as you suggested ..... order a new one FROM YOU!  Except I really prefer the old tried and true model.  It holds enough I don't have to keep refilling it quite so often.
I cannot praise your product highly enough.  I spent a lot of time in department stores, etc. looking for an electric pepper mill. (I used to take the tops off of the pepper at restaurants & I hated having the waiter stand there & grind pepper until my food was blackened.)  I finally found yours on the computer.  I also ordered one for my son because he loves pepper as much as I do.
I enjoyed our telephone conversation and did not realize that I was talking to the head honcho until I searched for more information on the company.
A VERY satisfied customer,
Conjetti Lanza Goolsby

248) 1-29-13


Thank you.  I received the Pepper mill yesterday afternoon and it works great.

Maria Droste

248) 1-27-13

We received all three Mills and they are in perfect working order.  Thank you so much for all of your help!

247) 1-22-13

Hello Jim.

I had to write to you one more time to thank you for your generosity.  You provided me with two power buttons and two plates which you really didn't have to do.  I have assembled the grinder and it works like new all over again.  Also, I kept the old battery pack in the unit and it does have plenty of power, so I am saving the new battery pack for future use. I just wanted to say thank you for raising the business practices bar in times when the world is lowering them.  I'll be sure to recommend these grinders to everyone I know, and when I do I will mention your outstanding customer service as well.

Thank you again.

Angel Hernandez.

We have sold thousands of the Model 2000 to satisfied customers. Here are just some of their comments.
246) 11-7-12

Dear Jim

Thank you so much for returning my pepper mills so promptly.  You are truly a man of honor.


245) 7-18-12

This is the third mill I have given as a gift. I love your products! 


244) 6-18-12

best damn pepper grinder in the world! mine finally died from batteries going dead, only lasted 10 years! what volt batteries are in it??? thanks


243) 5-31-12

Thank you so very
 much for your terrific customer service and quickly repairing our 
peppermill and returning it. Great item that we will purchase again for 
our friends and family. Thanks again! 


242) 5-30-12

I've ordered 3 or 4 grinders from you it seems, they'er great. 


241) 5-29-12

This is NOT a 
good day! Our beloved pepper mill will not make a sound when the "go" 
button is pushed!!! I thought it strange for this to happen, so I 
plugged in the charge cord this morning. It is now 6:30pm and the 
grinder is dead as a doornail! Help, please! We have had and loved the 
salt and pepper grinders for years. I can't begin to know where my 
receipt is. We bought grinders for friends and family after we found out
 how very wonderful yours are. All love them! Thank you for such a great
 product. What is your suggestion for my predicament? Send the old one 
to you? Replace it? Please advise. Have to share with you that my 
husband and I have become first grade (beginning) pepper mill snobs ever
 since we started using yours! We got our first pepper mill when we got 
married 50 years ago. And NOTHING compares with yours. I am not 
buttering you up, just "tellin' it like it is". 


240) 5-7-12

We have had these for a couple years now. Buying them as a gift. Great product!

Keith V. 

239) 5-4-12

We bought our first model in Redwood City. You repaired it for us earlier this year and your customer service was outstanding.

Heidi Gerster 

238) 5-1-12

Hi Jim...  I have a
 PepperMilll from you many years ago and have bought many more for my 
family as well. I LOVE your Pepper Mills...  Looking forward to hearing 
from you. I Love your product and you have spoiled my family with such a
 great kitchen tool. I Looking forward to hearing from you. Many thanks!
 Best, Paul 

237) 4-23-12

Thank you. Please send me the battery. It is nice to see that in  this day and age, that someone stands behind there products. 

236) 4-16-12

We have one and we love it...we have given several for gifts and everyone who has received them love them!!     


235) 4-13-12

I received the peppermills today, Friday, that I ordered on Wednesday.  I want to thank you for your prompt service.  I was afraid they would not arrive in time for our granddaughters wedding shower gift.  She has used my set and always raved about them so thought it would make a great shower gift for her.
Thank you,
234) 3-30-12

Hello Jim
Just letting you know that we have recieved the Salt & Pepper Mills and the wife reckons they are " STUNNING " have had a couple of others visit us and they reckon that they are great as well. Look forward to hopefully getting some more in the near future. Have a great day.
Jan & Neil
233) 3-18-12

Dear James L. Friden:

The pepper mill came back on Saturday.  We 
are very happy to have it back in working condition.  Thank you so very 
much for your fine service.  We are impressed and appreciate it.

With kind regards,

Heidi & Isaac

232) 3-13-12

Hi Jim,

Just wanted to say Thank You for fixing our pepper grinder! It works perfectly now! And we so appreciate you standing behind your product and making it right for us. Thanks again and take care.

Lynn & Mike

231) 3-5-12

 thanks. I love the mills. The old ones will go to a friends hunting 
lodge or another friends lake house. I always give them grief about 
having to manually salt and pepper my foods when visiting with them. :) 

230) 2-28-12

We have ordered the pepper grinder before - now giving it to friends who love it! 

229) 2-27-12

We received the new mill and have returned (in Saturday's mail) the silver one.  Again, thank you very much.  Customer relations is clearly a strong selling point for doing business with you; it is greatly appreciated.  We will be back.
Dennis 228) 2-26-12
Dear Mr. Friden,
      I purchased three peppermills model 2000 in 2008. I gave 2 as Xmas gifts and kept 1 for our family. Needless to say they have been a big hit! 

Thank you very much for an EXCELLENT product.


227) 2-16-12

 bought one for myself. This the best peppermill in the world. I'm 56 
and it took me this long to find the best. My girlfriend loved it, and 
now I'm buying her one. If I owned a restaurant, I would have at least 5
 of these. Great job with the creation and it's rechargeable. Amazing 

Alan L.

226) 2-15-12

 bought our first Peppermill at the Crow's Nest in Venice, Fl. We 
returned there one year later to buy more....they were no longer selling
 them! I just found your web-site! Great Mill.

Diane D. 

225) 1-10-12

 am so happy with my peppermills! I was very impressed with how fast 
they were delivered and how nice they were packaged. Well worth the 
price. Love them!

Jackie and Lee S.

224) 12-30-11

I'm a returning very satisfied customer.

Janice E Turner 

223) 12-30-11

I purchased my peppermill from you in 2005-06. I loved it so much that I ordered at least 10 more through our company, to give to family & friends as gifts, Happy New Year! Janet Patterson
222) 12-24-11  Hello, Chef Jim,
 I’ve been using your peppermill for almost a year and generally enjoy using it. (I had to return it once when it entirely stopped working, but that may have been my fault for overcharging – your warranty service was prompt and flawless.)
I like that you can grind a ton (well, several tablespoons) of pepper quickly, and the ceramic grinder.

Best regards,


221) 12-18-11 Hi, would you tell me what the specs are on the charger. I am sure it's around here, but don't want to use the wrong one on my grinder. Great tool. Steven

220) 12-11-11 Hey Jim! Just placed another order for four more peppermills. Everybody loves mine and I felt they would make good gifts over the holidays and in the future! Congratulations on a great product! Dwayne P.

