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Universal Charger 110-240v $19.99
Universal Charger 110-240v
Universal Smart Charger means it will work in countries where the power is 110v or 240v. It will charge 4AA or AAA batteries. LCD display shows when individual battery is charged an will not over charge battery and prolong its life, this is the smart part. It also is a quick charge unit meaning it takes about an hour to charge the batteries This works great with our battery operated pepper mill. It also comes with cigarette lighter connection to work in vehicles. This set up will save you money on batteries for all your other devices in your home.
AA NiMH Low self discharge batteries $12.99
AA NiMH Low self discharge batteries
Batteries we sell are NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) low self discharge, 2000 mAh AA. NiMH batteries advantages are there is no memory issue (you don't have to fully discharge before recharging as Nicad batteries) and recharging cycles are rated 400 cycles. Also not toxic when disposed of. Low self discharge- means the batteries will stay charged much longer when not in use compared to standard NiMH batteries. 2000 mAh (milliAmpere hour) is the capacity of the battery. How much energy it holds. You will get months of operation with normal use before needing to recharge and several years of service. They will pay for themselves in a year's time. These work great with our battery operated pepper mill.
UK Plug Adapter $5.99
UK Plug Adapter
This non grounded plug adapter is suitable for UK countries and converts from U.S. plug.
Australian Plug Adapter $1.99
Australian Plug Adapter
This angled two prong plug adapter is suitable for Australian and surrounding countries plug outlets.

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