218) 11-14-11 This is about the tenth mill I have ordered. Fantastic product.  Bland H. 219) 12-7-11 Received one as a gift & love it. Want to share with others. BKK

217) 11-10-11 My husband researched Peppermills and found yours to be the BEST. We've owned ours for several years now and the new one will be a Christmas gift for our son-in-law, who loves outside grilling.  Victoria Chasen

216) 10-25-11 I've been using you for years for wedding gifts and ourselves. This one is for daughter. MARCIA  WHITE

215) 9-24-11 I wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how absolutely delighted I am with your mills.  They cannot be compared with any other like product on the market because there is no comparison.  Whenever I have a formal dinner party, I usually opt for crystal and silver salt and pepper shakers, but  my guests always ask for the "real" salt and pepper, and with pride I retrieve your mills from the kitchen.  Thanks for such a wonderful product, both in and out of the kitchen.  Theresa Sorensen

214) 9-12-11 Hello! We have two of your lovely peppermills, and have given some as gifts to folks who have coveted ours. I reviewed your peppermill on my blog a couple of years ago everyone that come to my house falls in love with it. My daughter is getting married and this is the one thing that she specifically asked for me to get for her. Jyl

213) 9-12-11 Jim, Thanks again for the quick and thorough response.   Joe

212) 8-49-11 I believe this is the sixth set I have ordered! Friends and family come to our house, fall in love with ours and then I know what to give them for the next Christmas/birthday gift.   Hollye Cunningham

211) 7-25-11 I received one of your peppermills as a gift and absolutely love it !!!  Janice 

210) 7-23-11

James,    Thank you so much for repairing my pepper mill.  I am very impress with the battery holding its charge.  I received the repaired mill over a month ago and have not need to charge the battery.  Thanks again. Best regards, Khiem

209) 7-5-11 Thank you so much for your quick reply.  I found my old one and it is working, so  won't need to buy one.  By the way, we LOVE the pepper mill. Big Al

208) 5-10-11

Hi Mr Friden - We received the charger today (maybe it got here
earlier, but I just hadn't been to the Post Office).
I thank you sincerely for helping us out. I will be sure to keep
Peppermills.com on my favorites, and will tell everyone.
Jan Delauter

207) 5-10-11

 Thanks for the service and prompt delivery. Forgive me for not sending 
me check straightaway....... it is in the outgoing mail today.


Mark Herod
206) 4-21-11 Thanks Jim; wow, that is the most impressive gesture I’ve ever had from an on-line company, again, many thanks indeed Paul Wood
205) 4-19-11 Hi,  I received the salt and pepper mills last week.  I feel somewhat silly getting so excited about these pepper mills, but they truly are worth getting excited over.  I couldn't begin to count the number of pepper mills I've bought over the years, but none - and I do mean none - compare to yours.  There is not one thing I don't like about your mills.  Thanks for thinking this through and designing the perfect pepper grinder.  Theresa Sorensen
204) 4-14-11 Jim, The peppermill arrived today. Thanks so much for fixing it. It's great to have it back! Thanks again. Sally
203) 4-8-11
I just ordered a peppermill for my niece who is to be married and did not see an option to gift wrap and also, I want to make sure that the receipt is not included in the package.  By the way, I LOVE your product and I am a pepper freak!!!
Keara Donahue
202) 4-8-11

Jim, Thanks for the info. I just ordered another 
Woodgrain. Please let me know when the small ones will be available. 
Thanks again and love your product and have recommended it to friends.

 Paulette Caripides
201) 3-19-11

Dear Jim,
I am mailing you the original from the magazine as I do not own a scanner. If you are not familiar with "Cook's Country", magazine, let me tell you, "Cook's Country" is published by Cook's Illustrated which is a renowned publication responsible for " Cook's Illustrated Magazine", as well as " America's Test Kitchen" magazine. The company does not accept any advertisers; therefore, when they recommend a product, the product is well-respected. Also, at various times during the year, Cook's Illustrated also hosts two cooking shows on PBS, based on the magazines," America's Test Kitchen", and "Cook's Country". Cook's Illustrated also has websites with their product reviews, which you usually have to join. Congratulations on your great review! 

Susan Olson

200) 3-15-11

Hi Jim , After I inspected the mill I decided to purchase a new one. Seemed like it was there was too much to repair. After all it was about 6 years old. I got plenty of use out of it. I was in awe when I saw you guys at the Chicago restaurant show. I'm still in awe after every use. You gave me a generous offer for repair, for that I thank you. Tommy

199) 3-15-11

Jim, Thank you so much for fixing the pepper mill. It works like a charm. I'm so glad we have a spare. I would have been totally lost without one. We have enjoyed your pepper mills so much over the years. The greatest! Thanks again. 



198) 2-8-11

Jim, Got package yesterday, GREAT SERVICE! Even got mine charged up, Thankyou!


197) 2-8-11


 Yes it was delivered yesterday evening.  Although your notification is not that good, your Peppermill is excellent.  It is the best peppermill and salt mill that I've ever had.

 Thank you.

 Best Regards,

Gary B. Few

196) 1-2-11

Thanks Jim,

Never would have expected such a quick and personal response from ANY company, especially just after Christmas.  I'll pack the mill up and send it off with a check next week.  The power supply is the same one I received with it and still lights up the mill when plugged in.   Thank You again, I am most impressed it is easy to see why there have been so many positive & complimentary comments made about you and your company.

Tom Furus

195) 12-27-10


I don’t know why I feel the urge to send an email when I just placed my order for 2 peppermills

I purchased one about 8 years ago, off of HSN.  I LOVED IT.  At that time, I thought spending $40.00 was an investment, and it was; it was a GOOD investment.  It finally quit last week, and I have been searching for a new one every day.

I was so excited to find this site.

My friends laughed at me because I talked about the mill like it was my kid, but now they want to order one too.

I can’t wait to get my new mill!!


194) 12-26-10

Good afternoon. We've ordered a number of the model 2000 electric pepper mills over the past few years for ourselves and family members.  Everyone is very happy with the product.  My sister can't find her mills charger - is it possible to order a replacement recharger?  

Thanks very much.


193) 12-7-10

Thank you so much.  i was beginning to worry.  I love these peppermills.  This is the second I have ordered from you, and someone had also given me one as a gift.

192) 12-6-10

I purchased your peppermill about 3 years ago and love it.  I want to order 3 or 4 for Christmas gifts, but first would like to know how long to expect these battery packs to last. 

Thank you.
Arthur Bell

191) 11-28-10


Thanks for the quick response. Yes, if you can change the order to black that would be great. Please do that and go ahead with the shipment.

I have one of the mills and love it.

Sandra Vance

190) 11-25-10

I have one of your pepper mills. They are the best. However, I have lost the cord to use to recharge the mill. Is there anyway I can order one? 



189) 11-25-10

Received today.Thanks for the great service.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Tom Sims

188) 11-17-10

Thank you so much. This is about the tenth grinder I have purchased from you. Have given them to friends for gifts and they are now calling to see where I got them so they can give them to their friends. Great product!


187) 11-8-10

Thanks Jim,
 I will get it out to you in the next day or two. Thanks for your quick response. I bought mills for my brother and sister, we are all big fans. 

Thanks Charlie

186) 11-4-10

We absolutely love our peppermill, but unfortunately, the charger has been misplaced. Can you either tell us the voltage, amperage, etc to purchase a generic one or tell us the part number or whatever we need to do to get another charger? I had never used a peppermill before but now that I have, I have a really hard time getting out the canned pepper when I cook.

Thank you so much for your help.

Robin Allen

185) 11-4-10

Dear Mr. Friden:

Thanks for your help and understanding and I look forward to enjoying cooking again and this mill sure makes it a lot more fun. My sons all love theirs and say it is the best kitchen appliance they have.

Barbara Homer

184) 10-14-10

Hi Jim,
Wow.  What a trusting soul you are in this day and age.  Never fear, you have placed your trust in the right person.  Thank you very much.  I really appreciate this.
Cynthia Joyce

183) 10-14-10
Yes, I'd like to add a bag of the Supreme peppercorn medley to ship out with the salt. Can you just add that to my order and charge my credit card?And by the way, I love your grinders.


Grant Hartman

182) 10-12-10

it is rare in this day and age to actually get a response on a request like this.  I really appreciate the response and the time you took to write it.  In this throw away world is refreshing to see that some manufacturers still repair things instead of discarding them.  I am from the generation that never throws things away and while my wife makes fun of me, I think I have saved more than my share of appliances and gizmos that have failed me in the past.  

Thanks again for the reply.

Bob Bromm

181) 10-8-10

By the way, I have probably had 15 different spice mills over the last 10 years and yours is by far the best!I've used rechargeable, battery, you name it.You have a great product.


Andy Sandell

180) 9-16-10

Hello, the button on my peppermill is getting harder to press.  Is there something I can do or do I have to send it in?  This started happening shortly after I bought it about a year ago, but it is starting to get worse.  I have been procrastinating because I really love my mill and don't want to be without while it is getting repaired.  thanks............
Kurt Bosley

179) 9-25-10


Thanks so much for your fabulous grinders!!  I love them!!

Susan Turner

178) 8-26-10

Dear Jim,Love the salt & pepper mills we got in today, had seen them at a friends house before ordering.One question: Does it make any difference what mill you put the salt or pepper in color wise.Want to make sure we are putting the salt or pepper in the right color mills.


177) 7-14-10
Thank you. I will look for it today. Sorry to be impatient but you have spoiled me with your great service.By the way, I love your product.

Best Regards

,Nancye Willard

176) 6-25-10


Thank you, 

I received my order of medley peppercorns today via USPS priority. 

It is a true pleasure to deal with a superb business person.  Your prompt attention to this matter in a courteous and customer-friendly manner is so rare these days.   I'll certainly be a return customer, but with just me and mom,  I think we're pretty well set for peppercorns for some time to come. I'm 66 and mom's 88. LOL  I suppose, when I get the arthritis,  I can get one of your battery-powered salt and pepper grinder sets.  For now, twisting the grinder tops are part of my exercise regimen. LOL 

I noted you have testimonials on your website.  When I get mine written, you can add it to the collection. One suggestion, sort the testimonials so the most recent show up at the top of the list. 

Take good care 


175) 6-24-10)

i just moved and in moving the cord was misplaced.  i would like to order a new cord.  this peppermill is the best i have ever used.  it was given to me by my son.  i hope i can order a new cord please advise. 


174) 6-24-10

Good morning, Jim. Thank you for repairing our salt grinder. We received it yesterday and it works fine. I would like to know what was wrong with it. 

Thanks, Sandy

173) 6-07-10
Thank you so much! Your pepper and salt mils are wonderful. Such high quality. I am looking forward to receiving the wood grain one. I already have the red one.

Best regards,


172) 5-27-10

What a wonderful device! We love this piece of equipment in our kitchen. Don't know how we ever got along without it.

Ralhp Montelius

171) 4-29-10

When I went to get my newspaper this morning, the peppermill was on my porch.  Thank you for honoring your guarantee.  Not everyone does.  Also thank you for you fast replacement of the peppermill.  My wife and I both love this one and were very happy to have it back.
Thanks again.
Jeff Cornett

170) 4-26-10

We have already received the set and we love it!!! Thanks for a fantastic product!


169) 4-24-10

Just wanted to say I received my salt and pepper mill set today, 
great product, great service. 


168) 3-26-10

I purchased your peppermill (black)back in 2006. Ive been  using it twice everyday for the past four years. This is the best peppermill ever. It is working great, no problems. I am getting ready order  another one because I need a different color. Thanks for producing a great, reliable and lasting product. 

167) 3-11-10

Good morning Jim,

I want to thank you for repairing our peppermill (actually our salt mill).
We couldn't believe how quickly it was repaired and returned, we nearly fell

You are you own best advertisement! I tell everyone about these and I am
hoping that, this year, I can give them as gifts for Christmas. There is no
better product on the market, in my opinion.

Again, thank you very much... you made our day!

Carly Granberry

166) 2-5-10

I received my first peppermill from you 2 days ago and it is amazing. I am purchasing the second unit for sea salt and the third unit for a gift. I realize you are out of stock on the silver unit I ordered until the end of the month. You can ship everything together when you get the silver units back in stock.
Thanks for the great product.


165) 2-4-10


As per our telephone conversation this past week I've attached a check for $15.00 for the maintenance on my peppermill. Thank you again for the great customer service. In my sixty-six years I've only seen a few companies who really back their product with exemplary service. You've shown me you're willing to go that extra step for the customer. Please feel free to use this letter for any type of endorsement for your product.
Your peppermills are great!

David J. Morrison

164) 2-4-10


163) 2-1-10

Aloha from Eureka   

I received one of your pepperMills (model 2000) for Christmas and it's fantastic to say the least.
We had a nasty Earthquake over here awhile back.. long story short.. a lot of my electronic stuff ended up on the floor in a pile.

Can you tell me the voltage / milliamps / (positive center?) of the charger. i have several transformers that fit but not sure which one is the correct unit. Great product I have recommended to everyone I know.



162) 1-20-10

Hi Jim 
Thanks it should be delivered today.
On a personal note; the Mills I purchased from you last year which were sent to Munich are AS ADVERTISED.  I don't know how I got along without them.
Best Regards,

Awesome policy, Jim. Thanks for your quick response!

I tried switching chargers and it still only lasted a couple of days. I will ship it tomorrow. Even with this problem, these are still the best grinders I've ever seen. 

159) 1-15-10
Dear Jim We received the transformer and it works perfectly. My wife, who uses the pepper mill a lot, expresses her gratitude for the transformer and for the pepper mill which she finds fabulous.
Thanks again for your kind attention.
Myron Bielak

158) 1-15-10
We returned home after being away since the first of the month, and our salt peppermill was here.
This morning, my husband cooked breakfast and I heard him say "wow, it sure is nice to have our Pepper mill back”.
We love our set.  Our son-in-law is a graduate from Johnson Wells and he had really enjoyed the set we gave them some time ago.  He is a real stickler for fresh ground seasonings.
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Thanks again.
The Lowes

157) 1-14-10
Thanks Jim, Much appreciated. Your mills rock man, they just freaking rock!
I just had a question come to mind though....  I was using my mill to grind a fairly large amount of spices for a beer last weekend and ran out of juice. Is it cool to run the mill while plugged in to the charger?

Hi Jim,
Thanks for the output information.
I have been extremely happy with the purchase. The Model 2000 far exceeds my expectations.
Thanks Again

Dear people,  I have lost my power cord for my pepper mill.  How can I get a new one.
Thank you.
P.S.  I love my pepper mill and I can't wait to use it again

154) 1-09-10
Good Morning Peter and Shirley: After I charged it for 12 hrs. last night, I finally got to try your present, the Peppermill. I tried those very hard and colourful peppercorns and it worked fine for coarse  and fine. I tried it on fennel and caraway seed. Fennel did excellent, but caraway seeds still came out on fine. The aroma of both filled the house. That is really great for the senses. I tried the mill on whole cloves, even that came out perfect. I am very impressed with this present and I want to thank you. In  case you should tell Jim Friden about my experiences, say: to enclose a little brush, something like they have with electric shavers would be perfect, just to get the little leftovers from the inside of the hole. I put the machine on coarse and any leftover seeds would come out, but the walls of the mill still had dusty traces. I am happy with that peppermill and it looks lovely.
Thanks again.    

153) 1-08-09     
Wow, Jim, you respond quickly!  Too bad more businesses couldn't do the same.  I looked at the charger that came with the mill and it is DC4.5V 200mA.I'll be packing up my baby tomorrow and shipping it off to you knowing that you'll be giving it new life!  How exciting. Thanks so much for doing this.    
We have another one of your mills that we use for salt and think these are terrific.    My partner has arthritis so she cannot use a manual turning pepper mill. Your push button model, with light, was the answer for us. We try to be environmentally conscious and chose the rechargeable battery model rather than disposable batteries model where the batteries would end up in the landfill. Keep thinking up good ideas like this!

After tinkering with the mill, it is now working just fine.  Thanks for your quick reply and I am enjoying the mill and recommending it to my friends.

Hi there,
First of all a very Good New Year to you all!  My S&P set arrived safely here in Inverness, Scotland on 24th December 2009 and haven't stopped using them since! One down side though - had to pay £13.50 V.A.T. and £11.30 postal charges totalling £24.80, before the handling company would release them.  Definitely items to go in my Will !!
Many thanks, 

The peppermill will be in the mail next Monday 1/04/10 with a copy of this e/mail.    
Enclosed is my check for $15 along with our peppermill which needs a new battery
and the charging pin re-installed - I included the charger and base just in case you wanted to check these??
We always use the correct charger (mine is 4.5 v - 200 milliamps) as I put a dymo label on each charger we have stating what it is for - makes life uncomplicated as we must have 5 - 6  of those things around!!   
Thanks for the great service!!!     
Roger Markle  

Thank you so much for the reply---the peppermill is really great.
Yes  -  thank you very much  -  my children loved their pepper mills that we gave them for Christmas.  They were so envious of "Dad's Pepper " that I  bought him originally.
Virginia Drew

147) 12-19-09    
1st of all I'd like to say a HUGE THANK YOU, I received the Salt & Pepper set from you last week & I can now say that I've found the Ultimate grinders, They are excellent  :-)
2nd I tried out the recipe for the steak sauce that came with & was very impressed, but I stupidly shredded the recipe by mistake  :-(     
Would it be possible to email me the recipe please? 
Thank you once again.
Kind Regards,  
Blue McMorris

I have one of your pepper mills and love it.  We have had a lot of different kinds over the years and this one has been, by far, the best.     
Kathe Matthews

I purchased your red pepper mill.  Love the mill but can't find my charger.  Can you please tell me how to go about purchasing a replacement.
Teresa Seabaugh

144) 12-04-09
Dear Jim,
I am again happily using my red pepper mill which you replaced after the first one blew up.  I had a luncheon yesterday and amazed and delighted my friends with the pepper mill--several of them immediately said they needed your contact information to order gifts.  So if you get a slew of orders from the Wichita area, don't be surprised.
Marilyn Kirby

143) 11-24-09
I received a gift of the salt and pepper set but I have lost the chargers. What are the specifications so that I can purchase one from an electronic store?
Thank you,
L Jaffe
PS I love them!!

142) 11-12-09
Thank you so much for the quick reply.  I just love  mine and the young couple I wish to send this to are aspiring chefs.  I brought it to the beach and they just loved it; they were cooking for 25!!
I will indeed order.

Jim, this is Lois Aurelio, 714 J.J. Dr., Panama City, FL.  I received the 2 mills yesterday, they are working just fine & I want to thank u for the good service. I really enjoy using the mill & everyone I gave them to use them all the time.
Lois Aurelio

Dear Jim,
I just love your web site - esp. the health benefits page/woman's issues.  Thanks so much!
It is the favorite in our house and we are lost without it.  What a great invention!
Linda Ruggles

139) 9-21-09
I have used battery operated peppermills for 15 years now.  The first one  was a Mr. Pepper with a light.  Then I wore that one out and bought several  and wore them all out too.  When I did an online search I found Peppermills and ordered the salt and pepper set.  To my surprise they showed up at my door 2 days later.  They are excellent quality and rechargeable, which I have already had to do to the pepper mill. I love the wide area that the spice is broadcast and I love having the light again.   I thank you for the excellent service.  Hopefully I will be able to order a couple of them for Christmas gifts.  

138) 9-19-09
Thank you so much...  your customer service is impressive....
Jayne E. Furlong

Dear Jim –
It has been a couple of years & we still love the Pepper mills we have purchased from you
I have another order request for (6) Mills again as follows:
(3) Wood, (1) each – Red, Black & Silver Chrome (which I believe is now called Satin Nickel)
I assume pricing has remained the same as the retail on your site is the same as it was in 2007.
I will call you again with my Credit Card # as I hate to send over as an email that is unsecured.
Thanks again as I continue to boast to all about your great Pepper mills.
Alan J. Braun 

136) 9-10-09   
Hi Jim,   
I called about a "moaning" sound in my peppermill a week ago or so.  You suggested I use it for a while and see what I think.  I decided to use it and use it some more.  I have come to the conclusion that the crushing/grinding mechanism in the peppermill just makes that kind of sound when it is working because the peppermill puts out more pepper faster than any mill I have ever tried.  There is no way I will return this because it is operating perfectly.  I even double checked by putting the peppercorns in the salt "peppermill" that I purchased from you at the same time as my "pepper" peppermill and it makes the same exact crushing and grinding noises.  Then I realized that it was not  moaning or groaning--it was just WORKING and WORKING GREAT!!!  So I purchased a third "coriander" peppermill; this time I got a red one for my coriander seeds.  These units are strikingly sexy, extremely well built, do exactly what you want and they are rechargeable and they light up the field where the grounds are coming out.  Even comes with a matching counter-top holder.  I did not realize that with really good peppercorns and see salt (which I also purchased from Peppermills Supreme) just how good food can taste.  Everything I cook now for my 92-year-old mom has deeper and richer flavor.  Yes, it is more flavorful as if your taste buds have been sleeping or long dormant and were re-awakened.  It feels like I have "rediscovered" Salt and Pepper all over again.  Thanks for all your great effort and wonderful product. 
Mike J     
Hi Jim,
Thanks for repairing my pepper grinder....it works better than when I first purchased it.  Thank you for your excellent customer service. 
Marti Dechiara
134) 7-15-09
Good evening:  I was given one of your electric pepper mills about 5 years ago as a gift, and it quickly became the most used cooking tool in my kitchen.  To say I use it at least a dozen times a day would not be an exaggeration.
I recently dropped mine and broke it.  At the moment, my husband has got it taped together for me until I can fine another.  Do you distribute this product in Ontario Canada, to facilitate ordering a new one? Your comments would be appreciated.

133) 7-14-09
Thank you so much...we LOVE our grinders!!!! 
Carol Manefee

132) 7-11-09
I received my new model 2000 yesterday, and I would like to share my initial impressions.  The multiple grind heads produce an amazing amount of ground pepper with a brief touch of the button.  I'm going to have to be careful with this - my wife is not as big a pepper fan as I am.  The hopper holds mass quantities of peppercorns and fills easily.  This seems to be a well thought out product.  Kudos to you.
Nels Johnsrud
Manitowoc WI

131) 7-8-09
Hi Jim,
Thanks for getting back to me. Thanks for helping me out on this.  I love your product, and customer service.
marti Dechiara

130) 7-7-09
Jim - Good Morning. We received the repaired Peppermill, thank you very much. We have sent off the payment for $10 today with our gratitude. As always we appreciate your design and enjoy it every single day.One other item of note, perhaps for your marketing of this great product and tool, and I would attach my name to this anytime...I have arthritis in my hands, which makes simple movements for me a struggle; and further my wife has a rare disease, Scleroderma, which causes the capillaries in her finger tips to contract and it is very painful. We use salt sparingly but like to use pepper, and this allows us to use it pain free. It has been a true miracle product for us. As a by product my partner also has arthritic problems and we gave them one also and they enjoy it as well every day.So you have created something that is quite easy to use when encumbered with hand and finger issues.That is one principle reason why we are your big fans. Again, our thanks and take care,

129) 7-6-09
I have your satin nickel peppermill and LOVE it!!  Can you please advise how to clean the charger contacts?  My peppermill will not charge bacause the base and the contacts have become non-responsive.  Thank you and thanks for making the MOST AMAZING peppermill on the market!
Best Regards,
Lynn Stetson

128) 7-2-09
Thought you'd like to know...the pepper mill I ordered for my friend was such a hit that they ordered 2 for their son's for Father's day. THEY loved them so much they are now saying they will order for their in-laws! Such a great product. I also wrote Cook's Illustrated AGAIN and told them to reconsider another test and this time mention your name. We'll see.

127) 6-1-09
We have been using the pepper mill for some time now and love it. However, the charger and the peppermill have become separated from one another. Could you please help me identify the charger to be used with with the peppermill from the many other charges I have for other rechargeable appliances. At worst, where can i pick up another charger if I can't find the original one? Thank you.
Bert Linder

126) 6-10-9
We recently purchased the Supreme 2000 Salt and Pepper duo.
Filling is easy and is not like any other peppermill I've owned. It has an original design incorporating a handy rotating base with fill hole. The mill is on the large side and looks good on the kitchen counter and it sits nicely in an attractive docking plate.
My previous electric peppermill was purchased at a local shopping mall and used 4 AA batteries. It lasted 3 months then I threw it out. I then decided to find the best possible peppermill money could buy and after doing some research on the internet I decided to go with the Supreme Model 2000 from Peppermills.com.
It feels good in the hands when grinding with the power button positioned at the top of the mill. It grinds effectively for both fine and larger grinds. I would have preferred an even finer grind at the lowest setting but hey you can't have it all. Also, I received my 5% discount as mentioned on the website.
Congrats on a great product and it was a pleasure doing business with you.
Pierre & Suzanne

125) 5-29-09
FYI...I just saw a repeat of "Cook's Country" on PBS. the segment were your pm is tested is called "Autumn Suppers" and in fact it blew all the others away. I don't remember but I think it produced 2t. of pepper in 30sec or something like that and the closest was about 1/2 t. I may have the numbers wrong but it was a dramatic difference. Maybe you should contact them about a retrial? Ps. Love my peppermill! My friends just contacted me after I sent them one and they are reordering.
take care,

124) 5-17-09
We saw and purchased one of your mills in a store in Savannah, GA. We have really enjoyed it, and couldn't be more pleased with how well it works!Our only problem is that after the initial charge we lost the charger, and now have an attractive but unusable mill.Is there any way we can purchase just the charger alone without buying a whole new mill?
Bob Belote

123) 4-23-09
Dear People,
I love my rechargeable pepper mill but I have misplaced the cord that allows me to recharge it.Can I order a replacement? PLEASE???
Thank you in advance for such an excellent product that I haven't had to recharge it since I bought it back in November and that's how I mispalced the recharging cord,
Rosemaria (very satisfied customer) Schneiderman

122) 4-19-09
Hello and thank you!
I received a PepperMill Supreme, wood grain, for Christmas. Loved it so much I ordered the Chrome duo set so I'd have one for salt and for pepper. I sent the wood grain to my mom who suffers from arthritis but loves to cook. I have arthritis as does my mom and the mills have made life in our kitchens so much easier. We are in love with our mills. I charged mine on Christmas and am still running on the first charge. I wanted to say Thank You for such a great product.
Happily grinding-
Pixie Lent

121) 2-5-09
Not sure how long I have had my 2000 peppermill.I absolutely love it. Yesterday it stopped grinding. So I plugged it in, nothing. My instruction paper said make sure the green light is on. My does not come on. Is there anything I can do, this is the best peppermill I have ever own.Thanks
William B Ward

120) 1-22-09
I just received my two repaired peppermills. Thank you very much for the excellent service. If you need anyone to rave about your service----or the joy of using those neat peppermills, I'm you man.
Thanks again.

119) 1-16-09
i have just tried my new mills and wow a much tastier meal i am having,i orderd the mills and had them sent to my friends home in the USA as i live in the UK my family likes them and if they want the mills i will only order from you and collect them in the states.
John Rowlands

118) 1-16-09
Received my peppermill and it's working fine now. Just wanted to thank you for you excellent customer sevice. I will certainly recommend your product!

117) 1-15-09
you know, Jim you are really nice and I thank you for all of the help you have been since I "joined the peppermill fan club"

116) 1-14-09
Thank you Jim for your quick response to my question. I can wait till you get more in stock as I am impressed with your product.
Raymond Fuller

115) 1-12-09
Hi,I just love my mills..I use black for pepper and red for salt as it goes with my decor. I love the fact that THEY ARE RECHARGEABLE, and one charge lasts FOREVER (6-9 MONTHS) The store I purchase them from said they can no longer get them?? Could you email when the red is in stock again?? I need another set of the same colors for the new home we just built on Grand Lake in Oklahoma but I cant bare to swipe them from my other home. Wish you even had more colors.I think clear for pepper might be cool and definitly a antiqued oil rubbed bronze finish. Thanks for a great product.
Donna Graves

114) 2-9-09
I want you to know how much my husband and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your mills.  We have 5, (3 at home and 2 at our cottage and have given several as gifts to family).  We couldn't live without them when we were at the cottage.  We have sea salt, pepper and dried minced garlic.  The garlic is used more than the salt and pepper.
Deborah Klos

113) 1-22-09
Jim:I just received my two repaired pepper mills. Thank you very much for the excellent service. If you need anyone to rave about your service----or the joy of using those neat pepper mills, I'm your man.
Thanks again.George

112) 1-16-09
i have just tried my new mills and wow a much tastier meal i am having,i ordered the mills and had them sent to my friends home in the USA as i live in the UK my family likes them and if they want the mills i will only order from you and collect them in the states.

111) 1-16-09
Received my pepper mill and it's working fine now. Just wanted to thank you for you excellent customer service. I will certainly recommend your product!

110) 1-15-09
you know, Jim you are really nice and I thank you for all of the help you have been since I "joined the pepper mill fan club"

109) 1-14-09
Thank you Jim for your quick response to my question. I can wait till you get more in stock as I am impressed with your product.
Raymond Fuller

107) 1-12-09
Hi,I just love my mills..I use black for pepper and red for salt as it goes with my decor. I love the fact that THEY ARE RECHARGEABLE, and one charge lasts FOREVER (6-9 MONTHS) The store I purchase them from said they can no longer get them?? Could you email when the red is in stock again?? I need another set of the same colors for the new home we just built on Grand Lake in Oklahoma but I cant bare to swipe them from my other home. Wish you even had more colors.I think clear for pepper might be cool and definitely a antiqued oil rubbed bronze finish. Thanks for a great product.
Donna Graves

106) 12-26-08
Just wanted you to know that the peppermills arrived in time for Christmas and were a great hit...thanks so much.
Helen Eversberg

105) 12-12-08
Dear Sir,
We just purchased the pepper mill supreme model 2000 and it is the best grinder we have ever tried.  We purchased an English grinder from Williams Sonoma and  it did not compare to yours.  We also own a "touch of pepper" grinder  that cost $120.00 and it grinds about one-fourth as much pepper as your machine. We are extremely pleased with our purchase and we have ordered six more of your pepper mill supreme.
Many Thanks

104) 12-4-08
Good morning Jim,
I received the peppermill yesterday and it matched to one of the others. Yeah! I have boxed up the remaining peppermill, contacted UPS for a pickup tomorrow and it's on the way back to you. Thank you for going  the extra mile for me. That is what customer service is all about! I will be sharing with others about your mills. Thank you again. Have a blessed Christmas season.
 Merry Christmas! 

103) 12-3-08
Hi there,
Just an FYI that I received the mill today and it is fabulous! Thank you so much for the great communication and the quick shipping, but most of all, thank you for an excellent product!

102) 11-19-08
Thanks so much for the quick reply. I will check back next week! LOVE your product.

102) 11-14-08
I received the pepper mill about a week ago. Prior to purchase I had tried several other mils. None of them put out any decent quantities without expending inordinate time. The mill from your company is the best i have ever seen or used. In a few seconds there is ample pepper for any meal. Also it moves from fine to coarse with a simple adjustment. If anyone is considering the purchase but a bit concerned about spending $40 for a pepper mill, they will know they have made smart purchase within a few minutes of use. I highly recommend this mill for anyone wanting a high quality high production pepper mill.
Richard Smith, 
South Carolina

Hi Jim,
The Pepper mill arrived safe n sound. I know my neice is going to love it.
Thanks, DeJay

I wanted to THANK YOU for the new Peppermill that I received last Friday. I was pleasantly surprised that you sent me a new one! Love those Peppermills!
Mary Ann Smith

I really appreciate your help and for sending me a replacement battery for my peppermill. Your peppermil is the greatest and now mine runs like new! Your customer service and product support is second to none. It was a pleasure dealing with somebody who really cares about his product and business and not someone just out to maximize profit.
I'll recommend your peppermill to all.
Thanks again,
Doug Fuller

Just wanted to tell you that I love the design of your peppermill.  My husband bought one for my birthday.  I like it so much I just ordered one for my daughter’s birthday.
Trudy Brule’

I have the salt & pepper set (silver and black), but during my last move I've lost the chargers. Can I buy just the chargers? I just ordered your new wood Salt & Pepper set with the new light...looks pretty cool. I'm probably going to give one of these sets as a present.
Bottom line, I love my S&P set, the ability to use fresh condiments, and the small to large settings...great to cook with.
Jim Humble

Thank you, Jim - really great product - with the design, easy to handle, and operate - the reason we went for your product over local stuff is the capacity of salt/pepper, and the fact that it does not come apart in the middle as do the other designs. We looked at those designs, and could not see them lasting, as the whole unit has to be "broken in half" to refill.
Thank you again
With best regards
Jorge and Margarita

95) 10-06-08
I just wanted you to know that I own one of your peppermills and have given one away as a gift to my youngest son.  This current order is for two additional peppermills, both gifts.  Obviously, I'm very pleased with your product.  My biggest challenge is not over-doing it as pressing and holding the button down is FUN!!
I tried to put a testimonial on your website but could not discover how to do that.  Thus, I decided to email you with it instead. 
Thanks Again,
Jo Granch

94) 9-29-08
Thank you!  Mark and I absolutely LOVE the S&P set and just bought some for Christmas gifts.  Great job in developing these!!!!!
Kathy Cochran

93) 9-25-08
Love,Love, Love my pepper mill, can't imagine being without it...I ordered 3 back in August..received them already.
Cecelia Borchers

Hi Jim – we received the Salt/Pepper set today that I just ordered this week.  THANK YOU for such quick service.  We are, in fact, preparing for Christmas already and these pieces are a gift set for friends.  Because of that, they will not actually be used or tested until January.  Is this OK, in case there are any problems with either of them?  Just to reassure you, I looked them over and they are in perfect shipping condition.
Thanks for your help and we hope to order one or two more within the next month or so.
Take care – Beth Johnson, Apache Junction, AZ

Believe me, I've told them all to order them from you!
So here's the story - I was visiting a friend in Saratoga and noticed her electric mills, and I thought, "yeah, that's too much, I can grind with my own strength." After a weekend there, even my kids told me,
"you must get one of those". So I visited one of my all time favorite sites (cooksillustrated.com) and saw that they loved your product, so I ordered two of them sight unseen (one for pepper, one for salt). It was
totally worth it. When it arrived, my staff thought I was such a dork for opening up the boxes and running around the office showing off my new toys. (They just don't understand!)
Now when people come over, they BEG to use them.
John D. Guerrini

We received the replacement pepper mill today.  Thank you very much for your outstanding customer service!
Ken Sproul

That is really standing behind your product. I will send it in. We liked your mill so much that I had already ordered a new one...so if you fix the old one we'll give the new one to our daughter!
Thanks again...this is really above and beyond...I fully expected to hear that you didn't service them....
Dave McNichol

Thanks Jim, I already own one mill and it's been a welcome addition to my kitchen. The two mills I would order will end up in Carmichael eventually as presents.
John Prichard

87) 7-21-08
Dear Mr. Friden
This is number 5 & 6 pepper mills we have bought. We love them. We want you to know that these mills are the best thing since sliced bread. My husband and I both have severe carpal tunnel disease and find
it too hard to use conventional mills. Thanks for such a great product at an affordable price.
Thankfully & Sincerely
Deb Klos

86) 7-18-08
Just wanted to let you know that the other mill you sent me is working great. I really appreciate the fact that you stood behind your product by sending me another unit. I am definitely a satisfied customer andpromise to pass information about your mill on to anyone that asks "where did you get that thing"? Thanks again.

85) 7-17-08
Thank you so much!  I really appreciate you looking into this so quickly and responding.  You have a great product (who I tell everyone about because I think the peppermills are awesome) and you provide
excellent customer service, which says so much! Thanks again!

84) 7-5-08
I almost forgot to thank you for the new mill. So Thank you. My friends and family love the others we sent. Good job. 

83) 6-29-08
I just wanted to let you know how much I like the peppermill. I was given one as a gift by my cousin, Charlie Farruggia, and I love it. I use it every day in my work as the winery chef at St.Supery winery in the Napa Valley.
Great product!

82)  6-23-08
Hi Jim,
Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I could just kiss your feet!
Thank you so very much for responding so quickly. I will put a check in the mail. Again, thank you for your help in 'healing' my wonderful Pepper Mill.

81) 6-16-08
We have looked for a couple of years for decent salt and pepper mills. Our search has ended with the purchase of your products. What superb quality and appearance.
Les & Lynn Locklear
Gulfport, Ms.

80) 6-9-08
Dear Jim,
Thank you for your quick reply and information about the wonderful warranty.  I really appreciate your policy. There is nothing like dealing with a small biz and  getting such good  and honest service.  My husband and I also had a small business.  It was fun to amaze the public with instant help.
Susie Woeltjen

79) 6-7-08
Hi Pepper Grind Crew, I am impressed with the speedy service. Ordered yesterday and in my hand today.
Dr. Jerry Miller
Vancouver, WA

78) 6-4-08
Thank you so much for your great service.  I am giving these out as gifts this weekend and am sure there will be more to follow. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy the experience of doing business with you.  Thank you for your professionalism and for making a truly enjoyable product.
Kindest regards,
Barry Levenson
CEO and Founder Clear FX LLC

77) 5-25-08
To Peppermills representatives,  
We have one of your silver pepper grinder & loved it, but we do not have the chargers.  Would it be possible to order the charger itself? Thank you so much and Aloha!
Vien Schwinn

76)  5-24-08
all is well, must have been something in how I had plugged in adapter. Thanks for the respones. Love the peppermill
Carole Martin

75) 5-20-08
Special Notes=Hi Jim, I love your product. I am sending these two as more gifts. Before I am through my entire family will have your great Peppermill. I enjoy doing business with you and hope all is going well with you. Since I am ordering two is the 5% discousnt going to be applied? Also, it says that if you order two or more you pay for the shipping, is that accurate...and will these be applied when you process this? Just checking. Is there any way this can be shipped out early next week (or even this week) so I get this before June 3? Again, my sincere thanks to you, and I thank you every night when I sit down. I have bad wrists and can barely hold things now, but I am able to use your fantastic Peppermill, and thank you each and every time it is used. Good one Jim,have a great holiday and again, 
many thanks, 
Barry Levenson

74) 5-20-08
Thank you - I have one that I ordered from you a while back and I love it - can't wait to get the new one!!
Carla S. Jones

73) 5-20-08
Okay, I used the wood grain mill. I am not crazy about the wood grain color but I do love the pepper mill…..it is by far the best I have ever used.
Tim Banta

72) 5-13-08
Just a quick note to let you know that my mills have arrived safe and sound.  They are brilliant!
Just a thought, you might want to include an adaptor when sending to Australia as our power outlets are different to yours.
Thank you for being such a pleasure to deal with, kind regards,

71) 5-8-08
Both peppermills you replace are still working perfectly-----we love them!
Thanks, again,

70) 5-8-08
This peppermill is the best by far.  The convenience ofbeing able to leave the unit off the charger
is a great feature which is not available on other models. Also, it last a long time off the base.
I have two, use on for pepper and one for seasalt. They are used every day.  I would highly recommend this product. Also, the customer service is fantastic. 
Accounts Payable

69) 4-29-08
we love the peppermills--in fact, EVERYONE who uses ours wants one.  we are nothing but plesed with them and we think they are a good value for the money, and I am always a fan of free shipping!!
Beverly OBrien

68) 4-17-08
Thanks, Jim.  You have a wonderful product and obviously understand customer service.

67) 3-30-08
Received my replacement peppermill yesterday and it is working just great. Thanks for the wonderful customer service!! Much appreciated.
Happy customer,
Jeff Dingman

66) 3-1-08
Jim, I wondered if it will grind salt. I had forgotten the grinder was ceramic - of course it will grind salt! This order is for two more. I know you're sold out, (little wonder), so send them when you get them.
I've had my wood grain mill for over a year and just recharged it! Amazing! I just can't imagine life without this thing - so I'm buying two more for salt and spice. You're selling these way too cheap, Jim! What a bargain! Absolutely wonderful grinder!
Jim Clary

65) 2-25-08
That's what I'm talking about...that truly IS the best peppermill ever, I just used it. Thanks for the prompt service.
Doug Fuchs

64) 2-13-07
This is Bob again.
Received the peppermills and they work great!I want to thank you guys so much for the outstanding customer support that your business provided to me in a time of need. There are a lot of business out there that could use your high standards Also thank you for the salt and pepper grinders, way ahead of schedule, but I did not see an invoice in the box?
Thank you again Jim Bob

63) 1-17-07
Jim - Thanks for your quick response, but I just found the charger that came with it! Love the mill -

62) 12-28-07
Hi Jim,
All is well with the peppermill, chrome color, I needed to apply a little more force with the turning, and then it opened. I've only had to fill it one other time, and did not have the problem then. Like it a
lot, and talked my employer who carries them in her store "LaBelle Cuisine" fine cookware, to take one home herself. Haven't heard any feedback since it's probably charging up right now.
Thanks for getting back, it's nice to know you can touch base with a live person now and again.
Check out our website-cooksite.com.
Best wishes for a very Happy New Year!
Carole Larson

61) 12-26-07
We have two of your mills. The chrome one that I got for Christmas last year we use for sea salt. We use it several times a day and have never had any problems. In fact, I've only had to recharge the battery once or twice in a year. My wife and I gave each other a red one this year. We use it for pepper.
I enjoyed reading on your web page about the health benefits of freshly ground spices. We bake our own breads, muffins, cookies, etc using freshly milled whole wheat flower. We like to use freshly ground sea salt. We also use a lot of flax seed in our baked goods. I have lost the owners manual for the pepper mill that I received for Christmas. I could not find one on your web page. Can you email one to me?
Skipper Devore

60) 12-21-07
Thanks Jim,
You are a true professional and I could not be happier that it shipped.
Thank you and have a great Holiday. I will be contacting you in late January to discuss these quantity purchases from you. Thanks for making a great product and for being a conscientious businessman. You are terrific!
Kindest regards,

59) 12-20-07
Hello Jim,
First let me tell you that we have enjoyed our Peppermill Supreme for over a year now and love it! It works consistently, holds charges for long periods, and ease of use is "Supreme”!
You have created the perfect tool for us. Thank you. The proof is that you are sold out, good for you.
I want to continue ordering these from you and this coming year I want to send this to my clients. Do you have quantity pricing and if so how many do I have to order? Even if there is no price break for quantities, I will still order them as needed through the year.
Happy Holidays Jim and thanks for providing me with YOUR input on the status of my order.
Barry Levenson

58) 12-11-07
Becky & Brian Valdez gifted me one of your peppermills for Christmas last year – I love it!! I wanted to order a couple for gifts, however, I see most models are currently not available. I guess I will have to wait to order another time. I am interested in the wood grain model, so if by chance there are any available, please let me know. Thank you for your time and Happy Holidays!!
Sincerely, Laurie Gardner

57) 12-9-07
You are wonderful. My other two I used (one for salt and one for pepper) have worked perfectly for 3 years. I love them.
Sami Cameron

56) 11-29-07
Hi Jim,
I received my mill a couple weeks ago and it's grinding the salt just fine. Thanks for your great customer service.
Don Marvin

55) 10-16-07
I just wanted to let you know that this mill is the best one I have ever used! Thanks for inventing the best mill on the market, I know I have tried most of them.
Richard Long

54) 11-4-07
I would provide a testimonial but it would involve comparisons with other mills I've used and owned and that would be unfair. The fact is, your mills are in a league of their own and superior to everything else
on the market. I use large quantities of fresh ground pepper on nearly everything I eat and cook. In a few seconds I can have the same amount of pepper on my food that used to take two or three minutes with a
manual grinder. In my cuisine pepper is not a spice, it's a food group.
Thank you,
Don Marvin

53) 10-21-07
Received the unit and it works like a charm. It's awesome. We'll be sure to tell others.
My best,

52) 10-18-07
Hello Jim,
Thank you for responding so quickly to my email. I appreciate your caring customer support.
Thank you very much.
Shirley Victor

51) 9-4-07
I love my pepper mill. It is easy for me To handle as I have arthritis in my hand Thus making them weak. I cannot use a Pepper grinder and I was besides myself As pepper is a condiment that I use in Almost everything I cook I will send you out the check tomorrow And thank you so very much for the quick Response.

50) 8-27-07
After receiving and trying my pepper mill I LOVE IT. I showed some friends and they may purchase one also, nice product.
Ken from Buffalo

49) 8-16-07
We received our new peppermill today. We used right away. It Works so well for me and my wife that we ordered two more as gifts for our kids. I do have one question. When it arrived it was already charged and it had pepper in it. Therefore, I did not charge it for the 48 hours as I did in our earlier ones. Is it ok just to use it until it needs recharging, as I presume?
Tom Murphy

48) 7-10-07
I just ordered my second peppermill, 5 days after receiving the first! My husband loves the new peppermill, especially the light underneath. I love the large capacity, the strong motor, and the fact that it'srecharagable - no batteries to end up in the landfill!! And the base that catches all of the pepper that would otherwise fall out on the countertop.Take my advice, if you're ordering, go ahead and order two - you'll love them, and save yourself five bucks in the process !! I wish I had!>
Shellie Gianotti

47) 6-11-07
Hi Jim,
Just wanted you to know how happy we are with our new peppermill. It works great. Thanks again for your prompt service in mailing the two peppermills to us.
Thanks again,
Doyle and Judy Frazier

First I would like to say how much I appreciate your company producing such a quality product. I have owned numerous grinders over the years and none preformed with the ease and versatility as yours do. Thank you, for a quality product!
Unfortunately one of the two units I received is defective. Immediately after charging, it grinds peppercorns much slower than the salt grinder. And continues to slow down over the course of approx. a weeks worth of use, almost as if laboring to start grinding. Note, these are only in use during dinner prep and occasionally at the table, so usage is minimal at best. The salt grinder runs flawlessly. I have recharged the pepper grinder several times and have yet to charge the salt grinder beyond the initial charge. I believe I may have a bad battery pack. Would you please send me another (Black) grinder to replace this one. I will return the defective unit upon receiving the replacement. Let me know if payment for the replacement unit is necessary. I would like to receive one first since I have thrown all my other grinders away. Do you make smaller versions for the dining table?
I purchased these in February 2007.
Thank you,
John Horton

Thanks for the response. I tried the pepper mill. Excellent!!! It works as your website suggested.
Thanks again,

44) 4-24-07

43) 4-2-07
Jim, What great news!!
You have saved the "spice in my life". Since I lost my charger to mymill, I have had to go to a friend who has the same unit, and charge mygrinder. What a bummer. I also have a malady of the inner ear where Itry to avoid cooking at all with salt. Therefore the fabulously groundpepper adds all the zip to our salads, steaks, etc. I am literally lostwithout it. I am so glad to find the web site as I will order units formy friends and children.
Martha Whitehead
Longview, Texas
I hope to get it ASAP as I have 16 guests coming for Easter---a lot of cooking will be going on in my house. Thanks a Million!

42) 3-2-07
We have your wonderful pepper grinder and absolutely love it! We have given it as a gift to others many times. We purchase them at Conissiur Coffee in Redwood City, Ca.
Thanks so much.
Sharon Purcell

41) 3-1-07
Hi, just wanted to let you know how happy I was to find your company thru an internet search. My husband had purchased one of your grinders thru a cooking catalog some months ago. When my daughter and her husband came for Christmas she fell in love with it as much as we had and when I emailed her the link, chose the same color as we had!!! Wish I had known before there were more color choices. May just have to get another of these for spices, salt, etc. Love your product. Have not found one like it since, like the recharagble option and the light is great.
Sue Mayer

40) 2-26-07
Hi Jim,
I wold be interested to know what the minimum requirements are to purchase wholesale. I'd like to give them as gifts and I'd also be interested in selling them at local fairs. In my opinion, this truly is THE BEST peppermill in the world and I have been searching for many years.
Vicki Z. Shipley

Hello Jim,
I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you so much for the new grinder I received in yesterday's mail. Talk about a company with wonderful customer service - you are all the best. If I could ever provide a testimonial letter for your product and your service I would be more than happy to do so. Again my thanks for the service and the wonderful product - I sure love fresh ground pepper.
Maureen Stephenson

38) 1-30-07
You are right. It is the best pepper mill in the world!

37) 1-16-07
Hey I love my two grinders! I sent a letter to Williams-Sonoma telling them they should carry your product.

I have to give credit where credit is due. The pepper mill is great! The rate at which it feeds pepper is tremendously satisfying to one who has toiled with lame ones for years. The ease of the one-handed operation is not only convenient but quite sanitary as advertised. I hope it lasts...............Have you had anyone use it industrially at all? Great invention.
Bill Pellechia
Ft. Myers, Fl

If I was from Chicago I'd say - Da Best. If I was from Cape Cod I'd say - Finest Kind. But I'm from Baltimore. I say - The Best Bang for the Buck. One of only a few products that I have found over the last several years that is so well thought out and works as promised. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that my mill was fully charged when I took it out of the box. Now that's what I call thoughtful customer service. It's noisier than I expected. I like that too. Good luck Jim.
Bob Agran

Thanks Jim,
I have tried this and it is perfect. Quite unique design…you have thought of everything. Thanks for the help and we will enjoy our new mill with great enthusiasm.
Thanks and enjoy a great holiday.
Barry Levenson

thank you for the best pepper grinder ever my hubsand loves it.and it doesn't cost alot. i will be back thanks jim it also works great he loves thelight
jennifer ledingham

Hi: I purchased this "best peppermill ever" last year. I love it.

dear Sir,
I received the Peppermill a week ago. After charging up the battery, the amazing machine just work perfectly.
Thanks for the product. My meals would never be the same again.
mohd noor a aziz

Thanks Jim, Just got the Pepper Grinder Love it. I ordered another one for a friend.
Gregory J. Berndt

29) 9-19-06
Got the pepper mill today Jim. Killer stuff! I'm both impressed (and it takes a lot to impress me) and very pleased. I doubt I'll have any problems and I've only tried it acouple of times but first impression is GREAT PRODUCT!

28) 9-12-06
Hi! I just wanted to pass on more "Congrats" (When I first received and used your pepper mills, I spoke with you on the phone to congratulate you for a well-designed product) to you for a GREAT product! It's very rare these days to own a product that works as advertised! AND your's does IN SPADES! I wouldn't hesitate for a nanosecond to recommend your product to anyone that needed a high-quality pepper mill!
As an electrical engineer myself, I really appreciate a product that works like it's supposed to! This is my 20th year working on the Int'l. Space Station program.......I went to work on it in 1986 when the "Space Station Freedom" (the name then given it then by Pres. Reagan) program began and consider this job to be "the assignment of a lifetime"! IF they ever need a pepper mill up there, your's would be the one I would promote. I'll say it again: "Great product"!
Bill Drevo, Jr. Int'l. Space Station Team Member

27) 9-5-06
Hi Jim
I just wanted to say how much i love your electric Pepper mill. I love pepper so at the touch of a button i get all the fresh pepper i need in seconds. My kids laugh at me when i use it because every time I use it i verbally tell them how much I love it and they say, "You say that everytime you use it dad".
Thank you,
Ken Tanner

26) 9-2-06
The grinder arrived yesterday (Friday); I charged it overnight and started using it today. It works great. I had an electric mill before, but it kept getting jammed. Not so with the new one. Thanks again for your personal attention to this matter.
All the best,

25) 8-6-06
Hey Jim
Sounds like your product is really taking off. I can tell you I love mine. Don't know how I ever got along without them. I'll be ordering more when I see you.
Rob Alexander

24) 7-18-06
Hi Jim
I recently received my PepperMill Supreme 2000. It is very easy to use and barely requires any pressure to operate so it is ideal for both use in cooking or at the table. The adjustment wheel produces the desired result for anything that it grinds. This will certainly make a perfect gift too. I don't know how I got along without it!
Thank you,
Harriot Grossbart

23) 7-17-06
Was out of town the black pepper mill came. We have it charging right now, but did try it out. WE are going to love this very much.
Thank you,
Laura Bobak

23) 7-17-06
Was out of town the black pepper mill came. We have it charging right now, but did try it out. WE are going to love this very much.
Thank you,
Laura Bobak

21) 2-2-06
Awesome!!! Thank you so very much!! It's been a pleasureable experience with you!! In the future I'll be sure to purchase these mills thru you!! They make terrific gifts!!They make terrific gifts!,

20) 1-16-06
Not only am I happy with the mills, but everybody I gave them to love them. Looks like I've started something.
I personally use two myself and may get a couple more. So far, between me and my girlfriend, we bought 6!
Best regards,

19) 12-30-05
Thanks for your help. Love your product.

18) 12-06-05
Finally, a mill that actually grinds pepper - even the largest peppercorns.Great piece of equipment.
Respectfully submitted,
Richard Schump

17) 12-02-05
Shipment received.Design, features and package design all meet or exceed my expectations.Great product and outstanding customer service.
Earl Gordon

16) 11-09-05
I received one of your Peppermills last year for Christmas. Since then I believe I could have sold several on every occassion people come over for dinner. What a great invention.
Jerry Lane

15) 11-05-05
We've had your wonderful product for about 4 months now and it's used a lot daily! It is perfect, flawless! The battery lasted about 3 months which was very impressive. We love it so much, we bought several for this coming Christmas. My brother is a fresh ground pepper fanatic, he's going to be in HEAVEN! We'd found it on a different site and it only came in the soft gray. Now that we've seen this site, we'll be ordering more, in various colors! If you are wondering about this grinder... wonder NO MORE!! I've had at least 12 manual grinders over the years, went with fresh ground Tellicherry back in 1990. This grinder is GREAT! Everyone that's used it wants one. It works perfectly and has several grind settings.
Royal and Kathy

14) 10-16-05
Guess what -My friends love the peppermill so much they want to buy more for gifts.
Alan Braun

13) 10-10-05
I see that I failed to thank you for your prompt reply. Our Peppermill is working fine after the recharge. We bought one for our son last year when I first made contact with you. My wife suggested that we buy one at Christmas this year for our daughter who also likes fresh ground pepper. I think it is a great idea and we will order another one from you soon.
Dell Burkett

12) 8-17-05
I live near Sun Valley Idaho and am a hair dresser by trade but I love to cook. My husband and I went to a dinner place in Bellevue Idaho and the waitress used the peppermill supreme to grind pepper on my dinner salad, your grinder is awesome. I do think I would buy more if it came in colors like red for instance. I did buy one from the restaurant.
Debi Sanders

11) 6-26-05
Just a quick note to tell you that I love your pepper mill! It just arrived and after charging it, used it for everything. Now I want 2 more. It’s fabulous.
Thanks so much.
Florence Purnell

10) 6-25-05
Good Morning,
We recently saw your product at the NRA show in Chicago and were very impressed with it. We are looking to have it sent to us in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada.
Thank you,
Michael Brunke

9) 6-14
Hello Jim,
First off I want to thank you for your speedy reply. It's a pleasure doing business with people like you.
You seem to understand that customer satisfaction is still very important; a concept that seems to have been
lost in this corporate society. once again, thank you very much! If the opportunity arises, I will recommend you highly.
Geno B.(satisfied customer)

8) 6-13-05
Yes, I love my new mill! I use it almost every meal. I really like coarsely ground pepper and, of course,
my wife likes it fine-the adjustable ring at the bottom makes it easy. Great invention!
Dwight Van Meter

7) 6-7-05
Hi there! I was wondering if your all black model, the one the same size as the silver one, is available yet?
Please let me know!! I have been very happy with the one I have and can't wait to get the black one!!
Kerry Russell

6) 4-28-05
Jim - Could you please send me two more M-2000 peppermills. I purchased 6 last fall. My family loves them and I want to give one to my 85 year old mother. She still loves to cook!
Lynn Wilen

5) 4-24-05
Hi Jim, Julius gave a mill to my husband, Kyle for Christmas. The family joke is how many peppermills Kyle has purchased and collected in search of the perfect one. Now that Kyle has yours the search is over! Thank you so much for developing such a sturdy mill with a long lasting battery.
Thank You,
Mary Rose Monney

4) 3-31-05
Dear Mr. Friden - As you may recall, I purchased a "sample" from you at the Show for I was also an exhibitor. I want to tell you we love the mill - even better than our "Touch of Pepper" Mill that cost us much more! If you want a testimonial, I will gladly help you.
Thanks again for the Mill
Alan Braun

3) 3-24-05
Hi Jim, I hope the Housewares Show was a huge success for you! You have an awesome product! I would like to order 2 of your peppermills.
Lynn Porter

2) 3-8-05
Hi, I am a fan of your peppermill and want to send one to my brother.
Catherine T. Piazza

1) 2-9-05
The BEST pepper mill in the world, as far as I am concerned....I even gave some away as Christmas presents.
Personally, I have 1 mill for pepper, 1 for rock salt ( I hate regular table salt ! ) and 1 for a coarse gourmet mix. Many thanks for such a great product!
JoAnn Cadiente

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P.O. Box 277
7015 Quail Run Rd.
Greenview, Ca. 96037
Web: www.peppermills.com
Telephone: 530-468-4243
Email: [email protected]

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